June 30, 2009 - And Are They Great-Grandmother Marie's Julys? - Part 13j

30 June 2009

Good wet evening from Tampa,

I'm not really propounding the elements of biorhythms, at this point... but when I'm not feeling with it, which of course could be at any time, I check my biorhythm positions for the day to see if I should just shut-up and lock myself in a closet, so-to-speak. And of course today began out just blah. And my three biorhythm points are all at the possible low or in a negative movement of their cycles: Intellectual at its lowest; Physical and Emotional on the way down. So I just hush my mouth and stayed seated. Nothing brainy about this biorhythm stuff, except I can never spell the word biorhythm without spell-checking it... Check it out at Free Biorhythms.

So where did I go to following my discovery of the three July Birth entries in the Bordeaux État Civil Indexes? (See Part 12.) I was completely confused, and that's how I met Annie of Bordeaux online. I posted a note in French asking for help regarding my discovery of the Gironde Archive website and my inability to get it to work... and Annie answered. And did she ever answer! Annie offered her help, and has been one tremendous resource to me ever since. It was as if great-grandmother Marie had meant for us to connect and become friends.

In the meantime I have been able to make a number of corresponding discoveries from microfilms available from the Family History Library at Salt Lake City. As follows, and of course all are in French:

From FHL[1647167] the birth of, what looked like Pierre July, born 12 October 1857, to parents Jean Jacques Alfred July and Catherine Cora Merle. The name is somewhat difficult to decipher but it is there.(Insert to the left.)

From FHL[1647169] the birth of Marie Amélia Blanche July, born 15 November 1868, to parents Jean Jacques Alfred July and Catherine Cora Merle. (Insert to the left.)

From FHL[1647149] the birth of Jean François Albert July, born 28 March 1863, to to parents Jean Jacques Alfred July and Catherine Cora Merle. And there's that number 400!!! (Insert to the left.)

And this is where Annie's help entered the picture. Annie began sending me corresponding July images from archival collections from Bordeaux. What a tremendous help!

Well it was settled. The three Julys found in the Civil Birth Registrations were of the same family and all children of Jean Jacques Alfred July and Catherine Cora Merle. But I still did not have the proof I needed, or at least some shred of evidence that great-grandmother Marie Antoinette and great-grandaunt Célestine Marie were of the same July family.

And here is where the search project turned to the positive. Reviewing a microfilm FHL[1092733] I discovered some Tables Décennales, 1770-1874, 10-Year Tables from Cayenne in French Guiana that included the following entries:

July; Marie Eugénie Berthe; Folio 11; 7 Avril 1868; Cayenne. (Insert to the left.)

July; Marie Adéle Célestine; Folio 1; 3 Janvier, 1872; Cayenne. (Insert to the left.)

Jugement; recificant les actes des enfantes July; Folio 49; 10 Xe 1873; Cayenne (Insert to the left.)

Okay, okay, that's enough for now... My brain is fried! Part 14 will begin the examination of the Bordeaux Julys and the Cayenne Julys... and the possible inclusion of great-grandmother Marie Antoinette... Stay tuned...

And enjoy,



Bonne soirée, à partir de la voie humide Tampa,

Je ne suis pas vraiment en proposant des éléments de biorythme, à ce point ... mais quand je ne suis pas avec ce sentiment qui, bien entendu, peut être à tout moment, je contrôle mon biorythme positions, pour la journée afin de voir si je devrais fermer et de lock-up moi-même dans un placard, donc à parler. Et, bien entendu, a commencé aujourd'hui à juste blah. Mon biorythme de trois points sont tous à la possibilité de faible ou négative dans un mouvement de leurs cycles: intellectuelle, à son plus bas, physique et émotionnelle sur le chemin vers le bas. Alors je viens de silence de ma bouche et est resté assis. Rien à propos de cette cérébral biorythme stuff, sauf que je ne peut pas épeler le mot biorythme sans vérification de l'orthographe, il ... Rechercher sur le site Web à Free Biorhythms.

Alors, où ai-je aller, à la suite de ma découverte des trois entrées de naissance Julys, dans l'État civil Indexes Bordeaux? (Voir la partie 12.) J'étais complètement confus, et c'est ainsi que j'ai rencontré Annie de Bordeaux en ligne. J'ai posté une note en français pour demander de l'aide en ce qui concerne ma découverte de la Gironde et le site Web Archive mon incapacité à le faire au travail ... et Annie répondu. Et elle n'a jamais de réponse! Annie a offert son aide, et a été une ressource formidable pour moi depuis. C'était comme si arrière-grand-mère Marie a voulu dire, pour nous, de se connecter et de devenir amis.

Dans l'intervalle, j'ai pu faire un certain nombre de découvertes à partir de microfilms correspondants disponibles auprès de la Family History Library de Salt Lake City. Comme suit, et bien sûr, tous sont en français:

- De FHL [1647167] la naissance de ce qui ressemblait à Pierre July, né le 12 Octobre 1857, pour les parents de Jean Jacques Alfred July Cora et Catherine Merle. Le nom est assez difficile à déchiffrer, mais il est là. (Insérer le leftt)

- De FHL [1647169] la naissance de Marie Amélia Blanche July, né le 15 Novembre 1868, pour les parents de Jean Jacques Alfred July Cora et Catherine Merle. (Insertion de la gauche.)

- De FHL [1647149] la naissance de Jean François Albert July, né le 28 Mars 1863, pour les parents de Jean-Jacques July et Alfred Merle Catherine Cora. Et il ya ce numéro 400! (Insertion de la gauche.)

Et c'est là que l'aide d'Annie dans le tableau. Annie a commencé à m'envoyer des images à partir de July correspondant collections d'archives de Bordeaux. Qu'est-ce qu'un excellent!

Eh bien, il a été réglée. Les trois Julys trouvé dans la fonction enregistrement des naissances sont de la même famille et de tous les enfants de Jean-Jacques July et Alfred Merle Catherine Cora. Mais je n'ai toujours pas la preuve dont j'avais besoin, ou au moins certains des éléments de preuve que la moindre arrière-grand-mère Marie-Antoinette et une grande grandaunt Célestine Marie étaient de la même famille July.

Et c'est ici que le projet de recherche se sont tournés vers le positif. Examen d'une microfilm FHL [1092733], j'ai découvert quelques tables décennales, 1770-1874, 10-Year Tables de Cayenne en Guyane française qui comprend les rubriques suivantes:

- July; Marie Eugénie Berthe, Folio 11, 7 Avril 1868; Cayenne. (Insertion de la gauche.)

- July; Marie Adèle Célestine, Folio 1, 3 Janvier, 1872; Cayenne. (Insertion de la gauche.)

- Jugement; recificant les actes des enfantes July; Folio 49, 10 Xe 1873; Cayenne (Ajouter à la gauche.)

