My Tangent - Indenture Cleaning and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

13 July 2011


Sixty of the 75 pages/images of the cropping and cleaning of the latest 1801 Indenture from the Grenada Registers of Records have been completed. I wish there was something out there that could hasten the job a wee bit. It certainly is a tedious part of my genealogy search for clues to the origins of ggg-grandfather James Smith. But I am willing to do the work as I really do not want to miss that iota of information that just may be hidden someplace on some early contract and writing.

The last supper recipe jumped a bit further than a plain ole grilled cheese sandwich.

Got me a book, Grilled Cheese, Please! by Laura Werlin, and I decided that I will try to duplicate all her recipes presented. Hell there are 50 recipes… and that means Grilled Cheese Sandwiches once a week for the next year.

The first attempt – Hog Island Grilled Cheese… Tell you what, you cannot devour more than just one of these babies. Four types of cheese: Gruyère; Cheddar; Havarti; and Fromage Blanc… all on sourdough bread.

Well the only one I couldn’t find at the local markets, Fromage Blanc. The Assistant Cheese Person at one of the local cheese counters had no clue as to what type of cheese is/was Fromage Blanc. I even pronounced it “Queso Blanco”, but still no luck. And so I substituted a creamy cottage cheese. I suppose I could have used a replacement of cream cheese…

The four cheeses melted on pan-fried sourdough bread was excellent. Decadent, but delicious. One down… and 49 more to go.

I enjoyed,



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