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07 July 2013

Good Day,

I'm not back from my genealogy search and research respite, but I just read an interesting article, in The Washington Post, dated June 28, 2013.

What Obama really saw at the ‘Door of No Return,’ a disputed memorial to the slave trade

Île de Gorée, Sénégal is where Great-Grandmother Catherine Marie Antoinette (née July) Abraham was born in 2 Jan 1861 and her parents, Great-Great Grandparents Jean Jacques Alfred and Catherine Cora (née Merle) July were married on 2 May 1860.

Here a couple of postings on A Genealogy Hunt regarding great-grandmother Catherine Marie Antoinette (née July) Abraham and her parents, gg-grandparents Jean Jacques Alfred and Catherine Cora (née Merle) July and their presence at Île de Gorée. The links -

Thought you may be interested.


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