Okay, okay, ça suffit pour l'instant ... Mon cerveau est frit! Partie 14 commencera l'examen de la Julys Bordeaux et de la Julys Cayenne ... et l'inclusion éventuelle d'arrière-grand-mère Marie-Antoinette ... Stay tuned ...

Et profiter,

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June 29, 2009 - First Possibility of The Season and Great-Grandmother Marie - Part 12

29 June 2009


It's begun. The season is really here. The first yellow splotch appeared this morning on the National Hurricane Center website map... It was just at the point of the Yucatan Peninsula right there over Cabo Catoche, near the spot in the image of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The recent disturbance obviously wasn't much but you never know this time of the year. Cabo Catoche is the same location I mentioned in Part 4. The name of the place that sounds the same as the nickname of Aunt Cotoche... Even Mother Nature has been reading my Blog. Who'd a thought?

And in Part 11 I met the orphan Marie Antoinette. Sure seems that she might be great-grandmother Marie Antoinette. But one Birth Registration with minimal information is not much to make a positive conclusion. So what next?

Well the thought is that if as great-grandmother stated, on the 1919 S.S. Parima Manifest, she was born in Bordeaux, I suppose there is a chance that she could have been a part of a July family there. And that means that there may be some other brothers and/or sisters. At least there has to be some parents, her parents my great-great-grandparents July. But exactly where do I go from here?

And so back to Google. I decide to search for the possibility of any archive site on line referencing "Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitaine": Bordeaux, the city; Gironde, the department; and Aquitaine, the region. Okay, okay, I had no clue as to the divisional structure of France. I was green and of course trying to match my search in reference to the United States. My assessment is that the region is similar to a state and a department is a county. And of course, in this case, Bordeaux is the capital. Well I chanced upon an online website, Archives Départementales, which bylined in French "Sauvegarder et transmettre la mémoire de la Gironde"; literally translated "Safeguard and transmit the memory of the Gironde". It was what I think I wanted "Les Archives départementales de la Gironde"; The Departmental Archives of Gironde.

Well I admit I'm somewhat capable in French... but I'm not, and I repeat, I do not have any inkling of the French language in genealogy or technology. I left Canada before the real introduction of the PC and I only recently started into the field of genealogy. I lived in the present with my French, not the past or the future! Au secours! So I began pressing or clicking on links... The most I figured I would do would be to freeze my PC system, and I could start again. Long story short I was able to access actual civil records, images of the actual books of the information. And of course I started looking for records applicable to the surname July.

So found and stepped through the following sequence...
  1. Arbre de Navigation - Navigation Tree
  2. Etat Civil - Civil State
  3. Bordeaux - Bordeaux
  4. Bordeaux - Bordeaux
  5. Tables - Tables
  6. Tables NMD - BMD (Birth, Marriage, Death) Tables
  7. Collection préfectorale - Administrative Collection
  8. 1853-1862 - 1853-1862
  9. Naissances - Births
And the first book that appeared is an imaged collection of an Index book with 1,878 pages, two pages per screen image. So I start to look for a search box... You know the type of blank space where one types in a search parameter. There's none, but there is a slider. (Remember everything is in French. There's no English) Maybe if I slide the slider something may happen. Sure 'nuff. It sort of turns the pages, the images.

Okay, the letter "J" is the 10th letter in the alphabet. Hope it's around the same in the French alphabet. And Tinker is sitting in my lap while I'm typing at the keyboard and she wants my attention, and thinks that she can type as well, but only hits the space bar, so if there are too many spaces, blame Tinker.

The "J's" begin at image 397/940, and 1853 through and including 1862 is 10 years, and all entries are handwritten in date order... and legible. Alleluia! And so I start at 1st Section 1853, 5 Janvier 1853. This website is fantastic. The controls are universal and visual. I can use the hand button and change the cursor into a "hand-grabber" and slide the image on my screen.

The first surname I see is a Joly. Nope. Keep going. The next a Jolly in 1854. Joly, 1856, and another Joly. And then in the 2eme Section 1857, on 12 Octobre 1857 I spot July Pierre.

And then in the 3eme Section 1858, July Marie, 15 9bre 1858. I think the 9bre is November. Pierre was born October 1857 and Marie November 1858, and there are hasn't been any other Julys. They could be of the same family. Only problem this Marie may not be great-grandmother Marie. Supposedly her birth year was 1861.

I next find a Marie Juillet in 1860. Maybe? Juillet is French for July. I find a Marie Joly that could be her at July on 9 Avril 1861 in the 3eme Section. Could be great-grandmother but that's at least a four month difference. It's possible.

I then move to the next book, 1863-1872 and that's 2,128 pages. The first one I find in the 1ère Section is 400, Jean July, 28 fevrier 1863. The 400 is a new notation that was not in the previous book. I wonder what it could mean? Each entry has a given number so there has to be some reasoning and/or corresponding possibility. And I scan through the remaining "J" Index pages and I don't find anymore Julys... and definitely no great-grandmother Marie Antoinette. But where is the orphan Marie Antoinette? Where is the Marie Antoinette with no surname?

Pulling up the previous Index book I think that maybe I may find a listing of births for children without any surnames, those not named. And between there letters "M" and "N" in the Index I find pages and pages of births indexed with the letter "N". And I find the Index entry at Image 720/940 for the unnamed N. Marie Antoinette of 2eme Section 1861, 2 Janvier 1861.

This entry matches the same Birth Registration found in the microfilm FHL[1647147] as described in Part 11. And why wouldn't it? But I now understand that I should somehow be able to find corresponding Birth Registrations for the three July Index entries that I have located. The entries for:
  1. Pierre July, born 12 October 1857,
  2. Marie July, born 15 November 1858, and
  3. Jean July, number 400, born 28 February 1863.
Great-grandmother Marie could possibly a part of this family. Over a 20-year period I haven't found a possible Index entry the matches closely with the exception of the orphan Marie Antoinette. There are not that many July entries. It's definitely not like looking for Smith, but there are Jolys, Jolis, and Juillets. All close.

And I rest at this point. This posting was long. To be continued in Part 13... Maybe it'll be a lucky 13.



Bon après-midi,

Il est commencé. La saison est vraiment ici. Le premier jaune splotch comparu, ce matin sur le National Hurricane Center plan du site ... Il était juste à l'endroit de la péninsule du Yucatan, près de Cabo Catoche, près de la place à l'image de l'ouragan Katrina en 2005. La récente perturbation n'est évidemment pas grand-chose, mais vous ne savez jamais ce moment de l'année. Cabo Catoche est au même endroit que j'ai mentionnés dans la partie 4. Le nom de la place qui sonne le même que le surnom de Tante Cotoche ... Même Mère Nature a été la lecture de mon Blog. Qui avait une pensée?

