Part 791p – Smith Groh Genealogy – GG-Grandfather Willard Joseph Pariza – Documents Currently On File – 1900-1942

04 November 2012

Good Day,

According to Google Blogger this is my 999th posting to A Genealogy Hunt since I began journalizing my search and research into the realm of my direct and associated ancestors. And Blogger records that there has been, not including this new posting, 116,107 Pageviews. Not a bad average of 116 views per post when genealogy can be, as Leo Tolstoy stated in Anna Karenina, “Everything intelligent is so boring.” I have only just scratched the surface.

The nice thing about Clooz organizational software is that it has the capabilities of entering all persons that one is interested in from one document at one time.

In other words, “based on the Documents that you analyze and record in the program” the functionality of Clooz allows one to enter all information from a document which may mean, like a census would include various ancestors in a family group in one’s genealogy. The “research support function is based on the Documents… rather than on each individual ancestor.

Clooz is “your genealogy research assistant.” Once all key information from a document is entered into Clooz, “the program seamlessly links any piece of information to every associated ancestor.

In this case, as I have entered the key information and data from the US Federal Censuses and City Directories, I can now extract and run reporting that is specific to each individual ancestor that may have been included into the information and data.

In Part 790p I posted the reporting of the collection of Census, Census Substitutes and Document Records for ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza. Simultaneously, I can now create a similar reporting of that information and data from the documents that is specific to gg-grandfather Willard Joseph Pariza.

Here is the Willard Joseph Pariza Census, Census Substitutes and Document Records reporting.

And the search continues. I am now trying to determine who ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza’s parents were.

And following Voltaire, “Le secret d’ennuyer est celui de tout dire.




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