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15 February 2010

Afternoon again,

Today’s first transcription work is of a record entered 3 August 1813 between Elizabeth Smith and one Francis Olton, a Blacksmith, (both of the island of Grenada), and dated 20 July 1812.

The record is from the Grenada Register of Records, as from on the microfilm FHL [1563328] in Item 8. There are no direct connections to ggg-grandfather James Smith, but there are two possible coincidences. Those are: 1. The surname Smith; and 2. Betsey, or Betsy is used as a diminutive form of the name Elizabeth. And we see a reference to ggg-grandfather James’ sister Betsey (née Smith) La Grenada in his 1843 Last Will and Testament as posted in Part 61s.

The entry pages are 274 and 275,

And my transcription follows:
Entered 3d August 1813
Know all Men by these presents that I Francis Olton
Blacksmith of the Town of St Georges and Island of Grenada for and
in consideration of the Sum of a Hundred and fifty eight pounds Eight
Shillings Current Money of the Island of the Island aforesaid to me in Hand,
well and truly paid by Elizabeth Smith of the Said Island at or before the
Sealing and delivery of these presents (the receipt whereof I do Hereby Acknowledge)
have granted bargained Sold enfeoffed and confirmed and by these presents do
grant bargain Sell enfeoff and confirm unto the Said Elizabeth Smith her Heirs
and Aʃsigns A certain Negro Man Slave named Sancho and the reversion and
reversions remainder and remainders rents iʃsues and profits thereof and all the
estate right Title Interest in trust property Claim and demand Whatsoever
either at Law or equity of one the Said Francis Olton of in or to the said Slave
to have and to hold the said Slave Sancho unto the Said Elizabeth Smith her
heirs and Aʃsigns to the only proper use and behoof of the Said Elizabeth Smith
Her Heirs and Aʃsigns for ever and I do hereby warrant and defend
the Said Slave against the claims or demands of all persons or persons whats-
oever Whomsoever unto and to the use of the Said Elizabeth Smith her
Heirs and Aʃsigns for ever In Witneʃs whereof I have hereunto Set my
Hand and Seal this Twentieth day of July in the Year of our Lord one
thousand Eight hundred and Twelve.
Francis Olton LS
Sealed and delivered in the presence of Samel Begg & Francois Courmes
Received on the day of the within bill of Sale of and from the
therein named Elizabeth Smith the Sum of one Hundred and fifty Eight pounds
eight Shillings Currency being the full consideration Money therein Mentioned
to be by her paid to me. I say received £158.8s Francis Olton.
Be it remembered that on the day of July one thousand and
eight Hundred and twelve Livery Seizen and poʃseʃsion of the Slaves
within mentioned was made and given by the Said Francis Olton the
Feoffer in the foregoing Feoffment named to the said Elizabeth Smith
recording to the force form and effect of the Same Indenture in the
presence of
Samel Begg & Francois Courmes
Before the Honourable George Gun Munro Esquire,
Senior Aʃsistant Judge of his Majestys Supreme Court of
Judicature held in and for the said Island.
Personally appeared before me Francois Courmes of the Town of Saint
George Gentleman and made Oath upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty
God that he was present and did see Francis OIton the Feoffer within
named Sign Seal execute and deliver the within Deed poll for the
uses and purposes therein mentioned And this Deponent further
Saith that he was also present and did see Francis Olton within
named deliver peaceable and quiet poʃseʃsion in the name of
Livery and Seizen of the within named Slave Sancho according to the
Effect of the said Deed And this Deponent also Saith that the
names “Saml Begg and “Francois Courmés” the witneʃses attesting
the Execution of the within Deed as also the memorandum of Livery
and Seizen Indorsed thereon is the respective hands Writing of the
Said Samuel Begg and this Deponent / Francois Courmes.
Sworn Before me the 3d day of August 1813.
Geo. Gun Munro.

And is this Francis Olton any connection to the family of Manfred Percival Olton. See Part 201o.

Stay tuned for pages 459 and 460.




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