Part 900bd – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – The Work Begins Again, and Again

29 May 2017

Good Day,

I am spending a good part of my time re-creating the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree using the Family Tree program. I have been a strong proponent in the past of not putting genealogical information on any subscription service. I always felt since I began working with genealogy around 2003 that I should be the one control of that information. Let me tell you something, has come a long way since then.

I am following two specific guidelines and holding fast to them. One is that I will not put any information on the Family Tree database that is a specific reference to any persons currently living. That is key and an important rule to follow. My second rule is that I will NOT "link" to any online information in any other family tree unless it is properly sourced and cited. This means that if there ain't proof it isn't going in any of my family trees.

I can also add a third and a fourth rule. The third is that I have checked the ability of the facility in order to download the information that I include on the tree. The purpose for this is to make sure that I can collect my information and data should I decide to close my subscription membership. (I have been a constant Ancestry member since the year 2001.

The fourth rule is that I make sure that I read the fine print and make sure that I have chosen the option that does not relinquish control of my historical data to Ancestry.

The family tree is the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree. If you would like access to the tree you will need an invitation from me. You can sign up with Ancestry, and from what I understand, WITHOUT having to take a membership subscription. Feel free to contact me at

If you have and comment, question, thought, idea please feel free to contact me via email at A Genealogy Hunt.


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Part 899sd - Smith Robertson - Autosomal DNA Results

14 May 2017

Good Day,

And my Autosomal DNA or Ethnicity tests are all in.

I had them done by the 3 major companies - Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, and Ancestry. Whatever flair and marketing substance each individual corporation present here are my results, summarized by major region/area and ethnicity.

Family Tree DNA --

Africa - 4.0%
The Middle East - < 2.0%
European - 80.0%
Jewish Ashkenzai - 13.0%

23andMe --

Africa - 3.7%
The Middle East - < 0.1%
Europe - 85.8%
Jewish Ashkenzai - 10.4%

Ancestry --

Africa - 4.0%
The Middle East - 0.0%
Europe - 83.0%
European Jewish - 13.0%

My major highlights are the British Isles and Jewish Diaspora They are as follows, respectively -

Family Tree DNA - 62.0%; 13.0%
23andMe - 50.8%; 10.5%
Ancestry - 67.0%; 13.0%

For further detailed information regarding Autosomal DNA please check the International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki at, especially the section of "Accuracy of tests".

Autosomal DNA tests can be used to confirm relationships with a high level of accuracy for parent/child relationships and all relationships up to the second cousin level. For all relationships other than parent/child relationships additional contextual and genealogical information is required to confirm the nature of the relationship.

And if you know of anyone else in the family who may be interested in receiving my updates regarding the search please let me know their email mail so I can include them. Who knows, more than my two eyes and my one aging brain definitely may help with this continued search.


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