Et dans la partie 11, j'ai rencontré, à l'orphelin, Marie-Antoinette. Sure semble qu'elle pourrait être arrière-grand-mère Marie-Antoinette. Mais un enregistrement à la naissance, avec un minimum d'informations ne sont pas bien de faire une conclusion positive. Alors que faire?

Eh bien l'idée est que si, comme arrière-grand-mère a déclaré, sur la 1919 SS Parima manifeste, elle est née à Bordeaux, je suppose que c'est une chance qu'elle pourrait avoir été une partie d'une famille July. Et cela signifie que mai-être d'autres frères et / ou sœurs. Au moins, il doit y avoir certains parents, ses parents, mes arrière-arrière-grandparents-July. Mais là où dois-je aller d'ici?

Et de retour à Google. Je décide de chercher la possibilité d'une archive en ligne sur le site de référencement "Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitaine": Bordeaux, la ville, la Gironde, du département et de l'Aquitaine, la région. Ok, ok, je n'avais aucune idée quant à la structure divisionnaire de la France. J'étais vert et tentent de correspondre à ma recherche en référence aux États-Unis. Mon évaluation est que la région est similaire à celle d'un État et un ministère est un comté. Et bien sûr, dans ce cas, Bordeaux est la capitale. Eh bien, j'ai par hasard sur un site web en ligne, Archives Départementales, qui signés en français "Sauvegarder et Transmettre la mémoire de la Gironde", littéralement "la sauvegarde et de transmettre la mémoire de la Gironde". Il a été ce que je pense que je voulais "Les Archives départementales de la Gironde"; Les Archives départementales de la Gironde.

Eh bien, je avouer que je suis un peu capable en français ... mais je ne suis pas, et je le répète, je n'ai aucune idée de la langue française dans la généalogie ou la technologie. J'ai quitté le Canada avant la véritable introduction de l'ordinateur et j'ai commencé que récemment dans le domaine de la généalogie. J'ai vécu dans le présent avec mon français, et non pas le passé ou le futur! Au secours! Alors j'ai commencé à en appuyant ou en cliquant sur les liens ... Le plus j'ai pensé je ferais serait de geler mon PC, et je pourrais recommencer. Longue histoire courte, j'ai été en mesure d'accéder à la réalité civil, les images de la réalité de livres, de l'information. Et bien sûr j'ai commencé à chercher des documents applicables à la prénom July.

Donc trouvé et renforcé par la séquence suivante ...
  1. Arbre de Navigation
  2. Etat Civil
  3. Bordeaux
  4. Bordeaux
  5. Tables
  6. Tables NMD
  7. Collection préfectorale
  8. 1853-1862
  9. Naissances
Et le premier livre qui est apparu en images d'une collection Index livre, avec 1.878 pages, deux pages par image. Donc je commence à chercher un champ de recherche ... Vous savez le type d'espace où l'on recherche dans un type de paramètre. Il n'y a aucun, mais il ya un curseur. (Rappelez-vous, tout est en français. Il n'y a pas d'anglais.) Peut-être que si je glisser le curseur de se produire quelque chose de mai. Et oui, il sorte de tourne les pages, les images.

Bon, la lettre "J" est la 10ème lettre de l'alphabet. J'espère qu'il en est de même dans l'alphabet français. Et Tinker est assis à mon tour, je vais taper sur le clavier et elle veut que mon attention, et pense qu'elle peut aussi bien le type, mais ne frappe la barre d'espace, donc si il ya trop d'espaces, faute Tinker.

Le "J" de commencer à l'image 397/940, 1853 et 1862 et y compris par le biais de est de 10 ans, et toutes les entrées sont en ordre de date manuscrite ... et lisible. Alleluia! Et si je commence à la 1ère section 1853, 5 Janvier 1853. Ce site est fantastique. Les contrôles sont universels et visuel. Je peux utiliser le bouton et le curseur change en une main-grabber "et faites glisser l'image sur mon écran.

Le premier nom de famille je ne vois qu'une Joly. Non! La prochaine une Jolly en 1854. Joly, 1856, et un autre Joly. Et puis dans le 2eme article 1857, le 12 Octobre 1857, je place Pierre July.

Et puis dans la 3eme section 1858, Marie July, le 15 9bre 1858. Je pense que le 9bre est Novembre. Pierre est né Octobre 1857 et de Marie est né en Novembre 1858, et il n'ya pas eu d'autres Julys. Ils pourraient être de la même famille. Seul problème, ce n'est pas Marie mai arrière-grand-mère Marie. Supposément son année de naissance est 1861.

Je trouver une prochaine Marie Juillet en 1860. Peut-être? Juillet est le français pour July, en anlais. Je trouve Marie Joly, qui pourrait être à son Juillet, le 9 Avril 1861 à la 3eme section. Peut-être arrière-grand-mère, mais c'est au moins quatre mois de différence. C'est possible.

Je suis ensuite passer au prochain livre, 1863-1872, et c'est 2128 pages. Le premier-je trouver dans la 1ère section est de 400, Jean July, le 28 fevrier 1863. Le 400 est une nouvelle notation qui n'était pas dans le précédent livre. Je me demande ce que cela signifie? Chaque entrée dispose d'un nombre donné de sorte qu'il y ait une certaine motivation et / ou la possibilité correspondante. Et je scan par les autres "J" Index des pages et je ne trouve pas Julys plus ... et certainement pas d'arrière-grand-mère Marie-Antoinette. Mais où est l'orphelin de Marie-Antoinette? Où est la Marie-Antoinette, sans nom?

Je vais à l'indice précédent livre, et je pense que peut-être, mai je trouver une liste de naissances pour les enfants sans noms, ceux qui ne sont pas nommés. Et il ya entre les lettres "M" et "N" dans l'Index, je trouve des pages et des pages, des naissances indexés par la lettre "N". Et je trouve l'indice d'entrée à l'image 720/940, pour les anonymes N. Marie Antoinette de 2eme article 1861, 2 Janvier 1861.

Cette entrée correspond à la même enregistrement à la naissance dans le microfilm FHL [1647147] tel que décrit dans la partie 11. Et pourquoi pas? Mais je comprends maintenant que je devrais en quelque sorte être en mesure de trouver des enregistrements de naissance correspondant aux trois entrées Index Juillet que je trouve. Les entrées pour:
  1. Pierre July, né le 12 Octobre 1857,
  2. Marie July, né le 15 Novembre 1858, et
  3. Jean July, numéro 400, né le 28 Février 1863.
Arrière-grand-mère Marie pourrait peut-être une partie de cette famille. Au cours d'une période de 20 ans, je n'ai pas trouvé une entrée d'index de près les matchs à l'exception de l'orphelin de Marie-Antoinette. Il n'y a pas que de nombreuses entrées de July. Il n'est certainement pas comme la recherche de Smith, mais il ya Jolys, Jolis et Juillets. Tous les proches.

