Part 99d – Doherty Genealogy – New Descendant Chart

31 October 2009


Success! Number five expectation of eighteen of myself. I’ve created a new Doherty Descendant Chart using GenoPro. This is the ancestry of Andy’s maternal line, following from his mother Myrtle Francis Gertrude (née Doherty) Brunhammer… also known as “Sis”.

Thank you to Helen and Kitty for providing the information and copies of the Doherty genealogies.


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My Tangent - Halloween and Okonomiyaki


I’m waiting for the grubby little treat-grabbing hands! I ran out of goodies five years ago, and I was thinking of building a moat around my house and fill it with snapper turtles… and make sure that there is an oil slick on the banks to catch any stray that ventures too close. Just kidding, but I’m giving out toothpaste and dental floss this year… and a directory printout of all the dentists in Tampa Bay.

Tonight’s supper is another attempt at an Okonomiyaki… this time with an authentic Japanese griddle cake mix. My first attempt was on July 10, 2009.

The front of the package announces, word-for-word that the “Recipe included is in four language: Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese. Sauce is not included.” Well I don’t read Japanese. I don’t read Korean or Chinese. And the only English on either side of the package are the abbreviations, I think, of the ingredients, sort of in a picture step-by-step process. I’m not a bigot, but the occurrence of 2 – cc’s; 4 – g’s; 1 – kcal; and 1 – mg does not a recipe make!

The only other English is the FDA label indicating the Ingredients and Nutrition Facts.

I did find this recipe, online, for a Hiroshima style, which is a bit different for my intended.
1. 生地:adding wheat dough, heating udon noodle up
2. キャベツ:adding shredded cabbage
3. モヤシ:adding japanese sprout
4. とろろ昆布:adding tangle flakes
5. 生イカ、エビ:adding fresh calamary, fresh shrimp,
6. 豚肉、さらに生地:adding pork, adding wheat dough again
7. turn out
8. 麺を卵に乗せる:put noodle on frying beaten egg
9. 半身を麺の上に乗せる:put all on the noodle side, his work is enough.
10. ソースを塗る:coating sauce
11. 青のりをかける:putting ao-nori
12. 完成!:finished!!
The steps were matched to a series of photographs on Flickr.

Okay, I’m trying. I read French, Spanish, Latin, English, and cryptic English, and with the recent news announcements about the opening of domain names to non-English languages, guess what I’ll be doing… enjoying Okonomiyaki.



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Part 98b – Brunhammer Sixteen Ancestral Lines


Gathering the current information that we have collected to date, I have created a Brunhammer Sixteen Ancestral Lines Chart, continuing from the Eight Ancestral Lines Chart in Part 94b.

As you can see we need your help. At the great-great-grandparent generation we’re missing some information; three names and eight locations of origin. If you have come across any of this vital data please let us know. You can email me or make a comment to this posting.

And as this Chart is unique to Andy, please contact me if you would like a similar one created for you.



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Part 97s – Smith Genealogy – Search For Documentation

30 October 2009


Following up from Part 61s, and ggg-grandfather James Smith’s Last Will and Testament, I have been on the search for the baptism entries of all ggg-grandfather James’ children. These siblings include gg-grandfather James, Jr.; gg-grandaunts Eley, Sophia, and Mary Ann; and gg-granduncles George, Henry, and Thomas. To date I have been able to find four: gg-grandfather James, Jr. – Part 88s; gg-grandaunt Eley – Part 87s; gg-granduncle Henry – Part 89s; and gg-granduncle Thomas – Part 90s.

According to ggg-grandfather James’ Last Will and Testament (LWT) the phrase “To hold the _____ to her and her assigns for and during the terms of her natural life subject to the payment of the sum of Five pounds annually to Mary Smith The reputed daughter of my son George Smith for and during the term of her natural life,…” indicates the very existence of a son, George. George as indicated in the LWT had had a daughter, Mary. And of course, without knowing any other history, searching for a person with the name of Mary Smith is like searching for one named James Smith.

Coincidentally in my research I came upon a Baptism Entry dated 9 July 1828 in the St. George Anglican Church Parish Register for one Mary Victoire Smith. (Source: Microfilm FHL[1523656], Item 4, No. 1800) Mary Victoire Smith was born the 19th of February 1827. Her parents are entered as George Smith and Rose Scott. One of her sponsors was Mary Smith.

Sources: Parish of St. George, Anglican Church, Grenada  and  

My transcription –
A.D. 1828

Mary Victoire, daughter of George Smith & of Rose Scott, a free coloured woman, born on the 19th Febry. 1827, was baptised in St. George’s Church, on Wednesday the 9th day of July 1828, by me

Sgd. John Checkley, Officiating Minister
Elizbth McNure; Mary Smith; Thomas Begg Junr.
In the presence of; sgd. R. Baldwin, Parish Clerk.

