Part 351s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1855 Burial Thomas Smith

07 September 2010


This search and research of my ancestry, genealogy and family tree takes me all over the place.

As I stated in Part 350s I had found the 1855 Burial Registration of who I believe is gg-granduncle Thomas Smith. All-things-being-equal the name and the age tie to the Baptism information as described in Part 90s.

The issue that I have, at this point of time, and purely from my lack of knowledge is what is the word “Architect” doing in the column allocated for “Abode”? Transcribing and reading the name immediately above, it also seems to be a misplaced error. It appears that the recording agent, possibly the Rector J.A. Anton, wrote the place of “Abode” for No. 807, Robert Thomas as “H.M.S. Mariner”. This does look like an occupation, and not an abode.

And here’s a further question, why is the occupation for gg-granduncle Thomas, albeit “Abode”, an Architect? Why is it not a “Spirituous Liquor Retailer” as indicated in gg-granduncle Thomas’ Last Will and Testament, in Part 349s? Obviously I am extremely curious as gg-grandfather James, gg-granduncle Thomas’ older brother is designated an Architect, educated in England. See Part 195s and Part 102s.

Above is the image of Page 136 from the Burial Register of the Parish Register of Saint George as downloaded from Items 18-19 of the microfilm FHL [1523656].

And my transcription -

[Page 136]

BURIALS in the Parish of Saint George
in the County of Island of Grenada in the Year 1855.

Name. – Thomas Smith
No. – 888
Abode. – Architect
When buried. – March 12th
Age. – Yrs 34
By whom the Ceremony was performed. – J.A. Anton, Rector

And now another question… If gg-grandfather James, Jr. and gg-granduncle Thomas were both Architects, s it possible that both had been educated in the same school? In England? Or Scotland? Or where? Something to think about…




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