My Tangent - Lightning and Genealogy Progress

12 July 2011


And now the next thing... The Electric Co installed another surge protector. I think the One upstairs will look on our house at 4216 like a "Where's Waldo?" puzzle searching for the one opening to zap. And we thought that that was it, that is, the after effects of the palm tree lightning hit. No way, three weeks later they still continue.

The water dispenser on the refrigerator started spewing forth cool, clear water from the TURNED OFF dispenser. Not to be sacrilegious but didn't some Dude smote some rock and some beverage came forth. Seriously, not a funny situation.

Seriously, not a funny situation. Yesterday the appliance electrician did once again replace the control boards, for the third time. His opinion; the refrigerator is no longer fixable. The lightning bolt certainly screwed up the inner workings. His advice, which we followed, was to turn off the water and ice dispenser. We did that.

Today the ZapCap people were out to replace the ZapCap surge protector on the house. Concurrently the refrigerator, even though the dispenser was OFF, decided to geyser-forth with a stream of cool, clear, filtered water. The next we knew, the refrigerator was smoking and the dispenser unit was on fire. Luckily someone was home!!!

A quick call to the appliance repair man and he was on the door-step. Ding-dong the refrigerator is DEAD! Hell, the lightning hit was on June 22nd past. That is almost three weeks passé. You never know. And to top it all, we now have to replace an Anderson Hibiscus Tree on the easement and four 12-foot Ligustrum hedge plants. The poor Anderson bloomed today but without any green leaves, she looks like a burlesque dancer covered in pink flowers.

Lightning is a fact of life in Tampa and in Central Florida.

So have I been working on my genealogy and search for the origins for ggg-grandfather James Smith. Yes, a bit… Spoke with Stephen in Scotland regarding the history of Smiths and Scots in Grenada and the Caribbean. Great chat. The next three FHL microfilms of the Grenada Registers of Records have arrived, and a new database project is formulating in my head. More on that later…

I’m keeping my eyes opened for any documentation regarding my ggg-grandmother Mary Ann (née Doret) Smith. Logic rules that if she owned property in Grenada there should be some paperwork on file, hopefully.

I have been working on the cropping and exposure clean-up of the next Indenture of the 1801+ Grenada Registers of Records. The next Indenture in my Transcription Project has 75 pages. That’s some bit of work… and two Smith’s are included.

I have been reviewing my data of Downham and Clitheroe, England. This is where I have got a line on the possibility of some ancestors of ggg-grandmother Elizabeth (née Kendal) Parker. I have found a birth registration from the same vicinity that could, that is may be, ggg-grandmother Elizabeth’s mother Isabella. Have to check that out.

Still a lot to do… and I continue, lightning or thunder.




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