Part 920bk – 1847 Death of GGG-Grandfather Louis Katz

31 October 2018

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Sometimes I need a time of boredom and frustration to lay off my genealogy and the research. And sometimes it just takes a kick, and a few choice finds to put it back into gear, for some time.

On July 13, 2017 I posted “Part 902bk – Brunhammer Katz – Who was GG-Grandmother Marie (née Katz) Brunhammer’s Father?” on A Genealogy Hunt.

It was at this time that I discovered the 1847 death registration of Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Louis Katz. I wasn’t sure that Louis Katz was the father of Great-Great-Grandmother Marie (née Katz) Brunhammer. Today I am almost 100% certain, based on a series of documents and sources that I have been able to find and uncover.

The document was –

My attempt at transcribing –


DECLARATION, faite à l’Hôtel-de-Ville de Soultz, arrondissment deColmar, department du Haur-Rhin, pardevant le Maire, officier de l’état civil,le six Janvier, mil huit cent quarant-sept, à trois heuresde soir, au Décès de Louis Katz, tailleur de pierres.âgé de quarante un ans, né à Durlach (Bavière) domicilié en cette villefils de Frédèric et de Catherine Kleiber, épous de lasurvivante Françoise Schaffhauser, décédé aujourd’huià onze heures de ce matin, dans l’hospice civil de cette ville.Premier declarant: Thibault Buchmann, appariteur, âgé de soixante deux ans.Deuxième declarant: François Buchman, poeintre, âgé de vingt sept ansles deux domiciliés en cette ville. Lecture faite, l’officier de l’état civil, après assure-de décés, a signé avec les comparans, le present acte.

My attempt of translating –

“On the sixth of January one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven, at three o'clock in the evening, of Death of Louis Katz, stonemason, forty-one years old, born in Durlach (Bavaria), residing in this city, son of Frederick and Catherine Kleiber, husband of the survivor Françoise Schaffhauser, who died today at 11 hours of the morning, in the town hospice of this village… "

(I have only translated what I believe is the critical part of the Death Registration.)

From this document we can see and note several clues.

1. GGG-Grandfather Louis Katz was 41 years old when he passed away in 1847.
2. Possible year of birth calculated at 1806.
3. The death registration states that he was born in Durlach, Bavaria.
4. Durlach, Baden, Germany is about a 38-hour walk, according to Google maps, north north east from Soultz, Alsace, France.
5. His surviving wife was listed as GGG-Grandmother Françoise (née Schaffhauser) Katz.
6. His parents are/were GGGG-Frederick and Catherine (née Kleiber) Katz.

And where to next?

My research now moves to Durlach. I am now looking for a Birth Registration for GGG-Grandfather Louis Katz in and about 1806.

Here’s what a current genealogy chart could look like.

The genealogy research and search for ancestors and descendants continue.

Family connections can also be seen on the family tree, the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree. If you would like access to the tree you will need an invitation from me. You can sign up with Ancestry, and from what I understand, without having to take a membership subscription. Feel free to contact me at if you would like to receive an invite to the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree.

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