Part 587dh - Smith Robertson Genealogy - 1758 Marriage - GGGGG-Grandparents Thomas and Janet (née Hope) Dudgeon - Nenthorn, Scotland

14 October 2011

Good Morning,

After a quick tiding up this this morning I have a least two questions: Where do face-clothes disappear in this house? And why does Radar think he has to bark at the lawn sprinkler system when it begins working next door?

In my continued search to reconstruct my genealogy and discover the ancestors lives of my distant past, I have discovered a number of Old Parochial (aka Parish) Records (OPR) for my Dudgeon and Robertson Family Lines.

This morning I travel to Nenthorn. From Tampa, that is a distance of about 4,300 miles, give or take… and the equivalent of 6,920 kilometers, thereabout. The inserted image is the Nenthorn Parish Church.

From the Borders Family History Society

“The Parish of Nenthorn is situated in the south east of Berwickshire being bounded on the north by the Parishes of Hume and Stichill, on the east by the Parish of Kelso, on the south by the Parishes of Makerstoun and Smailholm and on the west by the Parish of Earlston.” Nenthorn is about an hour driving, south-east of Edinburgh."

From the OPR of Nenthorn Parish and dated 11 July 1758, just about 253 years, 3 months, and 3 days ago my ggggg-grandparents Thomas Dudgeon and Janet Hope were married. They were married on Tuesday, the 484th anniversary of the birth of Robert the Bruce.

Here is the image of the page of the OPR Register, as downloaded from

And my transcription –

Nenthorn Man∫e July & 11th 1758

Thomas Dudgeon and Janet Hope (having produced
testimonials of Orderly Proclamation & no Objection
offered) were Married by Mr. Abraham Ker before
many witne∫ses –

Check out the newly updated Robertson Descendant Chart to which I have included them as element of my own blood line.

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