Part 671p – Groh Smith Genealogy – Updated and Divided Placeway Descendant Chart – The Cloud Does NOT Have All The Answers

28 April 2012

Good Day,

I continue my journey into the reaches and discovery of the Placeway Family Line… specifically that of soon-to-be great-great-great-grandfather Brayton C. Placeway. All-things-being-equal I have chanced upon, in the Cloud, notation, information, and data back until the 7-times great-grandparents Robert and Mehitable (née Hamilton) Placeway (aka Plaiceway).

And here is where I most certainly do NOT “throw caution to the wind”.

As you know A Genealogy Hunt is my journal.

It is the chronicle of my work and effort to search and research those branches and family lines and ancestors that are in some way connected. But I have to keep reiterating to myself “Prenez garde!” I need to ensure that I check all sources of information and data. I need to ask myself “And where did that piece of newsflash come from?” There is a great deal of data and information, via the Internet, that is not sourced nor cited. And further I want to know “Where the hell did that bit of detail come from?”

Information discovered on the Internet, aka extracted from the Cloud, is a great stepping-stone. It is that nugget that can either provide the answer, or lead you through a doorway that may provide you with the sources that you are searching.

My work and efforts in the realm of genealogy lead me down many paths. Each doorway is a panorama of that which passed by in a brief moment of time.

With the newly added figures to my original Placeway Descendant Chart, I have had to divide the single Chart into two… otherwise I will have to provide a bevy of magnifying glasses for all readers. Here are the new Placeway Descendant Charts I and II.

The Placeway Descendant Chart I now includes the conceivable addition of 7-times great-grandparents Robert and Mehitable (née Hamilton) Placeway and of 6-times great-grandparents William and Mercy (aka Mary) (née Robbins) Placeway.

The Placeway Descendant Chart II includes the conceivable addition of ggg-grandfather Brayton C. Placeway’s second wife Johanna Plischke.

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