Part 565c – McCullogh Genealogy – GGG-Grandparents William John and Margret Jane (née Swail) Christie – Circa 1895-1901

29 August 2011


And don’t cha… (sorry, nothing to do with the Pussy Cat Dolls)… just love genealogy and ancestry research.

I discovered a posed photograph taken by Lalonde & Sons of 2092 St. Catherine Street, Montreal, Quebec, in Canada. (See the signature embossing at the bottom of the photograph.) This photograph is proposed to be that of ggg-grandparents William John and Margret Jane (née Swail) Christie. It is provided with the Kingery Family Tree.

There is no date given to the provenance of this picture, but from what I can find (Noel C.) Lalonde & Sons did exist at the 2092 St. Catherine Street location between the years, about 1895 and 1901.

According to the 1901 Canada Census taken April 5, ggg-grandfather William John Christie, a widower was living in Newport, Compton in Quebec. He is enumerated as 80 years old and was born in Ireland, 26 June 1820. According to the Kingery Family Tree, ggg-grandmother Margret (Margaret) Jane (née Swail) Christie passed away at Dunany, Quebec 11 January 1894. (This information is to be established.)

Here is a copy of the 1901 Canada Census –


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Part 564p – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Parker Sisters – 1940 – An 80th Birthday Party

28 August 2011


Hold your breath! As of this morning A Genealogy Hunt has hit an all-time high of monthly Visits – 936! We’re on the road to 1,000 with 4 days left in August. Also Goggle Blogger has tracked 3,899 Pageviews this last month. Thank you!

At times I become overwhelmed with the branches and twigs and leaves I discover of my genealogy and family tree. The volume of data and information now available through the auspices of websites, blogs, and databases accessible through the Internet still and daily astounds me.

I chanced upon this photograph of my six, all Parker sisters, half-ggg-grandaunts – ( left to right) Bertha Taylor, Louie Ellerman, Nancy Hartley, Anne Hollinrake, Lizzie Stansfield, and Dianah Halstead.

These are six of ten of the daughters of my gggg-grandfather John Parker and his second wife, Jane Whittaker. All told gggg-grandfather John had 17 (accounted for) children; 3 sons and 14 daughters. Can you imagine the bathroom line-up? Check out my Parker Descendant Chart I.

This photograph is the celebration of half-ggg-grandaunt Nancy (née Parker) Hartley's 80th birthday in about March of 1940. Sad to say she passed away in April of that same year. Thank you to Clive for providing this great picture.

Oh and by the by, I have received a couple of messages saying "Jimmy, the picture is too, too big for my screen!" When you pull up the picture, or any screen for that matter, if you press the buttons < Ctrl > and < - >; together it may work to reduce the actual size of your screen picture. And by pressing < Ctrl > and < + >; this combination should increase the view size of your screen.

If you have any family history, information, photograph, or detail to share, please feel free to contact me.


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Part 563mc – McCullogh Genealogy – A New Descendant Chart – McCullogh and Christie Families

27 August 2011


Following on the heels of Part 562mc, the presentation of the 1920 Marriage Registration of John A. McCullogh and Ruth Jane Christie, I decided that I had better gather my papers and create a McCullogh / Christie Descendant Chart. This is my son’s maternal ancestry and a very important part of his life and being.

Here is my first draft of the McCullogh / Christie Descendant Chart.

I have pulled information and data that I have on file in my databases… and I, up to the wee hours of the morning last night, was cross-referencing Canada Censuses of 1871 through 1911. Also I have downloaded some information from the Drouin Collection of Quebec Vital and Church Records.

As always, this will always be a work in progress. Information will change as new and additional data is discovered. I have added a McCullogh Heading Label at the top of the A Genealogy Hunt. I will be adding associated links pertaining to the McCullogh and associated Family Lines. Please always check back. You never know what I will discover.


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Part 562mc – McCullogh Genealogy – 1920 Marriage – John A. McCullogh and Ruth Jane Christie – Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada


It seems that I am all over the place, geographically that is, in my genealogy search and research. Newark, Delaware to San Diego, California, and this morning I travel to 1920 Morin Heights in St. Jerome, Quebec, in Canada for the marriage of John A. McCullogh and Ruth Jane Christie. This couple are my son’s great-grandparents John A. (Jack) and Ruth Jane (née Christie) McCullogh.

