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09 June 2010


Well today, as usual, I sat at my PC ready to attack the next set of Documents and Records from the Grenada Registers of Records as a part of my Transcription Project. Following from the previous Record in Part 289 I began the crop and render legible process of the next Record beginning on Page 331. I usually crop and graphically enhance a series of the downloaded images which I have filed as JPG files.

The next series of Records once again pertain to James Smith of Longbeoch and David Smith of Glasgow, Scotland. Moving along I had downloaded the images of Pages 331 through and including 380. All appear to be relevant to the same two James and David Smith, as well as the Bell, Graham, Green, and McNairn surnames.

And now comes, what seems to be a classic human blunder in the search and research of my genealogy, ancestry, and family tree.

It was at the point as I was working on each image I remarked that I had downloaded two copies of Page 342 and saved one as Page 343. I am missing Page 343. I now have to reorder the microfilm FHL [1563380] in order to get Page 343.

These Records will be on hold. As all previous working reflecting the Carriacou Series I would chance a guess that there may not be any hint or clue to the genealogy, ancestry, or family links of ggg-grandfather James Smith.

This does not mean that my work comes to a halt. It just means that I will not, at present be working on transcribing the Records of the Grenada Registers of Records in Item 4 between the Pages 331 and 380. I will continue with the next and following Record.




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