Part 787p – Smith Groh Genealogy – GGG-Grandfather Leo Pariza – Summary of Documents on File

31 October 2012

Good Day,

As time continues, it is critical that I keep myself and the wealth of information and data relating to my genealogy search of the life of ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza organized. To date I have discovered at least two other alternative spellings of the surname – Parisaya and Parasaya.

A method of maintaining a form of organization is the use of the software Clooz 3.1.6. Clooz is an electronic filing cabinet for systematically organizing and storing genealogical records. The following Leo Pariza Report details the Census, Census Substitute, and Document Records that I have entered into the Clooz database.

The Personal File #, referenced in the first column, is my method of tagging each individual record. One can search A Genealogy Hunt but entering the Personal File #, for example CUSPH000001, into the “Search This Blog” space in the far right-hand column of any page on the site. When you click on the search button a dialog box will appear with the associated link to my A Genealogy Hunt Posting which includes your search request.

If you have any questions, comments, and ideas, please free to contact me.


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Part 786p – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1942 WWII Registration – GGG-Grandfather Leo Pariza – Waupaca, Wisconsin

30 October 2012

Good Day,

And then there is the 1942 World War II Draft Registration of ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza. The Registration Card was signed 27 April 1942 and registered at East Union Street, Waupaca, Wisconsin.

Here are the front and back images of ggg-grandfather Leo’s Registration Card as downloaded from Family and microfilm FHL [1572825].

A note to anyone who is researching their genealogy, it is important to search all available online databases. Not all online services, even though they may provide a similar collection, as the World War II Draft Registration Cards, have digitized the same and identical parts of the collections. In this case the World War II Draft Registration Cards for Wisconsin are not available through the collection. They are currently available via the Family Search collection.

And here is my Clooz Report – WWIIRCWI000001

There is a discrepancy between the 1918 World War I and the 1942 World War II Registration Cards for ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza. It is his birthdate. In 1918 it is entered as “Sept 8 1879” (See Part 784p), whereas in 1942 it is entered as “Sept. 8 1878”. But when one compares the 1918 and 1942 signatures for ggg-grandfather Leo on the two different Registration Cards one can see that the signatures were signed by the same person.

Here are the signatures -

The 1918 -

The 1942 -

The question is – Was ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza born in 1878 or 1879?


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Part 785p – Smith Groh Genealogy –1933 – The National Home for Disabled Soldiers – GGG-Grandfather Leo Pariza – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

29 October 2012

Good Day,

And one never knows what one can stumble upon when one keeps searching and researching one’s genealogy and ancestry. Today I discovered a page entry for ggg-grandfather Leo Parasaya (aka Parisaya, aka Pariza) of his history as provided by the Northwestern Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is now the third rendition of the spelling of the surname Pariza.

Per The Prologue Magazine from the website of The National Archives – “This vintage postcard shows the main building of the Northwestern Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, opened in Milwaukee (Wood), Wisconsin, in 1867.” It is from the author, Trevor K. Plante’s collection.

There is a tremendous amount of information provided by the Register regarding ggg-grandfather Leo. It is a shame that there is no more specific information about where ggg-grandfather Leo was born, except “Canada”. This of course means more searching… Canada is such a large country.

Here is the image of the page from the Register of the Northwestern Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers as downloaded from

And my Clooz Report Summary –

According to the “Home History” section of the Register regarding ggg-grandfather Leo’s information, it appears that he was first admitted to the Northwestern Branch 14 November, 1924. According to the "Domestic History" his age is entered at 46 years. A quick calculation would mean that ggg-grandfather was born circa 1878.

And the search continues.


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Part 784p – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1918 WWI Registration – GGG-Grandfather Leo Pariza – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

27 October 2012

Good Day,

In my search work and research of genealogy and the past locations of ancestors and related connections it is always good news that I can uncover a piece of evidence that will make sense of past discovered bits of information.

Just recently I discovered a World War I Draft Registration Card for ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza. The card is dated 12 September 1918 and the registration took place the American Exchange Bank Building in the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was the Third Registration and it was for men aged 18 to 21 and 31 to 45 – men born between 11 September 1872 and 12 September 1900.

