Part 201o – Olton Genealogy – Manfred Percival Olton Time Line

08 February 2010


With a couple of Smith Transcripts from Item 6 from the Grenada Register of Records waiting in the wings, I had to give myself a break from the legalese and the blurred script. And thanks to all my readers, Genealogy, A Treasure Hunt continues to hold one of the top five positions in the Top 50 Genealogy Sites as ranked by Top

Today I thought I would completely switch gears and work on a distant collateral connection in my ancestry. I began a Time Line of the life of Manfred Percival Olton who, we believe lived also in both British Guiana and Barbados circa 1840s through the 1920s. Manfred Percival Olton would have been the grandfather of my aunt Cécile (née Smith) Olton’s husband, uncle Hezel “Bage” Albert Maclaine Olton.

And it just so happens that he was a lawyer! He should be here to translate the documents from the Grenada Register of Records.

Thanks to Zoë, Toni, and David for information and data. All-things-being-equal this beginning presentation and Time Line of your great-grandfather Manfred may provide a visual picture that may lead to further knowledge of his life.

This is also an invitation to anyone out there in Internet-Land to please contact me if you may have any data and information that may be in some way related to the life of Manfred Percival Olton.

And now back to my transcription project.




Anonymous said...

Manfred Percival Olton (my great great Uncle), His father’s and a brother’s names, J.C. Olton and Charles Montague Olton, respectively. Charles Olton my Great grand father hand 3 Childern Alfonso,Theophilus and my grandfather Jahazie who hand 7 Children, one is my father, Edwin Olton all from St Vincent and I Wayne Olton(My Son 19 years old Brandon) in Canada with my 2 other brothers Jeff and Erroll and their sons

Wayne Olton 519 369-1373

Sarah on June 15, 2023 at 12:49 PM said...

Hi Wayne, Edwin Olton is my great grandfather, his daughter Florence was born to my great grandmother Gladys. I would love to connect with you.

Anonymous said...

Not just a lawyer, SF Olton studied classics and law in Europe and was graduated with a doctorate in law but was apparently not an especially gifted attorney. A brother, Henry, was an engineer with inventions pertaining to railroad improvements.

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