Part 550kt – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1777 Baptism GGGG-Grandmother Isabella (née Tasker) Kendal – And Taskers Back In?

08 August 2011


And the beat goes on… with two Pack members in my lap, I attempt to commune with the spirit of my gggg-grandmother Isabella (née Tasker) Kendal. This genealogy thing is most definitely my Obsession… and not the type you can purchase at Macy’s or Harrods.

Taking a leap of faith from the 1837 Burial Registration Entry for Isabella Kendal, aged 60 years, I decided to see if I could come up with a Baptism Registration circa 1777. (See Part 548k.) And guess what? In The Register of the Parish Church of St. Leonard, from the Lancaster Parish Register Society publication, I chanced upon one particular 1777 Baptism Registration.

The Baptism Registration, on Page 63, dated 13 April 1777 exists for one Isabel Tasker. Hell’s bells, the Taskers are back in… maybe. It would appear that there is a great possibility that Isabel Tasker, baptized on 13 April 1777 could be the same as Isabella Kendal who was buried on 8 December 1837 at 60 years old. Mathematically, the time between the Baptism and the Burial Registration compute.

And to top it off, the Entry lists her, Isabel, as daughter of John and Mary Tasker. Bingo! (Maybe…) And if Isabel and Isabella are one and the same person, this could well introduce me to the possibility that my gggg-grandmother was Isabel/Isabella (née Tasker) Kendal.

This information is taken from The Register of the Parish Church of St. Leonard which is a derivative source. I will have to cross-reference and discover the original source of the Baptism Registration in the Parish Registers of the Chapelry of Downham.

Here an image of Page 63, downloaded from the microfiche FHL[6142708].

Transcribed –



Apr. 13 Isabel d. John & Mary Tasker, S

At this point of time, it is possible that this is gggg-grandmother Isabella (née Tasker) Kendal. Her parents would be my ggggg-grandparents John and Mary Tasker. The Taskers are in… for now.

Here is my Kendalls, Parkers and Taskers Downham Lancashire Ancestry Work Sheet.

You never know who I'll be finding next. And should this information and data logically confirm, this could a breakthrough regarding my mtDNA origins.

Enjoy, and stay tuned.



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