From the Protestant Records of the District of St. Jerome in the Province of Quebec the Drouin Collection of Quebec Vital and Church Records provide the recorded registration of the 1920 Marriage. From the database, Image 3 of 8, Folio Three the following is the image.

My transcription –




McCullogh Married to Christie April 13th 1920

John A. McCullogh of the City of Montreal in the Province of Quebec, a bachelor of full age and Ruth Jane Christie, spinster of Morin Heights in the Province of Quebec also of Legal full age were married under authority of License on this thirteenth day of the month of April in the year of our Lord One thousand nine hundred and twenty

This marriage as duly solemnized

By me H Jenill
Officiating Minister

between us –
John McCullough
Ruth J Christie

In the presence of: { Henry M. McCullogh Rhoda G. Christie

I hereby certify that the above is a true copy of an entry in the register of the parish, the signatures of the contracting parties and witnesses being copied by me

June 8th 1921.
J.H. Lackey
Parish Incumbent.

The above inserted painting is Morin Heights, Que, by Kathleen Moir Morris. It was a gift from the Artist in the 1930s to a Private Collector in Ontario.


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Part 561b – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1929 San Diego High School – 1st Cousin Once Removed Frederick A. Brebner

26 August 2011


This could be a coincidence, but then again the search and research of one’s genealogy may start with a coincidence. In this case the possibility may be just too, too close to not be a logical conclusion. And guaranteed I'm checking this one out, as always.

In the 1929 San Diego High School on Page 158 Manager of the Baseball team - Fred Brebner.

The information on Frederick A. Brebner; 1st Cousin once removed, the eldest son of Grandaunt René Marie Hyde (née Abraham) and Granduncle Arthur Henry Brebner was born 17 November 1911 in Demerara, British Guiana. He lived with Great-Grandmother Catherine Marie Antoinette (née July) Abraham and his brother Harold S. Brebner in San Diego according to the 1930 US Census, below.

Take a gander at the attached pages 157 and 158 from the 1929 Yearbook.

Also, in the 1929 San Diego High School on Page 151 the Captain of the Class B Basketball - Freddie Brebner.

And check out who was in the 1929 graduating class that same year.


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My Tangent - Even In Genealogy Can You Find Your Mirror Image?

25 August 2011


Supper last night, very light. Grilled scallops, watermelon, zucchini, onion, green pepper, and romaine lettuce with a simple olive oil, lime juice, and mint dressing. Nice.

As I was working on the University of Vermont Ariel Yearbook discovery, see Part 560c, and I was reading cousin Harry E. Crossley’s graduation entry and an quick thought crossed my mind when I observed the entry on his immediate right. It is the entry of one E. P. Crowley.

The thought that entered my thick brain was that I had seen this lady some place before. It was a complete “déjà vu”. I instantaneously thought of the actress who was the crazy nun, bus driver in the movie Sister Act. It was as if I was looking at the photo of Mary Wickes, aka Mary Isabelle Wickenhauser. Man, what a shock. E.P. Crowley is the photographic twin of Mary Wickes.

Check out the two photos of E. P Crowley and Mary Wickes.


Did not someone someplace say that we all have a double walking on this planet? Just curious… I swear that these two were made from the same mold. In 1944, the year of the Ariel Yearbook , E. P. Crowley could have been about 22 years old. I am guessing, of course. Mary Wickes on the other hand was born in 1910 and would have been about 34 years old in 1944. A 12-year difference? Who knows?

And I return to my search and research.


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Part 560c – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1944 University of Vermont – 2nd Cousin Once Removed Harry Eastwood Crossley, Jr.

24 August 2011


And the search and research just continues, exponentially.

Thinking of another lead for the U.S. Yearbook Database, I was wondering if any of great-granduncle Josiah Crossley’s descendants may have attended some educational institution somewhere between North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Bingo!

