Part 901sd – Smith Doret Genealogy – Doret? Maybe. Maybe? Let’s Hope So!

23 June 2017

Good Day,

Thank you, Peter, for keeping me in mind with your genealogy research. The image you sent me of the page of the document entered into the Grenada, Supreme Court Registers of Records, 1764 – 1931 may have an iota of a clue that we may need into the research and discovery of my GGG-Grandmother Mary Ann (née Doret) Smith.

The document was penned the 18th of August 1788 and entered 14th of November of that same year. The document is in French which means that I will have to transcribe and then translate.

But here’s the hopeful part. One the first page of the document, which begins on page 340 of the Register concerned there is indicated the name of one “Jean Doret”.

And of course, I jumped at the reveal. The lines where the name of Jean Doret first appears are –

“Et du Coté de la future épouse Le Sieur Jean Doret
Commis Réprésent Le Sieur Tou∫sain Josset pere
de la ditte future épouze…”

And translated –

"And of the side of the future wife The Mister Jean Doret
Clerk Representative The Mister Tou∫sain Josset father
Of the future spouse ... "

Here’s the image of page 340 –

And what does this mean? Well, this may be a hint, a clue to a connection to GGG-Grandmother Mary Ann (née Doret) Smith.

In the opening of page 340, the locations referred to are –

“…Hâbitant au quartier desSalines de cette Isle Grenade…”

and translated –

“living in the Saline district of this island of Grenada…”

Jean Doret, as mentioned in the first page of the document is “the Clerk Representative” on behalf of one of the parties drafting the document.

Does this mean that GGG-Mary Ann Doret is/was related in some way to Jean Doret?

Stay tuned for a further development of our search and research. And if you have any thoughts, comments and or notes, please contact me at

Thanks, and enjoy,

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