Part 914sr – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Another DNA 111 Marker Match

17 October 2017

Good Day,

I just received news from Family Tree DNA that my Smith Y-DNA has another 111-Marker match. This time with a 9 Genetic Distance. The match is one John Faree Follis. This now makes that I have 8 relatively close 111 Y-DNA marker matches.

And the surnames of the individuals realizing the match are Fallis/Follis, Robinson, Seymour, and Ware. Not one Smith. 3 Fallis/Follis; 1 Robinson; 3 Seymour; and 1 Ware.

Does this mean that there is possibility that my Smith name may have been something else in a time long ago and faraway?

According to the Family Tree DNA Y-DNA TiP Report, and using the information of matching the latest John Faree Follis there may be a probability of 82.61% that in 12 generations, (that’s 12 generations backwards) we, John Faree Follis and myself, Jim Smith may have shared a common ancestor.

And how long is a generation?

From a male perspective it may be a “generational interval of 31 to 38 years”. (ISOGG, “How long is a generation? Science provides an answer”, by Donn Devine). 

If I use the average of about 34 ½ years my calculation would be that about 12 generations back or about 414 years in the past John Faree Follis and I may have an 82.61% chance of sharing a common male ancestor. That means that maybe around 1603 there may be a Follis who could have been a Smith or a Smith who could have been a Follis. (I think.)

And in our Y-DNA 111-marker matching, between John Faree Follis and me there is a 9 Genetic Distance, according to the tests as provided by Family Tree DNA.

The definition of Genetic Distance used by Family Tree DNA “is the number of differences, or mutations, between two sets of results. A genetic distance of zero means there are no differences in the results being compared against one another, i.e., an exact match.

From my results I have noticed that there is one Jeffrey L. Smith and we match at the 37-Marker test of our Y-DNA. According to Family Tree DNA there is a probability of 89.16% that 12 generations back, about 1603, we may have shared a common ancestor. I wonder if Jeffery L. Smith has ever considering completing the 111-Marker test?

Currently and according to the FTDNA results there are 25 Smith matches at the 12-Marker testing and only two others, excluding myself have completed the 111-Marker testing. All-things-being-equal a possible matching to these two other Smiths falls away considerably as neither of them match my results at the 10 or less Genetic Difference.

If you are a Smith and you may know that you descended from Great-Great-Great Grandfather James Smith please feel free to contact me at if you are thinking about testing your Y-DNA.

And if you know of anyone else in the family who may be interested in receiving my updates regarding the search please let me know their email mail so I can include them. Who knows, more than my two eyes and my one aging brain definitely may help with this continued search.


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