Searching online I chanced upon the 1944 Graduation picture of H. E. Crossley, Jr.; Image 22, Page 18 of the University of Vermont Ariel Yearbook. He would have been my 2nd cousin once removed. Harry Eastwood Crossley Jr. was born 13 September 1922 in Massachusetts.

I further discovered a Fraternity picture at the University of Vermont in the 1944 Ariel Yearbook. The image/picture is of Phi Delta Theta. It includes Harry Eastwood Crossley (Jr).

The following is the online image copy from the 1944 University of Vermont, Ariel Yearbook and image 317 on Page 100, Harry E. Crossley. Harry is identified by the red arrow.

At the time of his university career, Harry lived in Burlington, Vermont.


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Part 559d - Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy - 1917 Varsity Baseball Team - Grandfather Gerald "Doc" Doherty

Morning, has increased the capacity of their online U.S. Yearbook Database. This is tremendous news for those of us who do not had the opportunity to acquire pictures or photos of our grandparents, great-grandparents, and even great-great-grandparents… According to the today’s news release –

The company ( has added nearly 25,000 new yearbooks to the collection, which now totals over 35,000 and carries 155 million records encompassing the years 1884 to 2009. The U.S. Yearbook Collection includes close to seven million images from thousands of U.S. high schools, junior highs, academies, colleges and universities.

And we started looking… and we found in the online copy of the 1917 University of Delaware, The Blue Hen Yearbook and image 242 on Pages 171 and 172, Andy’s Grandfather Gerald “Doc” Doherty.

“Doc” Doherty, our captain, is one of the best all-around players that Delaware has ever had.”

And we would like to know which player, grandfather Doc Doherty is in the picture. Any thoughts and ideas?


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My Tangent - Time Again To Reorganize My Genealogy Research

23 August 2011


It is that time again to organize my genealogy research and work. Without a specific list of my things-I’ve-got-to-get-done; things-I’m-working-on; things-I-want-get-done; etc., I become lost in a black-hole of paper and information, ancestors and data. You get the picture.

Here is the newly updated list. It is by all means not conclusive, nor is it “set-in-stone”… but it is my organization and guideline.

1. Transcription Project the search for ggg-grandfather James Smith – I am currently transcribing a 29-page from the Grenada Registers of Records dated 2 April 1801.YD I have discovered two Smiths so far – William and Robert.

2. Parker Project – Based on the collected data I believe I need to follow the William Parker, circa 1670s, identified in the Parish Registers of Linton-in-Craven, Yorkshire to Griston in Norfolk.

3. Smith Robertson Genealogy - Respond to and develop cohesive work research regarding gg-granduncle Solomon Abraham information received from Australia.

4. YDNA Update - Determine the possible matching of YDNA 111-marker test results between Smith and Wahl.

5. YDNA Update - Correspondence concerning Brebner/Bremner YDNA issues and project.

6. mtDNA Update - Correspondence regarding my own mtDNA (referencing back to Tasker in Lancashire) with similar H1a1 Haplogroup match from Gloucestershire.

7. Brunhammer Genealogy - Review, update, and corroborate Biddle/Brunhammer information and genealogy data.

8. Brunhammer Genealogy – Get a picture and images of the final resting place in Arlington Cemetery, Pennsylvania of gg-grandmother Mary (née Marie Katz) Brunhammer.

9. Buccino Genealogy - Follow up correspondence regarding Buccini/Buccino.

10. Genealogy Tools - Investigate

11. Genealogy Tools - Possible use of genealogy photobook from

And by all means this is not a complete or unending list. It is just those things and those emails that I need to get done... with some sort of semblance of order.


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Part 558b – Brunhammer Genealogy – GG-Grandmother Mary Brunhammer’s Final Resting Place Found!

21 August 2011

Good Morning,

Great news! Thank you Diane in Pennsylvania.

Great-Great-Grandmother Mary (née Marie Katz) Brunhammer’s final resting place has been found. There is always a thrill of success in the field of genealogy when that object, or that piece of information, that has been evading you forever so long, finally turns up.

