Part 670p – Groh Smith Genealogy – A New Placeway Descendant Chart

26 April 2012

Good Day,

As promised I have now created a new Placeway Descendant Chart. This Chart creates a clearer picture of the genealogy as accredited to the Placeway Family Line.

I have been gathering a considerable amount of information and data, and I am currently chasing down source documentation to ensure the accuracy of the details. It is all a part of A Genealogy Hunt.

As you can see in the Placeway Descendant Chart any new information and updated data has been added in red. I have also now included the actual blood line, which I am currently researching. The symbols are bordered in blue and filled in yellow. This provides me a “quick-glance” tool when I refer to the visual of the Descendant Chart.

Also please note that this information and data is always under construction. It may change as I am presented with more and more correct source documentation. I usually begin with family history, lore, and hearsay, which may include a pedigree that I may find on the Internet. I then try to locate source documentation to give “credence” to the data and information.

Check back regularly for additions, changes, and updates.




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