Part 656b – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – Brunhammer – 1940 US Census – Wilmington, Delaware

05 April 2012

Good Day,

And of course I had to search and find… and search again. The 1940 US Census is now available online; in image format. It hasn’t been indexed as yet, but it is available if you are wanting to turn the pages. And I do, that is, did.

The 1940 Census is available online from the National Archives at their site – 1940 Census Official 1940 Census Website.

Search capabilities are available via Location and via Enumeration Districts. By entering a Street name into the Location search field, along with the State, County, and City, the search engine provided me with six Census Schedules for specific Enumeration Districts.

When I linked over to the first Enumeration District Census Schedule for Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, the site only allowed me to view the first page of 36 pages. I am not sure if it was my system or the National Archives database which was halting my preceding any further than Page 1.

I then opened up my subscription and was able to open up their new link to the 1940 US Census. I was able to find the exact Enumeration Districts as relayed by the National Archives website.

And lo and behold after paging, that is flipping, through 127 pages, that is images, and scanning down each list of enumerated names, I discovered the Brunhammer Family at 1834 Union Street in Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware. The Enumeration District is provided as 4-45 and the record of the Brunhammer Family occurred on April 5, 1940.

The Brunhammer Family included Andy’s grandparents Harry and Ann (née McAteer) Brunhammer; his two aunts, Madeline and Clair; and his father Eugene. Bingo!!!

Here is the image of the page of the 1940 US Census highlighting the Brunhammer Family.

And next on the docket, the 1940 Doherty Family.




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