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28 April 2010


I haven’t worked too much today on my Transcription Project. I did find a couple of gems of sites that most recently have been put online. These certainly can assist with my work in genealogy and ancestry.

If you check the Family Search website and the Record Search Pilot there are a number of new set of indexed records available. These online indexes available online do not include the images of the documents but can be used in any search and research project.

These include:

  • Bahamas Births, 1850-1891
  • Barbados Baptisms, 1739-1891
  • Barbados Burials, 1854, 1854-1885
  • Barbados Marriages, 1854-1879
  • Caribbean Birth and Baptisms, 1590-1928
  • Caribbean Deaths and Burials, 1790-1906
  • Caribbean Marriages, 1591-1905
  • Grenada Birth and Baptism, 1866-1891
  • Jamaica Births and Baptisms, 1752-1920

The one thing that I noted is that the above Caribbean categories may reflect information of Barbados.

Another database that is available online as a part of the Record Search Pilot is:

  • Jamaica, Trelawny Parish Civil Registration Births, 1878-1930.

This database is not indexed as yet and includes images and documentation only.

Also and thanks to Bernard, we now have a link to Tombstone.BB. I mentioned this in Part 270o.




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