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09 May 2011


The search for the origins and genealogy of my ggg-grandfather James Smith continues. And the research never seems to end.

My research into the newest technology of genealogy DNA also progresses, and I can honestly say that at times it is so far beyond me that I feel like chucking it all. But hell, there is no way I am giving up. I am trying to understand the concept of 23andMe’s Ancestry Painting and Family Tree DNA’s Illumina OmniExpress Chromosome Browser. Stay-tuned for that discussion.

The following two new charts have been added to the DNA Label at the top of the page: Smith Robertson Autosomal DNA Test Results and Smith Robertson Autosomal DNA Comparison. I am in the process of updating my charts and the drafts of my analyses.

I am currently working on a transcription of 1844 Indenture regarding Samuel Smith, George Smith, John Smith, Abel Smith, Samuel George Smith, and George Robert Smith. These appear to be Smiths of the London financial and mercantile Smith Family that I worked on documentation in Parts 479s, 480s, 481s, 484s, 485s, and 486s. The John Smith of Nottingham Descendant Chart Part I has been added to the Analyses tab at the top of Page.

Thank you, Lorna, for the important family information and photos of your ancestors and family members of your Smith and Malins-Smith line.

Bob, as I mentioned your Smith Aberdeen connection may just touch the James Smith and Family of Logie in Scotland.

Ashley, I certainly appreciate and look forward to our continued conversations and discussions regarding the Steele and Gentle connections.

Deirdre, as I am getting back into the swing of things, I certainly hope to continue to pursue our preliminary discussions regarding our Abraham Line.

Helen here’s to your success finding our gg-grandparent’s John and Margaret (née Megwire) Robertson’s gravesite. Good luck in your search for our uncle Stuart Alistair Frederick Robertson’s wife, Daphne Joan (née Fuller).

All discussions and comments are welcomed. You never know what or where an inquiry will lead. If you have any family tales, photographs, documents, and data that may be of some note to my research, I more than welcome hearing from you.




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