Part 883sg – Smith Groh Genealogy – Great-Grandfather Wilfred J. Groh – 1938 and 1939

22 September 2014

Good Day,

Today I swing my search and research in a slight different direction. I am currently following the family line of CK’s great-grandfather Wilfred J. Groh. And who knew what would immediately show up when I started the search engines into place.


From the U.S. Yearbooks, 1880-2012 collection on I received two instantaneous hits on the name Wilfred Groh. The hits are pages from the 1938 and 1939 Cardinal Annual yearbook of South Division High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


CK’s great-grandfather Wilfred was a sophomore and a junior in 1938 and 1939, respectively. Here are the pages of the class pictures.

1938 –


Great-grandfather Wilfred highlighted (red box) –

1939 –

Great-grandfather Wilfred highlighted (red oval) –

And the search continues.


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Part 882sr – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Haplogroup R-CTS7822

19 September 2014

Good Day,

Family Tree DNA has confirmed that my Y-DNA Haplogroup is R-CTS7822.  My Y-DNA Haplotree was created in partnership with The Genographic Project.

The following SNPs have shown up as positive: M207+; M173+; P25+; M343+; Z2105+; Z2103+; M269+;  L150+; L23+; and CTS7822+.

And these SNPs are indicated as negative: YSC0000072-; U198-; U152-; U106-; SRY2627-; P66-; P107-; M73-; M65-; M37-; M222-; M18-; M160-; M153-; M126-; L51-; L151-; and F2863-.

In the above Haplotree diagram I have highlighted the positive SNPs in yellow and the negative SNPs in buff.

This is my bloodline descent from three-times great grandfather James Smith of Grenada...(not Granada.) If you are a male descended from my ggg-grandfather James you too should find that your Y-DNA results would be considered the same.

I am still attempting to search and research the origins of James Smith.  As I learn I will try to divulge.

If you have any thoughts, questions, ideas, comments feel free to contact me at A Genealogy Hunt.


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Part 881bd – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1977 Certificate of Death – Grandmother Anna / Anne (née McAteer) Brunhammer

02 September 2014

Good Day,

Today we were able to get a copy of Grandmother Anna / Anne (née McAteer) Brunhammer’s Certificate of Death from the State of Delaware. Grandmother Anne passed away on January 26, 1977.

For the purposes of privacy we have blacked out the corresponding Social Security Number. We attempt to ensure that no corresponding numbers are published or printed in our A Genealogy Hunt.

The following is the indexed record from the site

If you have any thoughts, questions, ideas, comments please feel free to contact me at A Genealogy Hunt.


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