Part 856ab – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Fanny Abraham and William Barak – 1857 Marriage Registration

30 April 2013

Good Day,

I’m back to my search and research of my ancestry and genealogy.

Following up from Part 852ab, Bernard very nicely provided me with a copy of the Entry of Marriage  from the General Register Office.  Here is a copy of the image.

My transcription –

Marriage solemnized at 5 Lisle St. Leicester Sq in the district of Strand in the County of Middlesex

No. – 152
When Married. – February 18th, 1857
Names and Surname. – William Barak, Fanny Abraham
Age. – full, full
Condition. – Widower, Spinster
Rank or Profession. – CardBox Master, -
Residence at the time of Marriage. – 43 Queen Sq, Bristol, 5 Lisle St., Leicester Sq.
Father’s Name and Surname. – Meier Barak, Victor Abraham
Rank or Profession of Father. – Gentm, Deceased

Married in the House, 5 Lisle St., Liecester Sq according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Jewish Religion by me, Nadler Dr, Chief Rab.

This Marriage was solemnized between us, William Barak, Fanny Abraham in the Presence of us, Philip Abraham, Adolph Blumenthal

IA Levy _____

GG-Grandaunt Fanny Abraham, according to the Marriage Registration, married William Barak at her family home at 5 Lisle Street in Leicester Square in the West End of London.  Also note the two witnesses: gg-granduncle Philip Abraham, gg-grandaunt Fanny's elder brother; and gg-granduncle Adolph Blumenthal, gg-grandaunt Fanny's brother-in-law and husband of her younger sister gg-grandaunt Matilda (née Abraham) Blumenthal.

Of course I have a question, what occupation is a CardBox Master?

And then there is the mystery in four years...

Thank you Bernard and Anne for your research and information.




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