Et je reste à ce point. Cette annonce a été long. A suivre dans la partie 13 ... Peut-être que ce sera une chance 13.


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June 28, 2009 - Was Great-Grandmother Marie Born In Bordeaux, France? - Part 11

28 June 2009


Now here's where it becomes a bit complicated, and I'm going to jump around a bit... sort of. At this point in my search I need to go to France, to Bordeaux, France that is. I want to find a source of birth documentation, or any other type of paperwork relating to great-grandmother Marie Antoinette C. (née July) Abraham.

One statement I have is from the 1919 S.S. Parima Manifest, see Part 5, which identifies great-grandmother Marie Antoinette's Place of Birth as France, Bordeau. All-things-being-equal Bordeaux is spelled incorrectly, or somehow the "x" wasn't working on the typewriter. Okay, birth date January 2, 1861, see Part 7, from her Death Certificate.

First choice, Google the surname "July". What a chore? 815 million hits. Oh yeah, July is the name of a month so that Google search hits every incidence of the month called July. I try Googling "July as a surname" and I get 5,190,000 hits! And that doesn't help. It still hits the month July. Next "surname July"... narrowing results to just over 5 million hits. Its not much of a help but I did find an interesting website; The Internet Surname Database which provides a reasonable origin of the surname July. But with the 5 million plus hits I know that I could be pointing and clicking right into my grave...

Next Google choice: "surname July, Bordeaux, France." Now that's better, only 7,800 hits... but I'm not looking for a wine or a vacation in the southwest of France. And then I think to check out the Family History Library Catalog; Bordeaux, France about 1860. Narrowing down the available references listed for Bordeaux at the Library I decide to investigate the topic: France, Gironde, Bordeaux - Civil Registration. The next choice is Registres de l'état civil, 1793-1888 Bordeaux (Gironde). Officier de l'état civil. When I click on the link I discover that I have a choice of 297 rolls of microfilms. Quite a task! And so I narrow down my search to January 1861 and see that there are two possible microfilms: FHL INTL Film[1647171] and Film[1647147], that may include a birth registration.

I decide to order Film[1647147] from Salt Lake City and it arrives at the Family History Center nearest my house within two weeks. I review the microfilm and the only Registration that I am able to find that even bears a surname close to July is a birth dated 9 April 1861 for one Marie Ernestine Louise Joly. It's definitely Joly and not July. Close, but not the one I'm looking for.

As the writing of the Registrations is not necessarily very legible I begin searching for one for a child with the possible name of Marie Antoinette, close to the 2 January 1861 date. Bingo!

I find one, Marie Antoinette born, what looks like "L'an mil huit cent soixante-un, le Deux Janvier à dix heures du matin", translated literally "The year one thousand eight hundred sixty-one, the second January at ten hours of the morning" or "1861, 2 January at 10 o'clock in the morning." The problem is that there is no surname. This Marie Antoinette's birth had been registered by a midwife, Madame Rose Fénélon and the entry stated that the father and the mother were not named, "de père et mère non nommés".

Okay four things fit and match to the 1919 S.S. Parima Manifest and the 1940 Death Certificate:
  1. The name - Marie Antoinette,
  2. Place of Birth - Bordeaux,
  3. Date of Birth - 2 January 1861, and
  4. Name of Mother - Unknown.
So this had to be great-grandmother Marie Antoinette's Civil Birth Registration. Or was it?

To be continued in Part 12.




Bon après-midi,

Comme je l'ai mentionné, s'il vous plaît excuser mon français.

Maintenant, voici où il devient un peu compliqué, et je vais naviguer un peu ... quelque sorte. A ce stade de mes recherches j'ai besoin d'aller en France, à Bordeaux, en France ce qui est. Je veux trouver une source de documentation la naissance, ou tout autre type de formalités relatives aux arrière-grand-mère Marie-Antoinette C. (née July) Abraham.

Une déclaration que j'ai est de la 1919 SS Parima manifeste, voir la partie 5, qui identifie les arrière-grand-mère Marie Antoinette Lieu de naissance que la France, Bordeau. Toutes choses étant égales par ailleurs, Bordeaux est mal orthographié, ou une certaine le "x" ne fonctionnait pas sur la machine à écrire. Bon, la date de naissance 2 Janvier 1861, voir la partie 7, de son certificat de décès.

Premier choix, Google le nom de famille "July". Qu'est-ce une corvée? 815 millions de visites. Oh yeah, July est le nom d'un mois afin que tous les hits de recherche Google incidence du mois de Juillet appelé. Je cherche avec Google "July en tant que nom de famille" et je reçois 5.190.000 hits! Et cela ne doit pas aider. Il frappe encore le mois Juillet. Suivant "nom de famille July" ... réduire les résultats à un peu plus de 5 millions de visites. Ce n'est pas beaucoup plus d'une aide, mais je ne l'ai trouver un site intéressant, Le Nom de base de données Internet qui fournit un raisonnable l'origine du nom de famille July. Mais avec les 5 millions de visites, plus je sais que je pourrais faire pointer et cliquer à droite dans ma tombe ...

Suivant le choix de Google: "nom de famille July, Bordeaux, France." Maintenant que le mieux, seulement 7800 hits ... mais je ne suis pas la recherche d'un vin ou de vacances dans le sud-ouest de la France. Et puis je pense à consulter le catalogue de la bibliothèque d'histoire familiale, Bordeaux, France vers 1860. Resserrer les références disponibles pour Bordeaux à la bibliothèque je décide d'enquêter sur le sujet: France, Gironde, Bordeaux - enregistrement civil. Le prochain choix est Registres de l'état civil, 1793-1888 Bordeaux (Gironde). Officier de l'état civil. Lorsque je clique sur le lien, je découvre que j'ai un choix de 297 bobines de microfilms. Tout un travail! Et si je affiner ma recherche à Janvier 1861 et voir qu'il ya deux microfilms: FHL INTL Film [1647171] et Film [1647147], qui comprennent mai un enregistrement de la naissance.

Je décide de l'ordre Film [1647147] de Salt Lake City et il arrive à l'histoire familiale le plus proche de chez ma maison dans un délai de deux semaines. Je passe en revue les microfilms, et le seul enregistrement que je suis en mesure de constater que même porte un nom de famille à proximité de July est un acte de naissance en date du 9 avril 1861 pour une Marie Ernestine Marie Louise Joly. Il est définitivement Joly et de ne pas July. Proche, mais pas celui que je cherche.

Comme l'écriture de l'enregistrement n'est pas nécessairement très lisible je commence la recherche d'un pour un enfant avec la possibilité de nom de Marie-Antoinette, à proximité de la date 2 Janvier 1861. Bingo!

Je trouve un, né de Marie-Antoinette, ce qui ressemble à "L'an mil huit cent soixante-un, le deux Janvier à dix heures du matin." Le problème est qu'il n'ya pas de nom. Cette Marie-Antoinette de la naissance avait été enregistrée par une sage-femme, Madame Rose Fénélon et l'entrée a déclaré que le père et la mère ne sont pas nommés, "de père et mère non Nommés".