GG-Grandmother Mary (née Marie Katz) Brunhammer’s final resting place and grave site appears to be located at Arlington Cemetery at 2900 State Road, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. She is located in the Silverbrook Section of the Cemetery. GG-Grandmother Mary passed away on 11 December 1922 and was buried 14 December. The red marker in the following Google map represents the approximate location of gg-grandmother Mary's grave site.

Here is the Obituary from the Monday, December 14, 1922 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

And my transcription –



BRUNHAMMER. – Dec. 11. MARY, wife of late Jacob Brunhammer, aged 82. Relatives and friends invited to attend funeral. Thurs., 8.30 A. M., residence 1679 N. 56th St. High requiem mass at St. Gregory’s Church, 10 A. M. Int. private.

GG-Grandmother Mary arrived in the United States at Philadelphia on 17 May 1876 with six of her children. (See Part 92b.) Obviously, gg-grandfather Jacques was there to meet them. Together they had, according to our discovered sources 14 children. And from what we have learned is that there are many descendants, including all Brunhammers and Brunhamers now living in the United States.

We are so pleased with the most recent discovery. Our thanks also go to Tony and Cindy Lloyd of Nebraska who submitted the information to Find A Grave.

Another key piece of the Brunhammer vast and interesting history and genealogy is now in the record. We look forward to seeing photographs and images of gg-grandmother Mary’s final resting place. And we keep searching for the same of gg-grandfather Jacques (also known as Jacob) Brunhammer’s burial location.

We keep searching. Thank you, Diane.


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My Tangent – Tracing Family History – My Review and Thoughts

19 August 2011

Good Day,

Over a bowl of congee this morning, and thinking about all the outstanding emails that I must respond to, I figured that I had better respond to one specifically, if not in part. I was asked to review the August 2011 Issue of Tracing Family History magazine. The request came as result of a Tracing Family History staff member who just happened to chance upon my Blog, A Genealogy Hunt. Pretty slick! So’s the magazine.

You need to know something from the get-go. I am a subscriber, and have been for some time to Tracing Family History. I really do like Tracing Family History… I am an immigrant and a naturalized US citizen, but I was born a Brit, in a British colony, now independent country. When I did get hooked with this past-time, actual full-time, hobby of genealogy some seven years ago, I learned quickly that the American publications were good but did not fit that which I needed to help me to pursue my ancestral search from some major distance. I needed to learn how to investigate and research by British roots, especially my English and Scottish ones.

My ancestral trek did not start at Ellis Island nor did I have the wherewithal to claim some ancestral passenger on the Mayflower. I’m not saying that I do not have any Plymouth-landing forebears. I just know that entered the United States of America through Houlton, Maine some years ago, and set up house and shop in Tampa, Florida. I have the copies of my subscription of Tracing Family History mailed to my home in Tampa, Florida.

Each issue is jammed packed with articles, stories, regular contributions, and a wealth of knowledge that at most times may touch a specific area that may be relevant to any of my searches, especially in and of the United Kingdom. The August issue certainly provides a compendium of articles and stories. Below the portrait of Daniel Radcliffe on the front cover, certainly apropos for the release of the latest and last Harry Potter film, and byline title “Harry Potter’s Diamond Roots: get inspired!” my eyes catch a new “How To” headline “How To – Scottish Records Civil Registration and Censuses.

The catch of the white on red “How To…” on the front cover is a wee bit misleading when I open to the Contents page. The two “How To’s…” on the Contents page are “Housing The Working Classes” and “You Are Legend: Ancestors Who Fought In The Spanish Civil War”. The Scottish “Civil Registration And Censuses” article, the first part of a series by Chris Paton, is actually listed under the “Beginner’s Guide” for page 14. The Daniel Ratcliffe article is listed as a “Cover Story” and is about “the South African diamond mining industry in the roots of Harry Potter star…

I immediately go to page 14; Civil Registration and Censuses by Chris Paton. A first in a new series, great... but I’m not sure a series of what, and I am predisposed to believe that it is of, in a broad sense of Scottish genealogy research. And let me assure you, this is exactly what I need.

Immediately and into the first few paragraphs I have learned that at a point in time “it was, for example, actually enough for two people to simply declare themselves as marrying in front of witnesses without a minister present.” And of course this throws some sort of monkey wrench into my research, assuming that there is no related documentation. Ah well… lesson learned.

