Part 321o – Olton Genealogy – 1913 Manfred Percival Olton - Burial Register

16 July 2010

The Civil Registration of Burial for Manfred Percival Olton finally has been found. In the search for the genealogy and ancestry of Manfred Percival Olton the Burial Registration was located in the Parish Registers of the Supreme Court Registry of Barbados. This entry is specific to the Registers of Burial 1909-1914.

The image is downloaded from Item 8 of the microfilm FHL [1667083].

Following up with Part 307o this Document now can be added to the compendium of real sources of the mystery of Manfred Percival Olton. Also see Parts 201o and 270o.

And my transcription –

BURIALS Solemnized in Westbury Cemetery in the Parish
of __________ in the Island of Barbados In the Year 1913.

No. – 780
When Buried. – August 15
NAME AND SURNAME. – Manfred Percival Olton
Age. – 64 yrs
Rank, Occupation, or Profession. – Late Registrar British Guiana
Abode. – Rockley Christ Church
Place of Birth. –
Parents’ Names.
Christian. –
Surname. –
Mother’s Maiden Name. –
Minister Officiating. – E. M Johnson

This is a good find, but sorry to say there is no additional ancestral information provided.

Please feel free to submit your ideas and comments.




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