Bon, quatre choses en forme, et correspond à la 1919 SS Parima manifeste et le certificat de décès 1940:

1. Le nom - Marie Antoinette,
2. Lieu de naissance - Bordeaux,
3. Date de naissance - 2 Janvier 1861, et
4. Nom de la mère - Inconnu.

Donc, ce devait être arrière-grand-mère Marie-Antoinette civil l'enregistrement des naissances. Ou était-ce?

A suivre dans la partie 12.

À la vôtre,

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June 27, 2009 - Great-Grandmother Marie Descendant Charts

27 June 2009


As I wrote on Part 10 I would try and figure a way for you to read the information provided on great-grandmother Marie Descendant Chart and I think that I have come up with a manner which may be more "eye-friendly". I have de-constructed the single Chart and have created unique ones for each one which should include each sibling's as well as great-grandmother Marie's immediate family. You can put your magnifying glasses down.

Shortly I will be adjusting the Descendant Charts on the left-hand side of my Blog page. As information changes and new data is presented and found I will try to make sure that there are concurrent changes as applicable.

And yes, I'm obsessed!




Comme je l'ai écrit sur la partie 10, je voudrais essayer de figure une façon pour vous de lire les informations fournies sur mon arrière-grand-mère Marie Descendant Chart. Je pense que je suis venu avec une manière qui mai être plus facile pour les yeux. J'ai construit de la même carte et ont créé uniques pour chacun d'eux, qui devrait inclure chaque frère ou sœur, ainsi que l'arrière-grand-mère Marie de la famille immédiate. Vous pouvez mettre vos loupes bas.

Peu de temps je serai adaptant les tableaux Descendant sur le côté gauche de ma page de blog. Comme l'information et les nouvelles données sont présentées et a trouvé, je vais essayer de faire en sorte qu'il ya des modifications le cas échéant.

Et oui, je suis obsédée!


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June 26, 2009 - In Transit to Saint-Sauvuer and Great-Grandmother Marie - Part 10

26 June 2009


And before I continue I just received an email from cousin Yann who lives in France. His great-grandmother was Marie-Eugénie Berthe (née July) Clergeau Rénier, another younger sister to great-grandmother Marie Antoinette. Remember I mentioned the letter to Mr. Rénier in my Blog posting on May 23, 2009. I also offered to provide a French translation of my Blog, but any French reader will have to bear the embarrassment of my "bi-lingual-ness." So beginning today my best effort in French of the text of my Blog will follow the English composition, and with the help of Google Translate.

Here's Update 6 of the Descendant Chart including the great-grandaunt Marie-Eugénie Berthe, and the Bulah finds from Part 9. Once you click on the Descendant Chart you're going to have to get out your magnifying glass, until I figure out how to increase the viewing size.

I know why great-grandmother Marie traveled to San Diego, in 1919... to visit her sister great-grandaunt Célestine. But why did great-grandaunt Célestine leave Barbados in 1906?

And how did she get to San Diego? Great-grandmother Marie was going to visit family, and that makes sense. It states the same recorded on the 1919 S.S. Parima Manifest. (See the Manifest in Part 5.) So can I say that great-grandaunt Célestine was going to visit family. I haven't a clue... yet.

According to the 1906 S.S. Trinidad Manifest, Lines 22 and 25, and the column entry "Whether going to join a relative; and if so, what relative, the name and address" it is written that both she, great-grandaunt Célestine and her daughter, Muriel are "In Transit to Quebec".

Okay, and which member of which family was living in Quebec that they were going to visit? Well, Quebec is a bloody big place, that is until I noticed that something was also written in the same column of the Manifest. I only noticed the addition when I zoomed in using one of the software tools that I use. Written faintly underneath "In Transit to Quebec" is "Convent Sacre Coeur St. Sauveur."

Right, who's in St. Sauveur? Why the Sacre Coeur Convent? I used to ski at St. Sauveur, north of Montreal. Why was a young widowed mother, Célestine with her infant daughter making a trip in 1906 from Barbados to St. Sauveur, Quebec, Canada. But was this the Saint-Sauveur, north of Montreal or the Saint-Sauveur, a district of the city of Quebec? ? This is another puzzle that I haven't been able to figure out.

The next records pertaining to great-grandaunt Célestine I have are the 1920 US Census in San Diego... and her Death Certificate. But here's the computational problem. She arrives at New York in 1906, is headed for Saint-Sauveur, is recorded in San Diego in 1920, and passes away in Los Angeles in 1946. Simple math - 40 years. Her Death Certificate, see Part 8, states that she, If Foreign Born, How Long In The U.S.A.?, 40 years. A match. And per the Death Certificate great-grandaunt Célestine had lived in Los Angeles, In This Community 8 yrs., and In California 36 yrs. Where did she live for four years? I don't have the answer. Did she live in another state in the US? Or did she actually live in Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, in Canada? And why can't I find a recording of her name on a 1910 US Census? Nor on a 1930 US Census?

These questions still continue today. They are unknowns. Anybody? My head is beginning to hurt.

To be continued in Part 11.

Enjoy, and now on to a French translation.



Et avant que je continue, je viens de recevoir un email de mon cousin Yann, qui vit en France. Son arrière-grand-mère était Marie-Eugénie Berthe (née Juillet) Clergeau Rénier, jeune sœur de m'arrière-grand-mère Marie-Antoinette. Rappeles-tu j'ai mentionné la lettre adressée à M. Rénier, dans mon Blog annonce le 23 Mai 2009. J'ai aussi proposé de fournir une traduction française de mon blog, mais tout lecteur français aura à supporter la honte de mon "bi-langue-ness". Donc, à partir d'aujourd'hui de mon mieux en français du texte de mon blog va suivre la composition de l'anglais, et avec l'aide de Google Translate.

Voici la mise à Carte 6 de la Descendant graphique, y compris mon arrière grand-tante Marie-Eugénie Berthe, et de la Bulah trouve sur la partie 9. Une fois que tu cliques sur le graphique Descendant tu vais avoir à sortir ton loupe, jusqu'à ce que je figure sur la façon d'augmenter le format d'affichage.

Je sais pourquoi mon arrière-grand-mère Marie s'est rendu à San Diego, en 1919 ... pour rendre visite à sa sœur de mon arrière grand-tante Célestine. Mais pourquoi mon arrière grand-tante Célestine quitter la Barbade en 1906?

Et comment a-t-elle se rendre à San Diego? Mon arrière-grand-mère Marie allait visiter de la famille, et qui a du sens. Il précise la même enregistré sur la 1919 SS Parima Manifest. (Voir le manifeste dans la partie 5.) Alors que je peux dire que de mon arrière grand-tante Célestine allait visiter de la famille. Je n'ai pas la moindre idée ... pourtant.