Chris Paton’s article is a good and concise first part. I am definitely looking forward to his next installments in future issues of Tracing Family History.

Stay tuned for more thoughts and my own comments. I am always still learning.


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Part 557p – Smith Robertson Genealogy – The Parker Project – 1787 – Which William Parker is Which? And From Where?

17 August 2011

Well Good Morning,

First of all thank you to those of you who contacted me with some concern that I had not posted something of my thoughts or notes to A Genealogy Hunt. And no, I am fine… but believe it or not there was another power surge and electrical failure to the house… and with that, the brand new refrigerator ice-maker machine and do-dad just stopped working. Brand new!!! At times I have this ominous feeling that I am Pigpen reincarnate.

Anyway I have been working extensively on my Parker Project. I have been trying to determine my genealogy, or should I say the genealogy or ancestry of my gggg-grandfather William Parker of Grassington in Yorkshire.

I have discovered that Grassington is located in the Linton in Craven, an Ancient Parish in West Riding of Yorkshire. From Genuki

“Linton in Craven, a parish-town, in the east-division and liberty of Staincliffe; 7 miles S. of Kettlewell, 9 miles from Skipton, 10 from Pately Bridge, 44 from York…”

From “The Registers of The Parish Church of Linton-in-Craven, Co, York. Two Volumes, 1562-1812” edited by The Rev. F.A.C. Share, M.A., Rector of Linton and privately printed for The Yorkshire Register Society, 1900, I have taken and identified the "William Parker" references and entries to the Linton Parish from 1693 to 1809. I'm trying to determine which William is which, and which is/are our ancestor(s).

The locations included in a number of the William Parker entries that appear in the "The Registers of The Parish Church of Linton-in-Craven", are: Grassington; Granshaw; Hebden; Gris; Griston; Grisington. From my vantage point and initial "uneducated" comprehension, it seems to me that "Gris" could be an abbreviated entry for either "Griston" and/or "Grisington". There also seems to be a construction semblance between "Grisington" and "Grassington".

Inserted above is my William Parker Worksheet. According to the 1851 England Census, (see Part 533p), and the Linton-in-Craven Parish Register, gggg-grandfather William Parker, the son of William Parker of Grassington, was baptized 24 June 1787.

My current question is which William Parker is my ggggg-grandfather William? On my worksheet and from the extracted data and information I could tend to say that it is the William Parker who is the husband of Ellen who died in 1801. I am logically leaning toward that association, but I cannot swear to it as of yet. Just as a point, I have NOT included gggg-grandfather William Parker on the Worksheet.

If there is a relationship between the Williams, or at least some of the Williams, as entered on my Worksheet, there is a possibility that either gggg-grandfather William Parker, who was baptized 24 June 1787, that one of the earlier Williams could be his father or even maybe his grandfather. This relationship may be to the William Parker from Gris/Griston/Grisington. Confused yet? I am!

I noticed that, and the only Griston that I can find is in Norfolk. The reference to "of" Griston, Grisington, and Gris in the Linton-in-Craven Registers spans from about 1693 to 1722. There are 12 entries with such location entry.

If there was never ever, any Griston in the Parish of Linton-in-Craven in Yorkshire, it could lead that the 1st William, the one at the upper portion of the Worksheet, could have been either my 6-times or 7-times great-grandfather William Parker and he may have come there, that is, from Griston, Norfolk. I would have to check those records prior to 1693.

The Date of the earliest entry according to the Norfolk Office Online Catalogue for the Parish of Griston in Norfolk is 1652.
And the search continues.

If you have any comment or thoughts and ideas, I certainly would welcome them to this mystery.

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Part 556p – Smith Robertson Genealogy – The Parker Project – Two New Parker Descendant Charts

14 August 2011


The 2nd set of insurance paper work is finished. There is no lightning overhead, as of yet… and I swear that I am not jinxed, or at least I should hope that I am not. Just think, this summer; Hit #1 – June 22nd; Hit #2 – August 12th. Does anyone know anything about complete house protective shields, shy of 1,500 ZapCap meters? And yes, JL I’m looking into lightning rods… but I think that they will not be of much help if the power surge comes through the ground and ground-low wiring.

