My Tangent – Paper Mountains and Cheerios

17 July 2010


I’m in a quandary. There are a number of things specific to my research that I have to do and I just seem to be sitting on a mound of paperwork. My immediate reaction is “humph”. The paperwork in my genealogy research and from the various projects seem to be overwhelming… but not overwhelming in a way that I can’t do or know what to do… but just where do I start. Have you ever had one of those days?

The Transcription Project of the Grenada Registers of Records is going very well. The next 1832 Record that I am working on involves gg-granduncle Benjamin Ventour, his wife gg-grandaunt Sophia (née Smith), and ggg-grandfather James Smith. It is about 10 pages long. My issue is that my grey matter keeps trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

I’ve been collecting Actes de Naissances, (aka Birth Certificates) for my July, Merle, Collomière, and Dubuc lines from the Civil Registers of Bordeaux, France. I have reached to about 1807 so far. This Project leads me back to the late 1700s. Next the transcriptions and the translations. There is also a few thoughts ringing in the vast emptiness of my skull as to the search for the birth documentation of gg-grandfather Benjamin Victor Abraham.

The work on A Genealogy Hunt blog site and the imbedded links has progressed to 5 April 2010. I have to change each embedded link that refers back to a previous Posting. There is no automatic way to change the coding shy of doing it manually by editing each individual link. It is key that I finish this task in order to avoid the frustration of bouncing between the old blog site and the new.

Effort has been delayed on my website. I have many thoughts and considerations about it and what I need to get done but it is either age or my other self-imposed projects that keep me from getting to it.

Nine new microfilms arrived for me at the local Family History Center. I’ve got to get my new Access 2010 database going in order to develop my tracking system. This system helps me to get somewhat organized and avoid duplicating orders. You have to realize that I have become a microfilm junkie. There is so much information out there, and as it keeps on becoming available daily that there are times that one could think of being buried by an electronic avalanche. Many of those brick walls are falling down.

I know I attempt to work at this obsession of mine 24/7, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a 30/7 week. I think I’ll move to Mars… as long as the Internet and WiFi connections work.

And this is just about my genealogy. And each of the quadrupeds got their three Cheerios this morning. Now back to work…

Oh and by the way I’m working on a new line of Christmas quilts. Check out the latest additions at Quilts SB.




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