Part 586rh – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Once Again – Another Update, Robertson Descendant Chart

14 October 2011

Good Day,

The changes sometime come fast and furious once a door has been opened. In my search and research, this time of my Dudgeon and Hope Family Lines, I have discovered some new information. My genealogy is forever under construction; both of my blood and collateral lines.

Last night I chanced upon another sibling to my gggg-grandmother Christian (née Dudgeon) Robertson. This time a new sister, my gggg-grandaunt Jean Dudgeon, baptized in Stichill and Hume in Roxburghshire and Berwickshire. The geography gets a wee bit complicated. I will be getting into that in a later Posting. This Post is strictly an update of my Robertson Descendant Chart.

But do not hold your breath only at gggg-grandaunt Jean Dudgeon… because… I have discovered a possible logical and corresponding record for ggggg-grandmother Janet (née Hope) Dudgeon’s Baptism Registration. The Old Parochial Record is dated 2 September 1733 in Sneep, Nenthorn Kirk in Berwickshire in Scotland. Her father is given as John Hope, and he would be my gggggg-grandfather. Once again, I will be providing the detailed information in a later Post.

Above is the newly updated Robertson Descendant Chart. There is a minor schematic change; a shift in position to the right, on the Descendant Chart, of Margaret Ann (née Donnison) Robertson and gg-grandmother Margaret (née Megwire/Maguire) Robertson

Please make sure that you note that information and data provided and entered on this Robertson Descendant Chart is always subject to change. I am always updating my Descendant Charts as I receive new, additional, and more succinct data and information.

Please feel free to ask questions, make comment, and email me. But please be assured that I will NOT answer or originate any emails offering business deals or get rich quick schemes.




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