Part 860s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Updated James Smith Descendant Chart

01 September 2013

Good Day,

Okay, I have re-created and redrafted with some minor changes my current James Smith Descendant Chart. I have re-positioned three of the great, great grands: great-great grandaunt Mary Ann; great-great grandaunt Sophia; and great-great granduncle George.

This positions the children of ggg-grandparents James and Mary Ann (née Dore) Smith in the following order on the Descendant Chart:

  GG-Granduncle George Smith;

  GG-Grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour;

  GG-Grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith);

  GG-Grandaunt Eley Smith;

  GG-Grandfather James Smith;

  GG-Granduncle Henry Smith; and

  GG-Granduncle Thomas Smith.

My logic is currently based on my research and documentation concerning births, marriage, and burials, as well as the Last Will and Testament of my ggg-grandfather James Smith. (See Part 347s.)

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