Part 135b – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy - 1836 Birth - GGGranduncle Jean Brunhammer

02 December 2009


In my gathering of documentary evidence in my research of the genealogy of the Brunhammer Family, the next name on the Tables Décennales, the 10-Year Table, is that of gg-granduncle Jean Brunhammer. Per the 10-Year Table the date of the Acte de Naissance, the Birth Certificate is 13 May 1836.

My source and discovery is the same page of the 10-Year Table as that noted in Parts 133b and 134b. That page listed the 1837 and 1835 Birth Registrations for gg-grandfather Jacques and gg-grandaunt Catherine, respectively. The source was the Registres de l’état civil, 1793-1882, Officier de l’état civil, Dornach (Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin), microfilm FHL [732713].

Transcribed –
Nom – Brunhammer
Prénom Naiʃsaience – Jean
Dates du actes – 13 mai 1836

Translation –
Name – Brunhammer
Birth name – Jean
Date of Acts – 13 May 1836

And amongst my files I have been able to find an Index specific to gg-granduncle Jean’s birth registration. Source was the Registres de l’état civil, 1793-1882, Officier de l’état civil, Dornach (Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin), microfilm FHL [732717].

My transcription –
No du Acte – 39
Dates des Actes – 13, 12 Mai
Noms et Prenoms
Enfans – Brunhamer, Jean
Pères – Brunhamer, Joseph
Mères – Catherine Ganzer
Nombres –
Garçons – 1

Filles –
Natures de Naiʃsance –

And my translation –
No of Certificate – 39
Dates of Certificates (Registration and Birth) – 13, 12 May
Surnames and Names –
Children – Brŭnhamer, Jean
Fathers – Brunhamer, Joseph
Mothers –Catherine Ganzer
Number –
Boys – 1
Girl –
Nature of Birth –

The Acte de Naissance, Birth Certificate, aka registration was located. The following is a clipping from the page of the Civil Register. My source was the Registres de l’état civil, 1793-1882, Officier de l’état civil, Dornach (Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin), microfilm FHL [732717].

And my attempt at a transcription –
L’an mil huit Cent trente-six, le treize du mois du Mai à six heures du soir, par devant nous souʃsigné Antoine Baur, Maire et officier de l’état Civil de la Commune du Dornach du Mulhausen Département du Haut Rhin est Comparu Joseph Brunhamer _____ maitre ? âgé de trente-deux, domicilié en cette Commune, le quel nous présenté un enfant du sexe féminine née hier le douze du ce mois à sept heures du soir, dans la maison de Christian _____ _____ derrière du village in cette Commune du lui déclarant et de Catherine Ganzer son épouse repasseuse âgée du vingt-sept ans, domicilié en cette Commune, et _____ qu’il a déclaré vouloir donner le prénom de Jean, les dites déclaration et présentation faites en présence du Mara _____ _____ âgé de quarante ans, et Antoine Flarÿ journalier âgé de trente-trois ans, et ont le père et les témoins signé avec nous, le présent Acte de Naiʃsance après qu’il leer ? _____ a été fait _____ et interprétation.
Brunhamer _____ Flarÿ Baur
My translation –
In the year 1836, the 13th of May at 6 o’clock in the evening, before us Antoine Baur undersigned, Mayor and Officer of Vital Statistics of the Municipality Dornach District of Mulhouse, Haut Rhin Department, testified Joseph Brunhammer, _____ master?, 32 years old, residing in this City where we introduced a female child born yesterday the 12th of this month at 7 o’clock in the evening, in the house of Christian _____ _____ behind the village in the Commune of him saying and of Catherine Ganzer his wife, his wife, laundress, aged 27 years, living in this City, and _____ he said he wanted to give the name of Jean, the said statement and presentation made in the presence of Mara _____ _____ 40 years old, and Antoine Flarÿ, journalist, 33 years old, and the father and witnesses signed with us, the act of birth after he ______ _____ has been done and interpretation.
Brunhamer _____ Flarÿ Baur

And of course two things come immediately to note. The registration indicates a “female child”, “sexe féminine” versus a male child “sexe masculine”. This would not be something to highlight except the name “Jean” is a masculine name, or translated “John”, whereas the feminine name would be written as “Jeanne”, literally translated as Jean.

The second note that I need to point out is the actual spelling of the last name Brunhammer. It appears that the surname is spelled, dependent upon the scribe or clerk who is writing the registration, index, document, etc.. You should note that it written as both Brunhammer and Brunhamer; one “m” versus two “mm”. I would to point out that in any of my future posts I will transcribe the surname Brunhammer, or Brunhamer, as I can make it out on a specific document. Any argument as to the correct way of spelling it may be beyond the limitations of my puny brain.




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