My Tangent - No PC and Fried Cabbage - Most Likely Not Jordanhill

08 April 2010


And I can imagine the initial withdrawal of losing my ability to write or read. My PC is in the shop for upgrades and additions. I've decided to bite the bullet and add Windows 7. And I'm adding Ubuntu. Also I'm upgrading both RAM and power. I'm a glutton for punishment.

At the moment I'm typing My Tangent on my Sony VAIO which is about five years old. It still works extremely well except for the occasional "I-think-I'll-jump-the-cursor-over-here-and-type-in-this-spot-that-Jim-has-no-intention-in-using-so-that-he-really-has-to-proof-his-work-before-he-finishes". Also from time-to-time the Sony VAIO deletes that which I have just typed. Don't ask me why, but you can imagine how frustrating that may be.

And last night I had just prepared supper right up to the cooking point; two dishes - fried spiced cabbage, and shrimp, onions, and tomatoes. All prepared ingredients set up, two pans one with ghee and the other with oil. Burners on and "bam", (sorry Emeril), the power went out. A quick call to Tampa Electric and Computer Jane informs me that the estimated time for recovery, two-and-a-half hours. Damn!

I packaged all the prepared ingredients for tomorrow night. We waited for half-an-hour and then ordered Chinese delivery. And yes, 15 minutes after placing the order the power returned. Damn!

Well tonight's supper's already prepped. Just needs to be cooked.

And my next Record in my Transcription Project, dated 1825/26 looks like a proof that James Smith, the Carpenter is definitely not the James Smith or James Smith, Junior of the Jordanhill Smiths. Stay-tuned.




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