My Tangent – Can Genealogy Be Somewhat Overwhelming?

28 January 2011

Good afternoon from Tampa,

Last night I was asked the question, “Can genealogy be somewhat overwhelming?” And without missing a beat, I responded, “Yes.” But the secret is to keep organized… which of course does apply to any aspect and/or interest of one’s life.

And today I thought I would just jot down a quick list of those things and current projects that I am working on and pursuing in my genealogy.

1.  Search Engine Optimization – Per Wikipedia, “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.” In the evolution of SEO one such is the Top Listed Network. It had disappeared for a period of time and I have been trying to find out where it went or had my link been broken. Well, praise be, it returned yesterday, and I am once again a ranked site. You can link on to the Top Listed – Genealogy button on the left-hand column on any of A Genealogy Hunt’s pages.

In the meantime I have been attempting to set up a new SEO with Technorati. Technorati, according to Wikipedia, “is an Internet search engine for search blogs.” And I really have to get it through my thick skull that I have to read every step and instruction given. This isn't a model airplane.

2.  FHL Microfilms – I have near-completed my MS Access database of Family History Library microfilms and microfiche. To date, including the five new microfilms referencing my Merrifield search I ordered last night, I have entered 213. The database can be cross-referenced by various combinations including Surname, Country, Title, and Date(s). Now all I have to do is to find all the FHL pink-slip receipts hidden throughout this house.

3.  Sarlat, in Dordogne – July and Varigeau(d) Families – In my pursuit of my the research of my July and Vaurigeau family lines I discovered some more birth and burial registrations . I cannot guarantee that these 12 newly located Sarlat registrations are pertinent to my family genealogy but it is a find. The years involved are 1643 through 1670. I did discover that there are some periods of times missing in the copies of the recorded registers.

4.  In the area of DNA, both YDNA and mtDNA, I am awaiting the new FamilyTree DNA results to the Robertson (YDNA) and Smith (mtDNA) lines. Thanks to G and Z, it will be intriguing to see what marker-matches, (if any), surface.

5.  On Saturday, February 12th at the Largo Public Library, the Pinellas Genealogy Society is hosting a Seminar featuring Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak. One of her presentations is entitled “Trace Your Roots with DNA” which is also the title of one of the books she has authored.

6.  Smith Indenture Transcription Project – My new transcription work is an 1819 Indenture featuring Richard Oliver Smith, his deceased father William Smith, his two sisters Mary (née Smith) Lewis and Grace Smith, his mother Sarah Dean(e), and his purported-to-be wives Mary Broderip and Harriet, as well as other incidentally included persons. This next Document is a long one and has many pages. The Richard Oliver Descendant Chart provides a quick overview of who’s who.

7.  My subscription copy of the February/March issue of Internet Genealogy magazine arrived. I do like this magazine and the collection and diverse topics of the introductory use and effect of technology and the Internet to Genealogy. There is a good and preliminary article, "iPad and Your Genealogy Research!" by Tony Bandy. And speaking of iPads, I panicked last night and early this morning as I had mistakenly left my iPad at a location where I had been doing some research. In my concern and panic, I drove to find my errant iPad at the wee hour of 3:00 am. It was still there… and do you realize that there is NO traffic on the roads at that ungodly time of the day.

And I’m still keeping up with my 2011 Genealogy Resolutions… not yet overwhelmed.





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