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18 July 2011


Today is the beginning of the Parker Project. I need to ascertain and gather that information that is critical to my Parker Family Line and genealogy. To initiate my research I will begin my maternal line and relate a quick genealogical synopsis.

I start with my mother and her mother was Madge (née Goodey) Robertson. Grandmother Madge was born in England 1891 and passed away in Jamaica in 1975. Please refer to Part 76g.

The inserted image is grandmother Madge Goodey's 1891 Birth Registration as recorded in the General Register Office.

Great-grandmother Mary Alice (née Crossley) Goodey, her mother, was born in England. According to her Birth Registration she was born 23 December 1864, at Square, Walsden and registered in the District of Todmorden in the Counties of York & Lancaster. Detailed information can be cross-referenced at Part 140c.

Her mother, my great-great grandmother was Elizabeth Crossley formerly Parker. Here is the Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth as Given at the General Register Office. GG-Grandmother Elizabeth was born the 10th of February 1841 in Twiston. Her birth was registered in the Registration District of Clitheroe in the Counties of Lancaster and York. See Part 154p.

And as you can see in the Birth Registration, gg-grandmother Elizabeth’s mother was ggg-grandmother Elizabeth (née Kendal) Parker.

Here is a quick Ancestral Lineage, which at the same time is representational of my mtDNA; my Haplogroup H1a1.

Me – Jim Smith
My Mother – née Robertson
My Grandmother – Madge (née Goodey) Robertson
My Great(G)-Grandmother – Mary Alice (née Crossley) Goodey
My GG-Grandmother – Elizabeth (née Parker) Crossley
My GGG-Grandmother – Elizabeth (née Kendal) Parker

The Parker Project continues. Next is the Baptism Registration of ggg-grandmother Elizabeth (née Kendal) Parker.




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