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05 May 2011


Today's a challenge; I'm trying to get myself organized without being too, too organized. There is no point in getting stressed out over not getting something done on time or at least when I schedule it.

AB is well on the road to recovery. Just making sure that the sink doesn't get too filled up with dirty dishes, all meals are on time and with some modicum of nutrition, and the Pack walked regularly, leaves a little time for me. In retrospect, could I have gone into the care-provision industry? Hell no... I'm far too, too self-centered. And what was I thinking about, that many years ago getting a Master's Degree in Organizational Management?

Anyway, with a breather, I thought I would update my genealogy resolutions and continue the never-ending list of my personal projects all in my quest to fill in the limbs of the branches of my Tree. My list of resolutions and projects like my Tree just keeps getting longer and longer.

Here is my short list and where I think I am...

1. Search and research the origins of my GGG-Grandfather James Smith from/to Grenada. The Transcription Project continues. As I mentioned in the last My Tangent this Project had just got considerably larger. I have begun downloading images from the Grenada Registers of Records, Item I, 1785-1786 of FHL [1563320]. To date, the Indexes and 123 pages. I have also started a transcription of an Indenture, beginning on Page 351 of Item 10, 1822-1823 of FHL [1563379].

2. My MS Access Database of microfilms and microfiche that I have created and reviewed is complete. This certainly gives me quick approach to making sure that I do not re-order a microfilm or microfiche from the FHL if not necessary.

3. I have given up, for now, looking for an iPad application that will allow me to hook directly to my PC at home. There is way too much “invisible wave” interference. Plus, it appears that associated data movement charges by my provider certainly can go through the roof. I have found a number of alternate methods using my iPad, Google Docs, and Hot Wire locations. Keeps the expenses down.

4. The updating of Legacy Family 7.5 software is completed. Now I need to understand the wherewithal to uploading it to Ubuntu 11.04. And yes, I have a lot of work to work on my Family data.

5. My Robertson Family Tree is growing bit-by-bit. Thank you to those who have kindly provided new and key information. Recent photographs and documents were received pertaining to my Grandparents Frederick Henry and Madge (née Goodey) Robertson and his parents, my Great-Grandparents Elizabeth Charlotte (née Merrifield) and Alexander Pirie Robertson. Thank you Mother and Helen. I am still open to receive any “old” family photographs and information. Please feel free to contact me.

6. We are searching for any pertinent information regarding my Uncle Stuart Alistair Frederick Robertson's wife, Daphne Joan (née Fuller) Robertson Roberts. Any lead would certainly assist us to acquire Uncle Stuart's RAF service records and papers.

7. Continue my research and discover definitive ancestral lines of my GGG-Grandmother Elizabeth (née Kendal) Parker. The parish records microfilms for the Downham area are just awaiting my search and review.

8. My Family Tree DNA Family Finder and 23andMe results have been returned. I am trying to understand the elements and definitions of the result returns. There is also the issue of the overlap of similarities or lack thereof of the differences between the viewpoints of the two companies. I need to update my DNA listing links to provide easy access to my charts and analyses.

9. Try to understand the concept of 23andMe’s Ancestry Painting and Family Tree DNA Illumina Omnis Express Chromosome Browser.

10. Understand the scope of which results in two 64-to-67 YDNA marker matches. My User ID is CJY7M. Both I and my 64-to-67 match have upgraded to the new Family Tree DNA 111 YDNA marker testing. We are both waiting in anticipation to learn if the new data will provide any more cohesive details or eliminate the possibility of a possible common ancestor. The pending items are due back by June 6.

11. The results to the new Family Tree DNA Walk Through the Y test have been returned, I think. 956 Chromat files have been returned. I haven’t got a bloody clue what a Chromat file is.

12. One 61-to-67 match has been returned in the Robertson YDNA results to date. The unique thing about this match is that the match’s surname is also Robertson. I need to make contact in order to ascertain the possibility of a common ancestor. According to the Family Tree DNA TiP (Time Predictor) Report there is a 61.73% probability of the possibility of a shared common ancestor in 12 generations. This increases to an 84.65% probability in 16 generations. Beginning with my generation I have documented data of Robertsons for a total of about 10 generations. A good reference table is found at Family Forest.

13. Continue and organize my research of my July Family line, into Sarlat, Dordogne, France. In progress. I have found a possible series of new birth and death registrations which could take this family line to about 1588.

14. Solve the mystery of GGGG-Grandparents Joseph and Sarah (née Pudney) Goodey. I haven’t even opened the paper files in this area as yet.

15. Respond to recent emails and gmails regarding possible relationships and Postings to A Genealogy Hunt.

16. Commit myself to the development of the viable A Genealogy Hunt website. I keep thinking about this one… but you can see this is number 13.

17. Commit myself to complete at least 5 of my 22 remaining National Institute For Genealogical Studies courses. I have already completed 32. I keep postponing my start and pick-up date.

18. And…

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