Is Mary Victoire Smith “the reputed daughter” as indicated in ggg-grandfather James’ LWT? Coincidences and possibilities:

  • Her name is Mary Victoire Smith. The name is the same as Mary “the reputed daughter” of George Smith.
  • The father is George Smith. This could be George Smith the son of ggg-grandfather James Smith.
  • One of the sponsors is Mary Smith. This person could be the sister of George Smith, Mary Anne Smith.
  • If Mary Victoire Smith was born on 19 February 1827, it is possible that the father, George Smith could have been born around and before 1812.
Not presuming a birth date for gg-granduncle George, I know from the collected documents that there is a possibility that he could have been born sometime around or before 1812 and 1820.
Just I’ve just got to keep looking.

My next posts will be related to gg-grandaunts Sophie and Mary Ann.



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My Tangent - Fog and Chowder

I have been on my phone for almost three hours trying to understand a change in my benefit plan... Exasperation short of frustration.

This morning it’s somewhat overcast with a bit of fog, but not like the days in New Brunswick or Grand Manan. At least I know it’ll burn off shortly down here. And I just looked outside, fog gone, sun shining.

Last night supper sort of a chowder: Italian sausage, potato, carrots, onion, celery, garlic, cabbage, chicken broth and thyme. I used the food processor to chop up the “hard” vegetables as I didn’t want to wait the full extra hour of simmering to soften them. It worked.

I’m trying to get my hands around what I need to accomplish in the Blog in the next week.

My thoughts and expectations:
  • Farm – Plant peas and garden beans, from seed… Hah!
  • Blog – Update links
  • Web Site – Develop Dreamweaver start
  • Research – Smith and Freemasonry in Grenada
  • Research – GG-Grandfather James Smith’s generation and documentation
  • Research – Check to see if I have Baptism entries for gg-granduncle George Smith; gg-grandaunts Sophia (née Smith) Ventour and Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele
  • Research – GG-Grandfather Jacques Brunhammer
  • DNA – Understand new results of Robertson mtDNA, maternal DNA
  • DNA – Confirm results of Brunhammer YDNA
  • GenoPro – Update charts
  • GenoPro – Create Crossley, Scott, Abraham Descendancy charts
  • GenoPro – Create Doherty Descendancy chart
  • TMG – Begin new Brunhammer database
  • Create 16-Line Brunhammer Ancestral Chart
  • Quilts – Post Woven Scraps
  • Quilts – 5 more completed: 2 of 3 of Antique blends; 2 of 5 of Little Sisters; and Trains, Boats, Cars, and Trucks.
  • Quilts – Retake pictures, as sunlight made them look washed out.
  • Quilts – 7 tops done in progress to be quilted
And I'm still on the phone!!!

Try to enjoy your day,

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Part 96b – Brunhammer Genealogy - GG-Grandfather Jacques - 1883 Citizenship

29 October 2009


Well great-great-grandfather Jacques definitely was here! For sure in Pennsylvania and New Jersey...

As to when gg-grandfather Jacques Brunhammer arrived on the shores of the United States is not a readily available date. As I mentioned in Part 92b we spent quite a bit of time searching for a hint of a passenger manifest or some immigration papers that could give us an answer. That search has been unsuccessful. Assistance at The National Archives in Philadelphia informed us that at times there are missing sequences of records, and of course, the sequence of manifests that we need to see, are those that occurred in the last four months of 1875.

But he was here… and he had to have been waiting at the Port of Philadelphia when the Amérique arrived on 17 May 1876. He had to have been there to meet his wife, gg-grandmother Marie and his children, Charles, Eugène, Geies, Jacques, Marie, and Camille.

The Port could well have been extremely crowded and awe-inspiring for the Brunhammer family from Dornach, in Alsace. By the time of the city's Centennial Exposition in 1876, Philadelphia was one of the largest cities in both Europe and America, surpassed only by New York, London, and Paris.

It was the year of the Centennial International Exhibition of Industry, a world’s fair, at Philadelphia. It was also the Centennial year of the United States of America. Seven days before the Brunhammers arrived; the Exposition had been ceremoniously opened by President Ulysses S. Grant on 10 May 1876 at Fairmount Park, as depicted in the above-inserted image.

The Brunhammers must have stared wide-eyed at the crowds of people coming and going at the Port. I can just imagine.

Did they ever get to the Exposition? Can’t say, but it may be nice to think they did, and that they may have visited the France Pavilion, (insert on right). Who knows?

(Sources: Centennial Exhibition Digital Collection, 2001, Free Library of Philadelphia, PA, and Centennial Exposition, Wikipedia.)

And can I say that the celebrations, the grandeur, the people, and the noise convinced gg-grandfather Jacques to quickly accept his and his family’s new found freedom? No, but it’s a nice thought, but we do know that within the next few years on the 21st of October 1880 he petitioned for American Citizenship in Camden County, New Jersey.

On 31 January 1883 in Camden County, New Jersey, gg-grandfather Jacques, aka Jacob Brunhammer swore to and was admitted a Citizen of the United States, duly marked by his “X”. And by the general rule “derivative” citizenship would have been granted to gg-grandmother Marie (aka Mary) and all their children who were under the age of 21. All-things-being-equal all the Brunhammers born in the Alsace region became Citizens.

The following is a copy of gg-grandfather Jacob (aka Jacques) Brunhammer's document of citizenship.

