Part 250s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Smiths from Logie, Scotland – Investigation Continued

29 March 2010


The sun is shining, but the temperature has dropped somewhat.

And here’s the thing, if the Smiths from Logie, located in the then County of Perth, in Scotland are our ancestors it is perceivable that we could realize a genealogy and an ancestry back to about the 1660s, give or take a few years. On the other hand if there is no connection to ggg-grandfather James Smith, I guess I look for another Smith line… and I’ve done someone else’s work for them.

Today’s work and research is a continuation of the same from Part 178s and Part 248s. I’m trying to see if there are any connections to the Jameses and William Smiths from Logie in Scotland.

From the Old Parochial Records of Logie I have been able to construct a possible Smith line and include the related generations of a family that overlays approximately 100 years. I have been able to get a hold of the majority of the Baptism and Marriage entries from the Old Parochial Registers of Logie. I have also worked the other Smith entries available in the Old Parochial Records of Logie.

This Descendant Chart shows the Smith family as I have been able to construct it from the records. The red-highlighted individuals are the Jameses and the Williams.

I’ve attempted to create the generational connects, as follows:
  1. William Smith and Janet Rob had seven children. Charles was their eldest and was baptised 22 November 1695.
  2. Their youngest son, James Smith, was baptised 16 March 1711.
  3. James, baptised 16 March 1711, married Margaret Reid 4 June 1733.
  4. James and Margaret’s eldest son, James was baptised 20 January 1734.
  5. James and Margaret had two sons named William, one baptised 2 May 1736. Their youngest son, also named William was baptised 20 July 1753.
  6. James Smith Jr., who for all apparent reasons appears to be the James who was baptised 20 January 1734, married Isable McFarlane.
  7. James Jr. and Isable eldest son was James who was baptised 19 April 1767.
  8. The blue-highlighted individuals are Charles Smith. I believe it was this Charles who is the identified “Wright” in the 19 May 1733 Banns of James Smith and Margaret Reid.
Now in the 26 December 1797 Record entered into the Grenada Register of Records on 7 June 1803, see Part 178s, it is possible to say that the James Smith of Logie who is identified as a “Weaver” and who is searching for the estates of his late brother William and his late son, James, may be the James Smith (aka James Smith Jr.) who was baptised 20 January 1734. Mathematically, that would make, at the time, James Smith the weaver about 63 years old and his late brother William at least 44 years old. Also this James, (aka James Smith Jr.), Smith’s son would have been somewhere about 30 years old.

And I know this is a lot to take in… but here is where I’m at, at the moment. In my continuation of this I will present some other thoughts. But please feel free to comment, ask questions, and add something that I may have overlooked.

Oh and by the way, here is the Smith worksheet, which includes my extracts from the Old Parochial Records of Logie.




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