Part 657d – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – Doherty – 1940 US Census – Wilmington, Delaware

05 April 2012

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The sun is shining through the clouds this morning… and it is a gorgeous day here in Tampa.

As mentioned in my last Posting regarding the 1940 Census and the Brunhammer Family, I would next search for the Doherty Family.

Flipping the images, as provided by, I started at the 127th Page, where I discovered the Brunhammer Family. All I had to do was flip through four more Pages and there at 2006 Woodlawn Avenue, in New Castle County in Wilmington, Delaware, was the Dougherty Family. Is this the correct Family? Doherty versus Dougherty…

Most definitely the right family… Included in the household are Andy’s grandparents Gerald (Doc) and Myrtle (née Holmes) Dougherty albeit Doherty; his uncles Gerald (Doc), Phillip (Phil), William (Bill), and John (Holmesy); his aunts Katherine (Kitty), Helen, and Nancy; and his mother Myrtle F(rances).

The Enumeration District is indicated as 4-45 and the Census was taken on April 5, 1940.

Here is the image of the page of the 1940 US Census highlighting the Dougherty Family. Obviously the enumerator may not have asked how to spell the surname Doherty. He or she, the enumerator, must have made an assumption and wrote the surname as Dougherty.

As a note and from Genealogy – The name Docherty is from the word “dochartach” meaning “obstructive.” Docherty is the most common Scottish form of this surname, while Doherty and Dougherty are usually of Irish derivation.

The above inserted image from the National Archives and Records Administration shows tabulators recording information from over 120,000 enumerators who scoured the United States to collect data for the 1940 Census.

And now to continue my genealogy trek and search.




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