There are 30 questions that are nominally answered by the Registrant. The above inserted image is a blank reproduction copy as provided by This copy is a good tool when viewing hard-to-read copies.

Number 12 is an extremely key question that may answer a number of pertinent questions regarding ggg-grandfather Leo. Number 12, under the classification of U.S. Citizen, states “Citizen by Father’s Naturalization before Registrant’s Majority”. Corresponding this with ggg-grandfather Leo’s information enumerated on the US Censuses, his birth location is noted, in most cases, as “Canada – French”. Question 12 indicates that he became an American citizen when his Father became one.

An exception to the general rule of applying for citizenship, from 1790 to 1922 was that of “derivative” citizenship. Derivative Citizenship was granted to wives and minor children of naturalized men. My next search question is “Where can I find gggg-grandfather Pariza’s Naturalization Records?” All-things-being-equal ggg-grandfather Leo’s father could have applied for citizenship sometime after 1886. This is based on the “Year of immigration to the United States” of “1884” as noted in the 1900 US Census.

Here is the image of front and back, from The National Archives, in Washington, DC, of ggg-grandfather Leo’s World War I Registration Card. I have highlighted question #12.

And my Clooz Reporting – WWIRCWI000001 –

Also there is another clue provided in this Registration Card. It is the name of the “Nearest Relative” – Mr(s) Ed Sauve". Who knows where this may lead?


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Part 783p – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1900 US Census – GGG-Grandfather Leo Parisaya (aka Pariza) – Guinayangan, Philippine Islands

26 October 2012

Good Day,

Following up from my preceding post, regarding the 1904 Civil War Pension Index for ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza, aka Parisaya, I continue the search for data and documentation of his genealogy and ancestry.

Next up in the search and find is a 1900 US Census. But this 1900 US Census is definitely different. It was the Census taken on 1 June 1900 at Guinayangan in the Philippine Islands. On Line #67 ggg-grandfather Leo Parisaya is listed as a Private in Company C, 30th Regiment of the Infantry. And the enumerator who signed F.W. Ralston, Jr., I discovered, was actually 2nd Lieutenant Francis W. Ralston one of the officers of Company C. (See Clark Veterans Cemetery Restoration Association.)

GGG-Grandfather Leo was a part of the Philippine – American War, which to me appears to be an extension of the Spanish – American War. (See Wikipedia: Spanish-American War and Philippine-American War.)

Here is the image of the 1900 US Census, highlighting ggg-grandfather Leo Parisaya, as downloaded from

And I have included my Clooz 3.1.6. Report – CUSPH000001 – (Census United States Philippines 000001) –

The above Inserted Google map indicates the location of Guinayangan in the Philippines.


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Part 782p – Smith Groh Genealogy – When is a 1904 Civil War Pension Index Not? – GGG-Grandfather Leo Pariza – Wisconsin

25 October 2012

Good Day,

At times the search and research into the genealogy of a family line and into the background of an ancestor does become a wee bit confusing.

Most recently I discovered two Index Cards relating to ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza. Both are labeled of the Civil War Pension Index which is a collection of The National Archives in Washington, DC. The two cards are dated 8 March 1904. Except for a few minor differences, it could be stated that both cards were completed on behalf of the same person, Leo Pariza.

But here’s where there I stumbled into a bit of confusion.

The confusion is that these cards are a part of the collection entitled the Civil War Pension Index. The cards are registered in the “Name of Soldier: Parisaya, Leo (alias) Pariza Leo.” This is the first piece of a puzzle. Was ggg-grandfather Leo’s surname Pariza or was it actually Parisaya?

My second misunderstanding is just what gives with the dates? The American Civil War from my knowledge was from 1861 through 1865… and ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza was born either in 1878 or 1879, based on two different sources. Therefore he could never have participated in the Civil War. Another possibility is that this entry may have been referenced to his Father.

After a bit of investigation and research, it appears that entries included in the Civil War Pension Index includes, not only the Civil War but other wars and conflicts. These, for the lack of segregation into a separate Index are included in the Civil War Pension Index. GGG-Grandfather Leo was involved in the Spanish American War. I will be presenting my concluding evidence in my next Posting.

