My Tangent – No More Ping-Pong

18 July 2010

Hallelujah! I finally think I’ve eliminated the “ping-pong effect” from old to new blog. I have, fingers crossed, manually corrected all Postings links to when I began my Blog; that is, back to May 4, 2009.

All-things-being-equal you won’t be transported in Internetland to my old Blog – Genealogy, A Treasure Hunt. All links should be cross-referenced to any and all 437 Postings, thus far, at A Genealogy Hunt. Now wait and see, some 13-year old computer genius will email me and say that I could have done it this way and avoided all the manual effort. I’ll wait til s/he turns 53.

For your information the current URL, or Internet address for A Genealogy Hunt is You can set this URL as a Favorite or you can Subscribe by clicking on the Subscribe Tab at the top of the page under the Header and then select A Genealogy Hunt.

As of today the total number of Visitors to A Genealogy Hunt equals 5,046 and the number of Page Views totals 11,324. Visitors to Quilt SB totals 844 and Page Views equals 1,930. Top has A Genealogy Hunt ranked currently as the number 2 Genealogy Site and Quilts SB has ranked in at number 4 of Quilting Sites. When you get a chance check our new Posting, Kanzashi.

If everything goes right in the next month, I hope to delete the old Blog, Genealogy, A Treasure Hunt from the Internet. As far as I can discern all records and Postings have been duplicated and transferred over to A Genealogy Hunt.

And thank you for your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact me via email or via a comment to the Blog if there appears to be something wrong with any link.




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