Part 858ss – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Great-Great-Grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele – An Aha Moment

26 August 2013

Good Day,

I couldn't wait until September 1 to start working on my A Genealogy Hunt again.

Who said “Patience is a virtue”? And I guess I do have a shade of patience… but whether my patience is virtuous, that is another question, for another time.

Most recently I have exchanged a couple of emails with a distant relative of mine regarding some information referencing an ancestor that we may have in common. (Thank you Ashley.) This mutual ancestor is my great-great-grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele.

The piece of documentation found is the 1881 Burial Registration of great-great-grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele. Here is an image of the page from the Grenada, Parish Registers, 1784-1971, Anglican Church, Parish of St. George, Burials 1844-1930 and the microfilm FHL [1523656] Item 18-19.

My transcription –

[Page 342]
BURIALS in the Parish of St. George
In the Colony of Grenada in the Year 1881
Name. – Mary Ann Steele
Abode. – Town of St. George
When buried. – Oct 2nd
Age. – Yrs 72
By whom the Ceremony was performed. – John K. Anton, Rector

Here is a close-up of the registration.

Based on the information provided by the Register, gg-grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele was 72 years old at her burial. Calculating from 1881, this would mean that there is a possibility that gg-grandaunt Mary Ann may have been born in about the year 1809. This is possible proof that gg-grandaunt Mary Ann may have been an elder sister to gg-grandfather James Smith who was born in 1815. (See Part 88s.)

Following this new information I have re-constructed my GenoPro James Smith Descendant Chart.

We now have possible documentary proof and information for the following:

GG-Grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele – born circa 1809

GG-Grandaunt Eley Smith – born 17 Mar 1812 (Part 87s)

GG-Grandfather James Smith – born 20 Mar 1815 (Part 88s)

GG-Granduncle Henry Smith – born 3 Mar 1818 (Part 89s)

GG-Granduncle Thomas Smith – born 5 Nov 1820 (Part 90s)

I am still looking for information regarding:

GG-Granduncle George Smith, and
GG-Grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour

If you have any information and/or documentation that could lead to a discovery and more details regarding gg-granduncle George Smith, gg-grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour and gg-grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele please feel free to contact me at A Genealogy Hunt.

Also some food for thought – It could be possible, based on possible naming conventions that as gg-grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele has the same name as her mother, ggg-grandmother Mary Ann (née Doret) Smith and that gg-grandfather James Smith has the same name as his father, ggg-grandfather James Smith, they, gg-grandaunt Mary and gg-grandfather James may have been the elder daughter and son of the Smith family. Just something to think about.




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