Selon le manifeste de la SS Trinidad de 1906, les lignes 22 et 25, et l'entrée de la colonne «Que va rejoindre un parent, et si oui, quel parent, le nom et l'adresse», il est écrit que les deux, elle, mon arrière grand-tante Célestine et son fille, Muriel sont «en transit au Québec».

Bon, et membre de la famille qui vivait au Québec, qu'ils allaient visiter? Eh bien, le Québec est une très grande place, qui est jusqu'à ce que j'ai remarqué que quelque chose a été écrit dans la même colonne de la Manifest. J'ai seulement remarqué que le plus lorsque je zoom en utilisant l'un des outils logiciels que j'utilise. Ecrit légèrement en dessous «en transit au Québec» est «Couvent Sacré-Coeur Saint-Sauveur.»

Droit, qui est à Saint-Sauveur? Pourquoi Couvent du Sacré Cœur? J'ai utilisé pour faire du ski à Saint-Sauveur, au nord de Montréal. Pourquoi une jeune mère veuve, Célestine avec sa fille faire un voyage en 1906 en provenance de la Barbade à Saint-Sauveur, Québec, Canada. Mais est-ce le Saint-Sauveur, au nord de Montréal ou de Saint-Sauveur, un quartier de la ville de Québec? ? Ceci est un autre casse-tête que je n'ai pas été en mesure de comprendre.

Les documents relatifs à la prochaine arrière grand-tante Célestine j'ai le recensement de 1920 des États-Unis à San Diego ... et son certificat de décès. Mais ici le problème de calcul. Elle arrive à New York en 1906, est dirigée de Saint-Sauveur, est enregistré à San Diego en 1920, et passe à Los Angeles en 1946. Simple mathématiques - 40 ans. Son certificat de décès, voir la Partie 8, elle dispose que, si nés à l'étranger, combien de temps aux USA?, 40 ans. Un match. Et par le certificat de décès mon arrière grand-tante Célestine a vécu à Los Angeles, dans cette communauté à 8 ans., En Californie et 36 ans. Où a-t-elle vivre pendant quatre ans? Je n'ai pas la réponse. At-elle vivre dans un autre état des États-Unis? Ou at-elle fait vivre à Saint-Sauveur, Québec, au Canada? Et pourquoi ne puis-je trouver un enregistrement de son nom sur un recensement de 1910 des États-Unis? Ni sur un recensement de 1930 des États-Unis?

Ces questions continuent encore aujourd'hui. Elles sont inconnues. Quelqu'un? Ma tête commence à faire mal.

A suivre dans la partie 11.

Bon chance,


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June 25, 2009 - Bugs, Spiders, Butterflies and Great-Grandmother Marie - Part 9

25 June 2009


I've come up with a brilliant idea! And except for the one little small detail, it really makes sense. It's the "creepy crawly" effect. I spent the day yesterday cleaning the kitchen pantry. And as usual there was the normal infestation of those type of bugs that attack all type of grain and grain-based food. It seems that as the weather gets warmer, the infestation grows. And then the infestation attracts the spiders. Well the spiders eat the bugs.

So I thought that I could train an army of spiders to co-exist in my pantry and give them free access to all the bugs they want. There's only one problem. When I reach into the shelves I'm greeted with web filaments, and there is one thing I detest, spider web threads coating my skin. And so out came the pantry contents, I vacuumed and cleaned, and sprayed the interior of the cupboards with a diluted bleach mixture. And I'll get bay leaves to spread around.

And then I had to clip the Italian parsley outside which was under attack by an army of black swallowtail caterpillars. They love parsley and so do I... and so I'll have to plant more next season... for me and the black swallowtails.

Brilliant colors of green and yellow and black, and every time I touched one of the buggers it shot out a pair of retractable orange antennae. I love butterflies, so I just moved them to another part of the backyard. And there's a new batch of monarch caterpillars on the milkweed. And that's my lesson in entomology.

Following Part 8 of my trek to learn as much as I can about my great-grandmother Marie Antoinette C. (née July) Abraham, I continue.

As a side note, and regarding collateral research I discovered more information of 2nd cousins once removed Patricia and Beverly Bulah, also spelled Beulah. Per the California Death Index, 1940-1997 cousin Patricia (née Beulah) McKenna was born in California, 14 December 1921. She passed way in Los Angeles, on 31 December 1983. Her sister, cousin Beverly (née Bulah) Moodie who was born 2 May 1925, in California and passed away 20 July 1986 in Ventura, California. I also discovered from the same Index that their father Charles Bulah was born 7 Jan 1893 and passed away in Los Angeles on 26 July 1969. His mother's maiden name is given as Buell. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that the data entry for her granddaughter Patricia's named is entered in the index as Patricia Beulah (née Beulah) McKenna.

I then discovered that great-grandaunt Célestine's daughter, Muriel C., 1st cousin twice removed remarried to a Thompson, no other information. And both the California Death and the Social Security Death Indexes report her passing in March 1980 in Ventura, California.

But I need to get back to my great-grandmother Marie, my bloodline. It does not appear that great-grandaunt Célestine line, of my collateral line, will provide me any more immediate clues to great-grandmother Marie, at this juncture... so I think.

So I've answered the question as to why great-grandmother Marie left Georgetown, British Guiana and ended up in San Diego, California; to see her sister, great-grandaunt Célestine. Makes sense, so far... but the next question could be "Why did great-grandaunt Célestine Marie (née July) St. Philippe go to San Diego?" And one thing you learn in the practice of genealogy is never to assume anything. Come up with some logical and not so logical possibilities, but never assume. You have to have something to back up the statements.

In this case I could "assume" that great-grandaunt Célestine, with Muriel, left Georgetown, British Guiana for San Diego. When I first read the 1920 US Census I read what I could decipher was that Muriel was born in Berbice. (Check back to Part 3 for a copy of the 1920 Census.) Well my limited knowledge is that Berbice equals British Guiana (now Guyana). So again "Why did great-grandaunt Célestine travel from British Guyana to California?" The 1920 Census reports that she and Muriel immigrated to the United States in 1908. Okay, find a 1910 US Census. Muriel would have been about 6-years old when they arrived. Maybe her birth location could be a bit more legible. To date I haven't found a copy of a 1910 US Census which includes their names.

Next step look for a passenger manifest. Success! The 1906 List Or Manifest Of Alien Passengers For The Commissioner of Immigration from Barbados... but under the spelling of Mrs. Celestine St. Philips, see the inserted clipping to the right. And two rows down, (I can't answer why not immediately after her mother), is Meriel St. Philips who is two years old. And it is written that her, Muriel's Country of Nationality is Barbados. So my question changes... "Why did great-grandaunt Célestine leave Barbados and travel to the United States?" One point of note is that on the Manifest she is noted as "W" for Widow. And more curious, which of course has me baffled is that her Country of Nationality is France. But wait a minute. French Guiana is a French colony, therefore a part of France.