In the continuing my Parker Project and my genealogy research and work, I have taken some time to re-create and update my Parker Descendant Chart. As more and more data and information is being uncovered I have had to take the route of creating two Descendant Charts to avoid visual impairment of me and my readers.

Here are the two new Charts: Parker Descendant Chart I

Parker Descendant Chart II

Please note that any new data and information, and the cross-references to A Genealogy Hunt Posts are in Red. I have attempted to identify those ancestors who are a part of my blood line with Blue symbols filled with Yellow.

Stay tuned for new information and data regarding my Yorkshire Parker Family Line you have any question and comments, please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy. The sky is still clear.

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Part 555rs – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Updated YDNA and mtDNA Ancestor Chart – Tasker and Whittaker Added

13 August 2011


The discovery of my gggg-grandmother Isabella (née Tasker) Kendal’s maiden name, and her parents, my gggggg-grandparents John and Mary (née Whittaker) Kendal of Sawley in Yorkshire, England begins another expansion of the information to my critical mtDNA line. Now I can state, based on the current data and information, my maternal mtDNA line is:

me: Smith → Robertson → Goodey → Crossley → Parker → Kendal → Tasker → Whittaker

The earliest ancestor on my mtDNA line, that I have thus far located, is my gggg-grandmother Mary (née Whittaker) Tasker who was born circa 1750, give or take a year or two. (I’m hot on that trail right now.)

Here is my newly updated Smith YDNA and mtDNA Ascendancy Chart.

This is pretty slick. My mtDNA result is H1a1. The following surnames can also be added to this sequence.

Elder → Robertson → Goodey → Crossley → Parker → Kendal → Tasker → Whittaker

Pecht → Elder → Robertson → Goodey → Crossley → Parker → Kendal → Tasker → Whittaker

Hartman → Pecht → Elder → Robertson → Goodey → Crossley → Parker → Kendal → Tasker → Whittaker

Allen → Robertson → Goodey → Crossley → Parker → Kendal → Tasker → Whittaker

Gatchell → Allen → Robertson → Goodey → Crossley → Parker → Kendal → Tasker → Whittaker

Vernon → Robertson → Goodey → Crossley → Parker → Kendal → Tasker → Whittaker

Stevens → Robertson → Goodey → Crossley → Parker → Kendal → Tasker → Whittaker

Smith → Robertson → Goodey → Crossley → Parker → Kendal → Tasker → Whittaker

McNeice → Smith → Robertson → Goodey → Crossley → Parker → Kendal → Tasker → Whittaker

I may have missed some of the more recent surnames, my apologies. Please feel free to contact me with the new and overlooked additions... and if you have questions.

The above inserted map is the Family Tree DNA mtDNA migration routes.


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Part 554tw – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1769 Marriage – GGGGG-Grandparents John and Mary (née Whittaker) Tasker

12 August 2011


My work on my family genealogy and research continues.

Today I have the original source from the St. Leonard’s Church Parish Register of the 1769 Marriage Registration. It is the “Banns of Marriage between” John Tasker and Mary Whittaker. John and Mary (née Whittaker) Tasker are, I believe, the parents of gggg-grandmother Isabella (née Tasker) Kendal. In turn John and Mary Tasker would have been my 5-times great-grandparents.

The image is of the page from the Parish Registers for Downham, 1653-1900, Item 9 of the microfilm FHL [1278942].

My transcription –

Banns of Marriage between John Tasker & Mary Whittaker both of the
extraparochial township of Sawley were published April 23d & 30th
& May 7th by me M. Sedgwick of _____ Pari∫h ____________________
________________________ and ______________________________
Pari∫h ______________________________________________ were
Married in this Chapel by Banns ________________________________
this 11th Day of May in the Year one Thou∫sand ∫even
Hundred and sixty nine by me N. Sedgwick Minister
This Marriage was ∫olemnized between Us { John Tasker { Mary X her mark Whittaker
In the Pre∫ence of Robt Calverly Thos: Dawson

Praise be for the Derivative source as presented in Part 551tw.

