Part 270o – Olton Genealogy – Manfred Percival Olton Time Line Update

24 April 2010

Evening, or Late Afternoon,

Tonight’s supper is pasta with crab and a cream white wine, roasted red pepper sauce. It’s an experiment. You never know.

(Image: Westbury Cemetery, Edith Clack, 2003)

Thanks to Bernard for sending the information and link to This is a good resource and it appears that it is relatively new and in the process of accumulating data. All-things-being-equal the database has provided a Burial Date for Manfred Percival Olton. See Part 201o

The date burial at Westbury Cemetery, in Barbados, provided is 15 August 1913. An age of 64 years, at death, is provided. This calculates that he was born approximately about 1849.

I have updated the Time Manfred Percival Olton Line to reflect this newly found information.

From the database there are hits to approximately 13 cemeteries where the name Olton had been recorded.

Now we can cross reference the Civil Death Registrations from Barbados in the hopes that we can find an actual entry for Manfred Percival Olton.




Anonymous said...

I have the death record for Manfred Percival Olton. Where to send it???

Jim Smith on April 13, 2012 at 11:41 PM said...

Please send the information to me contact email address at Thanks

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