My Tangent – I Don’t Know Whether To Laugh or Cry

03 March 2010


It’s cold again today. The weather is overcast. It’s windy and I am just surfing the Web for the sake of mindless surfing. I’ve got myself into a quasi-routine every morning and each AM I check certain websites; ones that I need to; emails, bill statements, news, finance, etc., and there are a couple of Blogs that I like to peruse. It’s become my routine.

Well this morning I truthfully do not know whether to laugh or cry. Somehow I linked on over to the Walmart site and in the Walmart Home Department I discovered that I have the ability to purchase, online, a casket. That’s right a burial casket… and I’m not sure whether or not I should capitalize the words, Burial Casket. That’s right I can make my plans online and buy a casket and place it into my cart before I check out. (Sorry no pun intended.)

I just started to breathe heavily with the rolling of a slow guffaw. And of course I looked at the details of the various models available. And the more I clicked the more the tears began flowing. Then I saw the links “Add to My List”; okay makes sense, I suppose I could branch off and find sprays and bouquets on line and add them to my Cart but what do I do with the link “Add to Registry”. Huh?

And the one-liners just keep popping into my head… but it is the advertisement at the top of the casket page that just made me completely lose it: “The Snack That Loves Them Back”… Make Kids Smile”.

And I keep reading and shaking my head...

I know I’ve now lost it… Now to get ready for the day.




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