Here is my Kendalls, Parkers & Taskers… Ancestry Work Sheet to put everything into my perspective.

Stay tuned. Who knows who will appear next?


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My Tangent - Chicken Poxed House and Phaksha Pa


Two increases this morning; four total tropical watches in the Atlantic, and six quadrupeds in The Pack. Should prove to be an interesting weekend…

We received a denial of coverage from ZapCap. Their reasoning: The surge of power, albeit electric bolt, did not enter our house through their itsy, bitsy teeny little meter attached to the outside of the house. Just think about it, a random act of power and/or energy has to pick the exact bulls-eye spot of approximately 8-inches in diameter on the exterior of a 1,700 square-foot house so that they, the ZapCap insurance, as provided by the electric company and monthly paid for by us, will cover the damages. Have you ever seen a house covered with chicken-pox?

And today I will be compiling all the details and paperwork for my second line of insurance, our home owners’ insurance. Joy oh rapture, I’m in paperwork heaven.

Supper last night derived its roots, in other words the recipe was for a pork dish from Bhuthan. That is Bhutan the little landlocked country somewhere up in the Himalayas. Could it be that this is the place of Lost Horizon?

I decided to pull a Chopped-type creation of supper. (My favorite TV show is Chopped on Food Network.) I had some pork loin, Thai bok choy, daikon, and Chinese sausage. My method of creativity is to take the four ingredients and do a combination Google search. And lo and behold – Phaksha Pa. Hell, I should of thought of it right away. Bhutan? Somewhere in the reaches of my grey matter I began thinking of Shangri-La…

Adding some onion, green chilies, chili powder, and ginger root, butter, salt and water. Topping some steamed white rice, we were quite surprised. Phaksha Pa. Only thing is I’m not trekking, as did Rutherford, through any amount of any snow and ice to find the just-right cooking pot.

Insurance paperwork, and then back to my genealogy and the 1769 Tasker Whittaker Marriage registration… and Pack management; my goals today.


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My Tangent - Manchego Grilled Cheese & Time Machine Genealogy

11 August 2011


And it is lunch time… and visions of the last grilled cheese sandwich are dancing through my head. Somehow it has made its way through the synapses of messages of the genealogies of Smiths, and Robertsons, and Parkers, and Kendals, and Taskers…

Our latest grilled cheese sandwich was a Spinach, Egg, and Manchego concoction. Treeeeemendous!

First a hole was cut out of the bread slices and the sides, to be grilled, are spread with butter. The sour-dough bread, sandwiches grilled onions and lightly fried spinach, and grated Manchego cheese. The sandwich is then placed in a non-stick frying pan… An egg is then, that is, after you remove the shell, poured into the empty and vacant hole in the middle of the sandwich. Salt and pepper. Cover for a couple of minutes, carefully flip. Complete cooking, covered for about 3 to 4 more minutes. Tremendous!

And now back to my research and search for my many, many ancestors in England, Scotland, Australia, France, Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. Who said one doesn’t travel doing genealogy? Wouldn’t it have been a convenience to have Jules Verne’s Time Machine?


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Part 553p – Smith Robertson Genealogy – The Parker Project - 1787 Baptism – GGGG-Grandfather William Parker – Grassington, Yorkshire


To the victor belong the spoils”… sort of. I’m definitely sure that New York Senator William L. Marcy, in 1832, meant something more than genealogy, but I am certainly feeling that way today.

Back to my issue of my gggg-grandfather William Parker, see My Tangent “I Was Right That I Was Wrong” and Part 546p I have kept searching for a clue and a lead regarding gggg-grandfather William Parker. Well today is my lucky day.

The inserted image of the pages of the 1841 and the 1851 England Censuses for the Township of Downham of Borough of Clitheroe presents my Parker Family; my gggg-grandfather William Parker and his family.

It was when I checked the “Where Born” column that I noticed that I had been wrong big time and somehow had marked down that gggg-grandfather William Parker had been born in Downham. He wasn’t. He was born in Grassington in Yorkshire. And did that make one hell of a difference. I MUST remember to check and cross-reference all items and signs carefully. Grassington is approximately 24 miles, 39 kilometers, from Downham.

