Part 728s – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1876 Birth and Baptism – Great-Grandaunt Ellen Sheridan – Wilmington, Delaware

08 July 2012

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The research of the genealogy of a family line sometimes leads to more questions, and with the presentation of this next Baptism Registration some do arise. Lesson learned – Check out all churches of the same and of similar denomination that are in close proximity to a family home or family location when looking for vital and parish records.

According to the 1910 US Census gg-grandmother Helen/Ellen (née Haley/Healy) Sheridan had six children. To date I have found the Baptism Registrations for the first four: great-grandmother Mary Helen (née Sheridan) Doherty (Part 717s); great-granduncle John J. (Part 724s); great-grandaunt Catherine (Part 725s); and great-grandaunt Margaret (Part 726s).

The first three children; g-grandmother Mary Helen, g-granduncle John J., and g-grandaunt Catherine were all baptized at St. Peter’s Church. The fourth child; g-grandaunt Margaret was baptized at St. Paul’s. Why? All-things-being-equal the walking distance today, according to Google maps, is just about 12 minutes; less than one mile apart.

The next Baptism Registration is that of great-grandaunt Ellen Sheridan dated 25 February 1876. Her birth date is listed at 20 February 1876. She was baptized at St. Peter’s. And again why?

I located it in the Baptism Registers from St. Peter’s Church. Here is the actual page image as downloaded from Item 5 of the microfilm FHL [1787748].

And my transcription of the Latin –

Registrum Baptizatorum in Ecclesia St. Peter _____
_____ _____ Wil. _____ Delaware Dioecesis Wilmington

Nomen Familiae – Sherdan
A.D. Die Mensis – Feb 25 1876

Ego infrascriptis baptizavi Ellen
natam 20 hujus
ex Thomas Sherdan
ex loco Ireland
et Ellen Healy
ex loco Ireland
Patrini fuerunt Edwardus A Neil et
Julia Dryer
M McGrann
Observanda –

And my attempt at the translation –

Register of Baptisms in the Church St. Peter _____
_____ _____ Wil. _____ Delaware, Diocese of Wilmington

Family name - Sherdan
A.D. Day of the month - Feb 25 1876
Register BAPTISM -

I, the undersigned baptized Ellen,
born the 20 of this (month)
by Thomas Sherdan
of place, Ireland
and Ellen Healy
of place, Ireland
Godparents were Edward A. Neil, and
Julia Dryer
Observed -

Something definite to note, the spelling of the surname on the Baptism Registration is "Sherdan" as opposed to "Sheridan".

My take home message – In my genealogy search and research, I shall not take anything for granted.




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