Well, why did she leave Barbados?

To be continued in Part 10...


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June 24, 2009 - Great-Grandaunt Célestine and Great-Grandmother Marie - Part 8

24 June 2009


No, my mind is not leaving me. It might be somewhere sitting at some bus-stop in downtown Tampa, but it definitely knows when to come home when it needs sustenance. On the other hand, some persons may believe that my brain left quite some time ago. That is, of course debatable.

For those of my readers who believe that the information provided in this serial, search, and research of the life of great-grandmother Marie Antoinette (née July) Abraham is similar to information that I provided over the prior couple of years, you're right. The current work is my organization and presentation of a new sifting of the data about her life, her descendants, and her ancestors. Your comments are received as compliments. You are reading my work. You're interested. Thank you!

And now back to great-grandmother Marie, I continue from Part 7.

Well, after discovering her Certificate of Death, my next step was to locate a similar document for her sister, great-grandaunt Célestine. Checking Ancestry.com I found an entry for one Celestine Mary Stphilippe. All-things-being-equal, this had to be her, I think. The date of death is 29 Jan 1946; place of death Los Angeles; and her birth date 10 Dec 1872. And again great-grandaunt is listed as being born in Other Country. Data-entry errors abound; her name and place of birth... so when I'm looking for someone's information I have to consider how to and take into account how information can be entered into records incorrectly. Check out great-grandaunt's name on the printout on the right: STPHILIPPE, CELESTIN M. And it does provide the initials of her husband: J H.

And I contacted the County of Los Angeles and within a short time I received a copy of her Death Certificate. Three new bits of information:
  1. Her complete name is recorded as Celestine Mary St. Philippe,
  2. Her husband's name is recorded as John Henry St. Philippe, and
  3. Her father's name is listed as Henri July.
Great-grandaunt Celestine's father has the same name almost, as the name provided on great-grandmother Marie's Death Certificate - Henri versus Henry. The informant is her daughter Muriel (née St. Philippe) Bulah, 1st cousin twice removed.

And at this point I get a bit confused. Listed on both Death Certificates, the 1940 one for great-grandmother Marie Antoinette C. and the 1946 one for great-grandaunt Celestine Marie is the same word "Unknown" for the name of their individual mothers, who I would venture to hope is the same person. The two informants are their respective daughters; grandaunt Cécile and 1st cousin twice removed Muriel. I have a question, for which I don't think any of us can answer. How could two daughters not know, at least some part of the name of their grandmother, great-grandmother Marie's and great-grandaunt Celestine's mother? (And seriously, I don't know the answer... and I don't think I ever will.)

My next move was to see if I could find a 1930 US Census for both great-grandaunt Celestine and her daughter Muriel. And I haven't! I then thought that as cousin Muriel's married name on her mother, great-grandaunt Celestine's Death Certificate is Bulah there could have been a chance that cousin Muriel could have been married at least sometime shortly before the 1930 Census. And sure enough I was able to locate her as Muriel C. Bulah, and her husband Charles H. and their two daughters, Patricia; aged 8, and Beverly; aged 4 11/12. They were living in Los Angeles, California, but still no found record of great-grandaunt Celestine.

And a few name possibilities of searching for her are:
  1. Celestine St. Philippe
  2. Celestine M. St. Philippe
  3. Celestine Marie St. Philippe
  4. Celestine Mary St. Philippe
  5. C. Marie St. Philippe
  6. Mary St. Philippe
  7. Celestine Stphilippe
  8. Mary Philippe
  9. And all other permutations and combinations of the name, ad infinitum... I can come up with at least 55 possible combinations, based on some of the recordings I've come across.
Any thoughts? And she could have been living in San Diego or Los Angeles or anywhere in-between...

Updating the Descendant Chart follows:

To be continued. Enjoy,

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June 22, 2009 - The Story Continues - Great-Grandmother Marie - Part 7

22 June 2009


And as I stated in Part 6, I need to find more facts about great-grandmother Marie. So far I know that she:
  1. Was born in Bordeau, France. (I believe the spelling should be Bourdeaux.)
  2. Was born about 1860/1.
  3. Lived in Georgetown, British Guiana, now Guyana.
  4. Had five children: a son - Frederick, born 1885; and four daughters - René, Edmée, Jeanne, and Cécile, born 1896.
  5. Became a widow in 1901.
  6. Traveled to visit her sister, Mrs. C. St. Philippe in San Diego, California in 1919.
  7. Lived in San Diego, California in 1920 and 1930.
My sources are The Argosy newspaper, the 1920 and 1930 US Census, and a 1919 SS Parima Passenger Manifest and Immigration Papers.

And so I tuned in Ancestry.com and began a search using the name Marie Antoinette Abraham. The first entry of four entries that appears is a reference to the California Death Index, 1940-1997. This is a data entry without any image of a document... but it is her. Great-grandmother Marie passed away on 25 January 1940 in San Diego. Her name is entered as Marie Ac Abraham, and her Father's Surname or maiden name is July. It's definitely her! The Birth Date provided is 2 Jan 1861, another almost match, but her Birthplace is entered as Other Country. (I guess the recipient of information didn't know how to spell France... or there wasn't any room for any non-United States location on the form.)

I wonder what the "Ac" stood for in her name, Marie Ac Abraham? "Ac" as far as I know is not a usual abbreviation for the name Antoinette. The 1919 S.S. Parima Immigration and Passenger List does have her name listed as "Marie Antoinette Abraham". So where does the "c" come in? Is there another name?

And I thought to check Ancestry.com for grandaunt Cécile B. (née Abraham) Ham. I found the following:
  1. One entry under Cecile B Abraham; a New York Passenger List, 1820-1957. The 1919 S.S. Parima manifest.
  2. An incorrect entry which is her: Cecelia Abraham; Birth: abt 1894 - British Columbia; which is the 1920 Census entry.
  3. A Social Security Death Index entry: Cecile Ham; Death: Oct 1971 - San Diego.
  4. A California Death Index, 1940-1997 entry: Cecile B Ham; Birth: 28 Sep 1896, South America, and
  5. A 1930 United States Federal Census entry: Cecile B Ham; Spouse: Loyd W. Ham; Residence: 1930-San Diego.
None of the above entries/documents provided any more clues regarding great-grandmother Marie. The 1930 US Census did provide an entry to grandaunt Cécile and Loyd (which I believe should be Lloyd) Ham's son, Phillip L., my 1st cousin once removed. He is enumerated at six years old.

And so I decided to contact the County of San Diego to try and get a copy of great-grandmother Marie's death certificate after finding her name listed on the California Death Index, 1940-1997, (to the left). I did find a copy of the Death Index!