Following that lead, gggg-grandfather William Parker, per the 1851 England Census was born circa 1788. (Please note the calculation. 1788 is the same year that the two William Taskers were baptized at St. Leonard’s Church in Downham.) I then discovered The Publications of the Yorkshire Parish Register Society. Vol. XVIII, Issued to Subscribers for the Year 1903. This is a derivative source. On page 383 I discovered what could be the Baptism, Christening entry of gggg-grandfather William. And identified is his father ggggg-grandfather William Parker, his father. GGGG-Grandfather was born circa 1787. See the inserted image.

Transcribing the entry –


Willm. son Willm. Parker Grassington Bapd. June 24th.

Grassington, Linton Parish, Yorkshire, Fantastic… This never stops. Those ancestors just keep on rolling in. One of these nights as I’m working away at my genealogy I sort of expect Marley to come clinking in through the door.

The following is my current worksheet, created in GenoPro.

Please feel to ask questions.


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Part 552kt – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1777 Baptism GGGG-Grandmother Isabella (née Tasker) Kendal – Original Source

10 August 2011


The rain continued yesterday. I’m glad the new neighbor has canoes and kayaks at his house. I almost had to park down the end of our street and bum a ride through the almost knee-deep flood-waters in our street. One has to be prepared in the summer in Florida… that is, at least know someone with a floating thingamajig.

This genealogy trek does not stop. Following up on the acquisition of the derivative source of the 1777 Birth Registration for gggg-grandmother Isabella (née Tasker) Kendal I have been able to find an image of the original Parish Register page. (See Part 550kt.)

Please be aware that I am building a case regarding the possibility that my maternal line includes the Tasker family. If I am incorrect, I just will have to start all over again.

I have downloaded an image of the page from the Parish Registers for Downham, a Chapelry in the Parish of Whalley. The image is contained in Item 7 of the microfilm FHL [1278942]. This is the original source which corresponds to the derivative source I found in the Lancashire Parish Register Society’s The Register of the Parish Church of St. Leonard, Downham published in 1980.

As you can see the Entry is at the bottom of the page, and can easily be missed. Here is my attempted transcription of the Baptism Entry.


Baptised in 1777


13 Isabel Dr. of John and Mary Tasker of Sawley


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Part 551tw - Smith Robertson Genealogy - 1769 Marriage - John Tasker and Mary Whittaker

09 August 2011


And when it rains it pours. Oh yes, I just forgot that I do live in Florida, and we are in the monsoon season… but that’s not the news. I am not complaining about the humidity that continues to create an opaque sheen on all my windows, that my claustrophobic attributes and foibles take a hold of me. I am talking about my research and the possible discovery of my maternal mtDNA Family Line and ancestors.

Did you know that Sawley is only about 2.9 miles, about 4.6 kilometers from Downham?

All-things-being-equal, it appears that this new search in my Parker Project will continue until I can nail down that exact truth of genealogical documentation that will prove the direct relationships between the Kendals and the Taskers.

Following the discovery of the 1777 Baptism Registration entry of Isabella Tasker, daughter of John and Mary Tasker of Sawley, I was able to discover a 1769 Marriage Registration of John Tasker and Mary Whittaker. Page 142 of production of The Register of the Parish Church of St. Leonard, Downham.

Here an image of Page 142, downloaded from the microfiche FHL[6142708].

My transcription –

Page 142 1769 May 11 John & Mary x Whittaker [Whiteacre], b.o. Exp. S. Wit: Robt Calverly, Thos: Dawson

Taking into account the abbreviations –

May 11 John and Mary x (he she marks) Whittaker [Whiteacre], b.o. (both of (the)) Exp. S. (Extraparochial parish or township or monastery of Sawley) Wit: (witness(es)) Robt Calverly, Thos: Dawson

And of course I have updated my Kendalls, Parkers, & Taskers Downham, Lancashire, England Ancestry Work Sheet.

And if this is correct, John and Mary (née Whittaker) Tasker may have been my ggggg-grandparents.


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