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31 October 2011

Good Day,

Very different supper last night, a Hasperat. And now you're never going to believe what exactly a Hasperat is, that is unless you are real Trekkie. And no I have not found an Alien genealogy connection... but one never knows?

Apart from being Alien, sort-of, it was actually quite good, as far as a vegetarian quasi, almost like a panini sandwich type thing. The creator of this Hasperat recipe claims this is what is consumed on the planet Bajor. Well, I've never really been termed a Star Trekkie nor have I ever visited Bajor, but I think I can develop a penchant for Hasperat. 10" tortilla wrapped around sliced cucumber, shredded carrots, bell peppers, my addition, and spinach, a "brine" of soya sauce, rice vinegar, Sriracha sauce, and pepper. I grilled it, and we devoured it.

And I sit waiting for the phone to ring regarding my desktop... I like my Sony Vaio, but I need my “resident” software to continue with my genealogy work... not to mention the software I use to design and create our quilt patterns. My files as I have mentioned are on my desktop system and it is sort of tenuous, sort of, when I need to refer to or reference an actual document or one of my databases.

I am biting at the bit with some of the new, aka old, information that I have found in my genealogy research. And yes I am obsessed, I’m obsessed. What can I say? After a conversation last night, it appears that I am that “eccentric” cousin/relative connection who knows what may have gone on in the lives of the ancestors, but... I may be considered “he cain’t talk about anything else but... so avoid him.” Oh well, I just continue. Keeps me busy and preoccupied.

Tonya in British Columbia, thanks for the info and Scott connection. Cheryl (sorry not sure where you are), I do think that there may be some credence in the Abraham connection. Thanks Ray in Grenada regarding the Smith construction detail. Diane in PA, thanks for the new Brunhammer photos and details.

And now back to work.




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