My Tangent – What Do I Really Need To Accomplish?

04 March 2010


As I have been writing in My Tangents over the past number of months I really am trying to follow a focused research project to see if I can find those hints and clues that may lead me to the sources, genealogy and ancestry of my ggg-grandfather James Smith’s origins.

James Smith is such a name to trace. I certainly know for sure when I’m either applying for credit or at the counter of the DMV. But I’ve committed to my goal; my goal to transcribe as many of the Smith-related Records as recorded in the Grenada Register of Records. And praise be, that the majority of these Records appear to be have been recorded to microfilm by the Family History Library in conjunction with the Registrar’s Office of the Supreme Court of Grenada. If they had not been, I can only imagine my air fare and lodging expenses back and forth to Salt Lake City and St. George’s.

But at the same time there are so many other projects, let alone piles of documents that I need to get to. Piles, documents, records, writings, binders, books, and such, that all relate to all my family lines. I need to attack them, or my work area, let alone my house, will become a conglomeration and maze of towering haphazard leaning constructions. And every one is labeled “Please Do NOT Move This Pile… I Know What’s Here… And It Is My Unique Filing System.”

And of course, I can strut and state that I have a graduate degree in Organizational Management… Yeah right. The one thing that treasured diploma states is that I was taught and I learned how to Organize, with a capital “O”. What the fine print does not include is a guarantee that I will always be on the straight-and-narrow of my own organizations. But I am organized cause I know what’s in each pile; piles that keep on growing.

So I am pondering a mode of attack. I will keep progressing with my Transcription Project, and I will now start the Pile-Reducing Reducing Project. Miss Debra, this is sort of a “de-cluttering” project, except I have got make sure that I do not throw out those documents and records and files that I have spent the time collecting and have so painstakingly found and “categorized”. And I need to restart use of one of the key softwares, Clooz, that I have used, or at least find one that is similar and as progressive.

And I think I'll catch some sleep now.




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