Here are the images two Index Cards from the Civil War Pension Index as downloaded from The National Archives via

And here are my two summary Clooz reports: CWPIWI000001 and CWPIWI000002.


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My Tangent – is Acquired By Permira for $1.6B

24 October 2012

Good Day,

And now that I am back, it is time to catch up and continue my search and research into the genealogy of my Family Lines and Ancestry.

But...I wonder how the acquisition of by the European private equity firm Permira Funds will affect the subscription service I pay for, positively and negatively?

According to “there will be no anticipated changes in its operating structure with this deal. The company will remain in Provo, Utah, and it will continue to focus on investing in content, technology and expanding product offerings…” The key word, of course, is “anticipated”…

Permira is “a European private equity firm with global reach… specializes in five sectors: Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrials and TMT (Technology, Media, Telecommunications). There are currently, according to Wikepedia, 25 companies in the Permira funds’protfolio…” This could mean that could now become only 4% of the focus of Permira’s controlling management team of Kurt Björklund and Tom Lister.

And what does this mean to me, a genealogy researcher, who pays for the subscription service? Time will only tell.

Check out this article from, dated 25 February 2011. The question is how, is strictly perceived now as a potential investment, or an investment in the lives of our ancestors’’ descendants? Again I repeat, only time will tell.


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My Tangent - And You Thought I Was Giving My Genealogy A Break

21 October 2012

Good Day,

I haven't been posting or writing too much about my search and research of my genealogy this week, as I and Andy have been in Portland, Oregon at the Machine Quilters' Exhibition, MQX West 2012, this past number of days. Quilting design and construction is my other obsession and hobby.

I also thought that with the extent of our involvement in the world of quilting, fabric, and thread, on this far west side of the North American Continent, I wouldn't have so much as a chance to learn and absorb any form of research of ancestry history. And was I wrong!

There is quite a bit of uncovered history of the textile industry past in my genealogy, and one specific presentation at the Machine Quilters' Exhibition has certainly triggered some thoughts and ideas. The presentation, The Legacy of Linen has led my to think of revisiting the history and genealogy of my Crossley and Goodey Family Lines. I recollect some involvement in the textile industry in England, India, and Sweden. Now I have to continue my search and research.

I am awe-inspired by Cindy Needham's presentation The Legacy of Linen... and it is this display and presentation that his triggered my thoughts of continued research. Check out my Posting, The Legacy of Line, at my blog Quilts SB.

Just waiting for my plane to return home to Tampa. Stay tuned for my further search and research into the mysteries of all my genealogy. Enjoy,

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Part 781p – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1940 Census – GG-Grandfather Willard Pariza – Waukesha, Wisconsin

17 October 2012

Good Day,

And then there is one. The continued search and research of the genealogy and ancestry of the Pariza Family line now brings us to the 1940 US Census representing gg-grandfather Willard Pariza. He is living with his wife Dorothy at 525 Dunbar Avenue in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The inserted image may be the site of their home address on 22 April 1940.

The current temperature in Waukesha is 45°F and it is overcast. Winter is around the corner. Waukesha, on the outskirts of Milwaukee, is about two-and-a-half hours southeast from where Waupaca, Wisconsin where, at the time, his parents, ggg-grandparents Leo and Mary Pariza are living. (See Part 780p.)

Here is an image of the highlighted Sheet from the 1940 US Census.

My Clooz 3.0 reporting – CUSWI000011.

Fall weather is great in Portland, the Oregon one... not the one near the earthquake last night in Maine.


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Part 780p – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1940 Census – GGG-Grandparents Leo and Marie Pariza – Farmington, Wisconsin

15 October 2012

Good Day,

The search and research for the Pariza Family line and genealogy continues. According to and enumerated in the 1940 US Census, ggg-grandparents Leo and Mary Pariza were in resident at the Wisconsin Veterans’ Home in Farmington, in Waupaca County, Wisconsin.

Here are images of the two Sheets, 7B and 8A.

And my subsequent Clooz 3.0 reports, CUSWI000009 and CUSWI000010.


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Part 779p - Smith Groh Genealogy - Pariza Descendant Chart

12 October 2012

Good Day,

Following up with my search and research of the Pariza Family genealogy, see Part 775p, Part 774p, Part 769p, I have created a Pariza Descendant Chart.