Within weeks I had the copy. Great-grandmother Marie passed away on the 25th of January, 1940 at home at 1421 B Street in San Diego at 9:45 am. The informant of her passing was her daughter, grandaunt Cécile (née Abraham) Ham. Great-grandmother's name is now entered as Marie A. C. Abraham.

The information provided on the Certificate of Death corresponds to information previously found, and I zero in on a piece of new information; the name of her father, my great-great-grandfather Henry July. The information is a bit sketchy, but it is a start.

And I've added more information to the progressive Descendant Chart.

To be continued...

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June 21, 2009 - Great-Grandmother Marie Antoinette (née July) Abraham - Part 6

21 June 2009


Happy Father's Day and the honeymooners are home, and the canine motel has been reduced by eight legs. Already the quiet seems weird, as all canine residents are asleep at chosen points in the house.

And great-grandmother has a sister, great-grandaunt Celestine (née July) St. Philippe and a niece, Muriel, my 1st Cousin twice removed. So what next?

Two avenues of search:
  1. Find copies of the 1930 Census for San Diego; and
  2. Search for possible death records.
Family lore had it that great-grandmother Marie Antoinette had passed away in California. And for that matter I should check and look for the same for great-grandaunt Celestine.


1930 US Census found.

Line 25 ABRAHAM, MARY A.; age - 68; birthplace - France. The house address 1421 B Street, San Diego Township, San Diego, California. Ten years later, referencing the 1920 Census great-grandmother Marie is still living at B Street. The house numbers are different, 1421 versus 925, but that doesn't appear to be a big deal. And her name is now Anglicized... It's now written as Mary instead of the French Marie. But it's her!

And I can confirm the family tale that two of her grandsons; Fred A. and Harold S. Brebner are living with her on the date of the Census reporting, April 4, 1930. The boys are 18 and 16 years old, respectively. It appears that great-grandmother Marie got part of her April 26, 1920 wish to come true; the wish she had written "I want my twoo boys and my little Cécile to keep me company during the day." Reported on the 1930 Census, the boys immigrated to the United States in 1920. Isn't the adage something to the effect of "one shouldn't wish for something too hard, for it may come true"? And yes, I know I'm taking a bit of literary license, but quoting a phrase from a 1923 letter from great-grandmother Marie to grandmother Jeanne, "I have alot of work to do wash and iron the cloths, cook, and do the house work for I have two bad boys who dont help me and there is no servants to do it for me", it certainly seems that the two grandsons may have been a handful. And of course they would be! Can you image a 62-year old grandmother handling two youngsters; Fred an 11-year old and Harold a 9-year old?

There are a few other letters from "Aunt Catoche" to my grandmother Jeanne. We can speculate that this may have been great-grandaunt Célestine. Catoche is not grandaunt Cécile, as she, grandaunt Cécile is referred to by "Aunt Catoche" in a couple of the letters. Also, the constructions of the letters can be considered "Franglish-type" as at times the grammar and spelling of words are a combination of English and French. To date I have not found any other family member or relative that may fit the bill that Catoche was not great-grandaunt Célestine (née July) St. Philippe. And I'll keep looking.

But on to reconstruct the live of great-grandmother Marie Antoinette (née July) Abraham. As the 1940 US Census has not been released, my next task is to locate any other reference specific to her. A death record?

To be continued...


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June 18, 2009 - They're Sisters - Great-Grandmother Marie - Part 5

17 June 2009


Supper last night, Cauliflower and Mushroom Gougère and a fresh salad... Took a bit of time, about an hour prep-time, and about an hour baking. Mr. Green Jeans got the thyme out of the garden... Not bad.

And I left off in Part 4 asking the questions "Who is Celestine St. Philippe? Is Mrs. St. Philippe related to great-grandmother Marie? Is she a younger sister? Is she Aunt Cotoche?" Was she the reason that great-grandmother Marie and her daughter, Cécile ended up in San Diego?

Well, when I checked out the information on the 1920 US Census page, the same page that included both great-grandmother and Mrs. Celestine St. Philippe, I couldn't help but notice that great-grandmother immigrated to the United States in 1919. I also remarked that the widow St. Philippe immigrated to the United States in what appears to read "1908". Okay, that is at least 11 years before great-grandmother Marie... but at the same time one could say that it could be a viable reason for her being in San Diego. Thinking about it, I knew that I could look for some immigration paperwork: Marie Abraham in 1919; and Celestine St. Philippe around 1908. And off to the races... sorry... Ancestry.com.

Deborah, it may have been that great-grandmother Marie wanted to go either of the two World's Fair hosted by San Diego... I'll never know, but she was about five years too late for the Panama-California Exhibition in 1915... and a wee bit too early for the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition... though she may have attended. Thanks.

Bingo! I discovered a two-page passenger manifest for a "Marie Antoinette Abraham" and "Cecile B. Abraham", Lines 2 and 3 respectively, which indicates that they sailed from British Guiana & The West Indies on the 28th of September 1919, (on the left). And hallelujah, the manifest was typed! This means that I do not have to learn an author's script and decipher his writing idiosyncrasies. The ship was the S.S. Parima and had arrived in New York on 10 October 1919, (on the right). The brochure inserted above is of the "Quebec Steamship Company" which owned the S.S. Parima which I believe was scrapped in 1925.

New York? October? Quite a distance from San Diego. But the identified 1920 Census was created on the 3rd and 5th of January. That would mean that great-grandmother Marie and grandaunt Cécile would have two-and-a-half months to get to San Diego. Not impossible, but one hell of a distance more after traveling about 2600 miles, 4100 kilometers. Their trip would be another 2400 miles, 3900 kilometers, which means that they were only halfway to their intended destination. And on page 2 of the Passenger Manifest there it is, in response to "Whether going to join a relative or friend; and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address." Great-grandmother Marie was going to join her "Sister, Mrs. C. St. Philippe, 1108 East St. San Diego Ca."

Mrs. Celestine St. Philippe was my great-grandaunt and her daughter was my 1st cousin twice removed. Great-grandmother Marie was going to visit family. She and grandaunt Cécile were going for a "3 Months" stay... and she intended "to return to country whence he (they) came after engaging temporarily in laboring pursuits in the United States." Well I know that that's not true, the letter, inserted in Part 3, great-grandmother Marie wrote from San Diego to my grandmother Jeanne was dated "April 26 1920".... and it doesn't read like she intends to return shortly back to British Guiana... but then I could have misread something in the translation?

I've included another update to great-grandmother Marie's Descendant Chart. All new additions, changes, and/or insertions are highlighted in red.

And there are a couple additional bits of information, her daughter, my grandmother's name is indicated as "Janet" in Column 12 of the Manifest, and great-grandmother's place of birth is included as "Bordeau, France" on the immigration page. (Please note that information can always change and one source does not necessarily stand alone.)

To be continued...


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