Part 458m – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Merle Family Line – Verdelais, Gironde, France - Maybe?

16 February 2011

Good Evening,

Today I’ve been working on a couple of branches of my Family Tree… which of course, proves how easily it is to get side-tracked in the realm of genealogy research.

I discovered a post-it note on my desk that had the word “Verdelais” on it. It was in my own hand-writing. My mind was taxed… I remembered that I had had written this at some point when I was doing some ancestry research of my July and Merle lines.

Using Google Maps, I discovered that Verdelais is about 43.7 km, 27 miles, south-east from Bordeaux in the Department of Gironde, in France.

I logged on to the Archives Départmentales, État civil de la Gironde. I decided to search out Verdelais and discovered two possible collections: Aubiac-et-Verdelais and Verdelais. The information provided

Informations: Histoire administrative : A la Révolution, la paroisse Saint-Maurice d'Aubiac et son annexe, Notre-Dame de Verdelais, forment la commune d'Aubiac-et-Verdelais. En 1890, Aubiac-et-Verdelais devient Verdelais.

Translated –

Information - Administrative history: During the Revolution, the parish of Saint-Maurice of Aubiac and its annex, Our Lady of Verdelais form the commune of Aubiac-and-Verdelais. In 1890, Aubiac-and-Verdelais becomes Verdelais.

The evidence provided online are the 10-Year Tables Registers with Marriage, Birth, and Death registrations. From what I can appreciate, after a quick perusal, is that there are a number of Merle-related documents. All-things-being-equal, and I can guarantee the facts as yet, but it would appear that there may be some connections to gg-grandmother Catherine Cora (née Merle) July’s paternal ancestors.

As I wrote on December 8, my number 10 Resolution was “Continue and organize my research of my July Family Line, into Sarlat, Dordogne, France.” This new information would be a continuation and sub-set of this Resolution. Now I have to get the Civil and Parish Registers of the Verdelais area in an attempt to see if my thought process may have some justification.

And I continue,




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