As always, my Descendant Charts are always under construction. It may change as new and more correct data is discovered and uncovered.

Please note that a red or blue and yellow symbol represents the actual blood line. New and updated data may be entered in red.

This new Pariza Descendant Chart will be listed as a link under the Heading Groh at the top of each page.


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Part 778h – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – Updated Holmes Descendant Charts

10 October 2012

Good Day,

With genealogy search and research comes the waiting… Just imagine how it was before the introduction of electronic media and the Internet… and even before the telephone, albeit cell-phone. You drafted a letter, posted it, and waited, and waited, and waited.

Or you take a trip a search the nooks, and crannies, and book shelves. I’m at that juncture right now waiting for information and evidence regarding the murder of gg-grandfather Audley Holmes.

And so, I thought I would update my Holmes Descendant Chart… and now Descendant Charts.

I have included new information that I have been collecting and tracing source confirmation and substantiation. But of course, the Holmes Descendant Chart has now increased in size substantially to the point that I have had to split it and create Chart I and Chart II.

As you follow the individuals on each Descendant Chart there are thress key color highlights to keep in mind. The Holmes Descendant Charts are a reflection of Andy’s blood and collateral lines. The blood line includes those symbols filled in yellow and either outlined in blue or red. A blue and yellow symbol is my visual code for Andy’s immediate blood line. I use red to reflect new and updated entries. A red and yellow symbol is also a part of Andy’s blood line, but it is a highlight for, as stated, either a new and/or updated symbol or entry.

I will be including these two new and updated Holmes Descendant Charts as individual links under the page header Doherty.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, new information, and ideas.

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Part 777h – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – The Mystery of GG-Grandfather Audley Holmes – A Coincidence

09 October 2012

Good Day,

In the course of search and research in the field of genealogy, it is not a good thing to assume anything. It is extremely important to make sure that the best possible documentation and data is available.

But, and this is a big but... at times some coincidental notice or information might be found that may or may not provide a key to the puzzle of the re-creation of an ancestor's life and demise.

In the attempt to reconstruct the events and outcome of gg-grandfather Audley Holmes murder, I have been gathering evidence, details, and information that will assist to solve the question "Why?" To date I have posted the summary of details in Part 776h. All the data and information span the dates from 11 December 1854 through 26 January 1855.

And then I stumbled upon something that may or may not have something to do with the outcome of the murder trial.

In my search I discovered The Tioga Agitator, also named The Tioga County Agitator, a local newspaper which was published in Wellsborough, Tioga County, Pennsylvania from about 1854 through 1865. Published in the 31 January 1856 edition is the 1855 Statement of Receipts and Expenditures for the Treasury of Tioga County.

In the published statement I immediately focused on a single item under the Heading of "Paupers"... "State Lunatic Assylum, Support of Margaret Burke - $157.23" Coincidence?

And then again, about a month later in The Tioga County Agitator, 21 February 1856 similar information is published.

Is this Margaret Burke, The Cook? Is this the same Margaret Burke who was locked up in jail immediately after the murder and discovery of gg-grandfather Audley Holmes' body?

I wonder if I can find any details of the PA State Lunatic Asslum. Stay tuned.


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Part 776h – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – The Mystery of GG-Grandfather Audley Holmes – Summary To Date

08 October 2012

Good Day,

Research just makes me hungry. Had to have Cranberry-Cream Cheese muffins. Saw the recipe, so had to make them this morning… Excellent. Tasted like a cross between a muffin and a cheesecake. Great with a fresh cup of coffee.

I am sort of at a wall right now in my search and research of the murder of gg-grandfather Audley Holmes. This genealogy thing is dang right mind stretching, and the methodology of uncovering each and every nook and cranny is somewhat challenging… especially when one has to think of possible nooks and crannies.

At this point in my search and research and answering of the key questions, I have thus far come up with the following.

