Part 867s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1798 Benjamin D’hariet Smith – Power of Attorney

22 November 2013

Good Day,

My search and research continues for any Smith connection in St. George, Grenada who may provide some clues to the origins of my ggg-grandfather James Smith. The following record from the Grenada Registers of Records was entered 29 October 1798.

My next document is a Letter of Attorney appointing Benjamin D’hariet Smith dated 31 August 1798.  This is the second time that I am presenting and transcribing this record.

The next two pages with an occurrence of the Smith surname are pages 446 and 447. The following are the images of the two pages downloaded from the Grenada Registers of Records and recorded on the microfilm FHL [1563328] Item 1.

My transcription –


Entered the 29th October 1798

Know all Men by these Presents that I, James Park, at present residing in
the Town of Belfast in the County of Antrium and Kingdom of Ireland, Merchant and
Partner in Trade with Benjamin D’hariet Smith of the Island of Grenada in the West
Indies, Merchant, under the Firm of Park and Smith, Have made, ordained, authorized


Constituted and appointed, and by these presents Do make, ordain, authorize,
constitute and appoint the said Benjamin D’hariet Smith, my free and lawful Attorney
irrevocable, for me and in my Name, Place, and Stead, and to my use, to grant, bargain,
sell alien, release, confirm, aſsign, transfer and make over all my right, Title, Property,
Estate, and Interest of in and to a certain Dwelling House, Meſsuage or Tenement, and
two Lots or Parcels of Ground, all situate lying and being in the Carenage, in the Town
of St. George and Island of Grenada, in the West Indies; and to Sign, Seal, deliver and
execute all Deeds, Conveyances, Receipts and Writings which may be needful and
neceſsary in the Premiſes, as fully in every respect as I myself might or could do were I
personally present and did the same: Hereby ratifying confirming and allowing all and
whatsoever my said Attorney shall lawfully do, or cause or procure to be done, by virtue of
these Presents. In Witneſs whereof I the said James Park have hereunto set my hand and
Seal the thirty first Day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred
and Ninety eight at Belfast aforesaid, in the Presence of John Tisdall, Notary Public
residing there, and of the other Witneſs whose name is under written.
James Park (LS)
Signed, Sealed & Delivered (being first duly stamped) }
in the Presence of Alexander Boyd. }
(LS) John Tisdall Notary Publick Belfast
Borough of Belfast in the County }
of Antrim and Kingdom of Ireland }
John Tisdall of Belfast and County of Antrim
aforesaid, Notary Publick, maketh oath this Day
before me the Revd. William Bristow, Sovereign of said Borough and one of his Majesty’s
Justices of the Peace for said County, and Saith that he this Depont is a Subscribing Witneſs to
the within Letter of Attorney, and saw the same duly signed, sealed, delivered and executed by
James Park the executing Party thereto; and ſaith, that the name John Tisdall ſubscribed as
a Witneſs to said Letter of Attorney is this Deponent’s proper name and Hand writing.
John Tisdall
Sworn before me at Belfast aforsd the 1st Day of September
1798. In Testimony whereof I the sd Sovereign have hereunto sub-
scribed my name and can the Corporation Seal of said Borough
to be hereunto affixed.
Willm Bristow Sovn of Belfast Will. Atherson
Town Clerk

My previous work and transcription has included records associated with Benjamin D’hariet Smith, also known as Benjamin D’Harriette Smith, see Part 172s, and Part 171s.

I have discovered that the “Search This Blog” function in the right-hand column of A Genealogy Hunt is not working. This appears to be a universal situation and I have read other incidents occurring on other blogs. A current way around this issue would be to use the main Goggle search engine. I will try to find another alternative and more efficient way.

And I continue my search for the origins of ggg-grandfather James Smith.




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