Part 548k – Smith Robertson Genealogy – The Parker Project – Maybe GGGG-Grandmother Isabelle Kendall – 1837 Burial

06 August 2011


And now I have discovered the Blogger Scheduler. That is, I can write a Post and then schedule it to be published to the Internet. This is slick. I can now concentrate on writing a series of Posts and then schedule them to be published over a period of time. This will help with that “overwhelming” factor that some of you have asked about… “Jimmy, there’s just way too much to read to keep up with everything.” “Jimmy, can’t you slow down.”

No, I cannot slow down. Have I ever?

This genealogy thing is just that… that never-ending, and I know that I have the type of make-up that I just keep going, and writing, and going and researching, and writing. And I will continue to do so. And now I can schedule the delivery and publishing of my Posts.

Last night in my first quick review of the Baptism, Marriage, and Burial Registrations in The Register of the Parish Church of St. Leonard, Downham, published by the Lancashire Parish Register Society in 1980 I came across one Burial Registration entry that immediately caught my eye.

On Page 234 of the publication of the transcription of The Register on 8 December 1837 is the burial of one Isabella Kendall. This Isabella Kendall of Twiston passed away at the age of 60 years.

This Isabella Kendall may have been my gggg-grandmother Isabella, wife of gggg-grandfather William Parker. A quick calculation would mean that she was born about the year 1777. This information offers a possible open door in the search of my mtDNA maternal line. Let’s see where I go next.

I have redrafted the Parkers & (now) Kendalls, Downham, Lancashire, England Ancestry Work Sheet.

Much more to come.




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