  • The Murdered Victim – GG-Grandfather Audley Holmes
  • The Arrested Cook – Margaret Burk(e)
  • The Servant Girl – Elizabeth
  • The Judge – Hon. Judge Conyngham
  • The Prosecutors – The District Attorney Brundage and Woodward for Commonwealth
  • The Defense Attorneys – C.E. Wright and Ketcham

  • Murdered
  • Body discovered on the ice
  • Coat and hat found on the bridge above
  • Gold watch in the possession of The Cook
  • Margaret Burk(e) held in jail
  • The Cook remanded for trial
  • Lackawanna and Bloomsburg Railroad

  • Susquehanna River, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
  • Bridge across river, between toll-gate and first pier
  • House of Charles Westfield

  • Monday, 11 December 1854 about 2:00 pm gg-grandfather Audley and Margaret Burk(e) left work 
  • Monday around 8:00 pm gg-grandfather Audley and Margaret Burk(e) began journey
  • Monday evening Margaret Burk(e) arrived alone 
  • Tuesday morning, 12 December 1854 dead body discovered

And the plot thickens… Still no answer to How? and Why?

I was provided with a possible contact to the Wilkes-Barre Law and Library Association. They have a law library dating back to 1855. I am waiting a return call.

I will also follow up with the Luzerne County Historical Society for ideas of further research.

Who knows what clues and mystery lie just below the ice? Make sure that you check my previous Postings on A Genealogy Hunt to follow The Mystery of the Murder of GG-Grandfather Audley Holmes. Stay tuned… and


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Part 775p – Smith Groh Genealogy – Pariza Family Line – 1930 Census – Milwaukee City, Wisconsin

07 October 2012

Good Day,

Thanks to the development of Internet technology the work of genealogy has become much more concise and ever-expanding. With the use of Google Maps, for example, I am able to almost zero in to the actual, if they still exist, locations where ancestors may have lived.

In the case of the Pariza Family, according to the 1920 US Census they lived at 564 National Avenue in Milwaukee City, Wisconsin. Today National Avenue is subdivided into two parts, East and West. All-things-being-equal, just from Google maps I am not able to pinpoint approximately on which side of National Avenue they lived.

According to the 1930 US Census they are renting a home at 653 Mineral Street also in Milwaukee City, Wisconsin. Again, today’s Google Maps provides for an East and West division of Mineral Street.

Computing the permutations of distances between the Easts and the Wests of National Avenue and Mineral Street, Google Maps is able to calculate the walking distances of about 3 minutes to 3 hours. In other words, the Pariza Family, from 1920 to 1930, moved just around the corner, 3, 6 or 11 minutes… or across town in Milwaukee.

The above inserted clipped image is of the approximate area from the Caspar’s 1930 official map of the city of Milwaukee and vicinity as provided from the digital collection of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries.

The following is the image of the page from the 1930 US Census listing the Pariza Family.

And my Clooz 3.0 reporting CUSWI000008.

Next is the 1940 US Census.


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Part 774p - Smith Groh Genealogy - Pariza Family Line - 1920 US Census - Milwaukee City, Wisconsin

05 October 2012

Good Day,

Yes I am continuing my journey, search and research into the genealogy and the traipsings along the historical paths of our Family Lines.

In Part 769p I added the 1910 US Census recording of the Pariza Family. This Census presented CK’s great-great-grandfather Joseph Willard (also known as Bill) Pariza, his ggg-grandparents Leo (aka Leon Pierre) and Mary (aka Marie), and his gg-granduncle Harold L.

Now I present the Pariza Family as recorded in the 1920 US Census who is now living in Milwaukee City, Wisconsin. According to the 1910 US Census they were living in Marinette City in Wisconsin. The distance between Marinette City and Milwaukee is approximately 185 miles, south along Lake Michigan.

We are now introduced to another member of the Family, gg-granduncle Clinton Pariza. From my research, and I stand corrected, but I do believe that gg-granduncle Clinton may have also been known as John.

Above is an image of the page of the 1920 US Census highlighting the Pariza Family. Also, here is my Clooz 3.0 reporting, CUSWI000007.

If you have any knowledge, information, and data of the Pariza Family please feel to contact me. I have sent out six emails to Family Trees referencing the Pariza Family. I have not received any return response.

Stay-tuned. Shortly I will be creating a Pariza Family Descendant Chart.


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