Part 859sv- Smith Robertson Genealogy – A Definite Possibility – Great-Great-Grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour – 1865 Burial Registration

31 August 2013

Good Day,

Well as I mentioned the genealogy bug has bit me once again and I guess it definitely is time to come in out of my three-month retirement.

What I have now discovered is an 1865 Burial Registration that may be that of great-great-grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour. Here is an image of the page from the Grenada, Parish Registers, 1784-1971, Anglican Church, Parish of St. George, Burials 1844-1930 and the microfilm FHL [1523656] Item 18-19.

As you can see the copy from the microfilm is somewhat opaque. Actually it is almost bloody illegible... I have tried to decipher the Burial Registration and determine a possible script even due to the bleeding of the ink of the registration. It seems that the ink from both the facing page and the verso or back side of the page bled through prior to the microfilming of the Register.

I have made close-ups of the registration.  The first is the actual registration and the second is my attempt to make sense of the hidden script using a red tracing to give me a chance to determine the messy script.

Actual registration.

My endeavor to make out the script.

My attempted transcription –

[Page 219]
BURIALS in the Parish of St. George
In the Colony of Grenada in the Year 1865
Name. – Sophia Ventour
Abode. – Town of St. George
When buried. – Feb 2?
Age. – Yrs 59?
By whom the Ceremony was performed. – J K. Anton, Rector

And now, my thoughts and observations. At the present time I cannot be 100% sure that this is the Burial Registration of great-great-grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour. All I can do is present a number facts and some logical possibilities.

The Burial Register is that of the Anglican Parish Church of St. George, Grenada. This was, from what I understand the Smith family’s primary place of worship. I have been able to collect a considerable amount of documentation and registrations from this church which are all specific to my Smith family. There is some sense to the possibility the gg-grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour was registered at her death and burial at the family church.

The Burial Registration appears, if I am deciphering it correctly for one “Sophia Ventour”. All-things-being-equal gg-grandaunt Sophia Smith married Benjamin Ventour 16 September 1825. (See Part 62s.)  Her married name would have been Sophia Ventour.

From the 1865 Burial Registration I am trying to decipher the age that this Sophia Ventour passed. It looks to me like it is “Yrs 59”. It is extremely hard to be sure that this is the actual age. If it is 59 years and this Sophia Ventour was buried at the age of 59 there is a possibility that she was born about 1806. And if it is 1806 and this is gg-grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour then, all-things-being-equal it could be possible that she is the elder sister to gg-grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) and to all the other gg-grand Smiths that I have been able to find respectable documentation regarding their birth years and dates.

Following another train of thought, and examining ggg-grandfather James Smith’s Last Will and Testament (see Part 61s), gg-grandaunt Sophia is mentioned after ggg-grandmother Mary Ann and gg-granduncle George and before gg-grandaunt Mary Ann. She is also addressed before gg-grandfather James and gg-granduncles Thomas and Henry. I am not sure if this is a general rule of thumb and process but it may be possible that ggg-grandfather James was addressing a specific hierarchy as he included his survivors in his will; his wife first, and then his children in their possible order of age.

And if this is the case, it would make sense that gg-grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour would have been older than her sister Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele. GGG-Grandfather James’s will states “and the further sum of Eight pounds annually to each of my daughters Sophia Ventour and Mary Steele during their natural lives…”  This is the initial place in the Will where gg-grandaunts Sophia and Mary are mentioned.

In my previous post, Part 858ss, we discovered that there is a possibility that gg-grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele was born about 1809. If gg-grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour was born before gg-grandaunt Mary Ann it is possible that she would have been born before 1809 and that it would not be unreasonable to say that she may have been born around 1806. And this may be the calculated year of birth of the Sophia Ventour of the 1865 Burial Registration if the age at her death was 59 years.

Definitely food for thought. If you have any comment, thought, idea, or question, please feel free to contact me at A Genealogy Hunt.




Unknown on November 21, 2015 at 8:12 AM said...

Hi Jim,
This is your cousin, Maria Nunes, daughter of Margot who was the grand-daughter James Edwin Smith. Your blog is absolutely fascinating. I've been reading a number of entries and would love to be in touch to clarify a few things. I've sent you an email as well as a message on FB. Hope to hear from you. Best, Maria

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