And my transcription -

In the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Camden, New Jersey,
OF THE TERM OF January A.D. 1883

      Be it Remembered, That on the thirty first day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Eighty three personally appeared Jacob Brunhammer, an Alien and Free White Person, and prayed to be admitted a Citizen of the United States, and is thereupon appearing to the Court that the said petitioner did, on the Twenty first day of October eighteen hundred and Eighty - before the Clerk officer

Court of Common Please Camden County

on his oath declare, that it was bona fide his intention to become a Citizen of the United States, and to renounce for-ever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever, and particularly to

Republic of France

of whom he was then a subject, as by a duly certified copy of the record of the said declaration now exhibited to this Court fully appears. And the Court being satisfied, by due proof, that the said petitioner has resided in the United States five years at least, and within the State of New Jersey one year at least, and that during that time he has behaved as a man of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same. And the said petitioner having at this time declared an oath in Open Court, that he will support the Constitution of the United States, and the he doth abso-lutely entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty
whatever, and particularly to the

Republic of France

       of whom he was heretofore a subject.

This Court do thereupon order, that the said Jacob Brunhammer be and he is hereby admitted a Citizen of the United States, agreeably to the Constitution of the United States, and the Acts of Congress in such case made and provided. - Done in Open Court, the day and year first above mentioned.

Jacob X Brunhammer

Court of Common Please of Camden County, Term of January 1883 CAMDEN COUNTY, to wit: William C. Guy of the County of Camden in the State of New Jersey, a Citizen of the United States, being duly sworn according to law, saith, that he is personally acquainted with Jacob Brunhammer the foregoing petitioner; that he is a free white person, and, to deponent's knowledge, has resided within the United States for the continued term of five years at least next preceding this day, without at any_____ during the said five years out the the Territory of the United States, and one year at least within the State of New Jersey; that during that time he has behaved as a man of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same.

Sworn at Camden, this 31- day}
of January 1883 in Open Court.} William C. Guy

CAMDEN COUNTY, to wit Jacob Brunhammer the foregoing petitioner, on his oath declareth that he will support the Constitution of the United States, and that he doth absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Price, Potentate, State and Sovereignty whatever, and par-ticularly to the

Republic of France

          of whom he was before a subject.

Sworn and subscribed, this 31}
day of January 1883 in Open Court.}

Jacob X Brunhammer

Joss Hollinshead

And by this date at least two more American-born Brunhammers had been added to the family clan; Harry and Joseph. Great-granduncle Harry had been born in 1877 in Pennsylvania and great-granduncle Joseph was born in New Jersey in 1880.

And that's it for this afternoon.



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My Tangent – Humidity – Hits - And I’m Listening…

28 October 2009


This morning it was humid. All the windows were trailed in heavy condensation. Right now humidity is 98%... and this means a 50% chance of rain. Huh? No matter what, you go outside, you get wet. Rain or humidity, or sweat!

Three weeks ago we were getting close to 40°F (4.4°C). Right now, at this minute it is 84°F (29°C). Pretty slick how one can figure this out at WolframAlpha. I keyed in "Temperature at 12345 (my zipcode)". And presto, wham! Try it out at WolframAlpha. Next full moons are November 2 and December 21. Clear night means colder weather.

I'm definitely trying not to get myself overwhelmed. Smith – Robertson, Brunhammer – Doherty, Quilting, and My Tangents. And of course this is just to mention my prime topics in my Blog. I certainly have to keep myself organized and focused in each specific direction.

As of last night I was informed that my Blog is being read at a sum total of an average of 41 minutes each day. What does that mean to me? It's fantastic news. It means that either one person is checking out my Blog every day for at least 41 minutes… Or 41 people are checking it out for at least one minute each day. Or 164 people are skipping through the postings at 15 seconds a hit, daily.


And sometimes it's just nice to listen to the music.


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Part 95b – Brunhammer Descendant Chart II

27 October 2009


As I mentioned I have split the Brunhammer descendant line into two Charts: I and II.

Chart I (Part 93b) begins with Andy and follows his paternal blood line through Chart II.

The lineage is as follows:


Father - Eugene John Brunhammer; b.1920, Delaware, USA; d.2001, Delaware, USA

Grandfather – Harry Emmet Anthony Brunhammer; b.1891, Delaware, USA; d.1959, Delaware, USA

Great-Grandfather – Eugène A. Brunhammer; b.c.1868, Dornach, France; d.?, Delaware, USA

GG-Grandfather – Jacques Brunhammer; b.1837, Dornach, France; d.c.1910, Pennsylvania, USA

GGG-Grandfather – Joseph Bruhamer; b.1806, Höchstädt, France; d.1874, Dornach, France

GGGG-Grandfather – Sébastien Brunhammer; b.1780, Höchstädt, France, d.1862, Dornach, France

GGGGG-Grandfather – Conrad Brunhammer; b.1746, Bad Säckingen, France; d.1809, Höchstädt, France

GGGGGG-Grandfather – Joannes Conradus Bruhamer; b.c.1704,? ; d.1776, Bad Säckingen, France

As you can see the surname Brunhammer is represented in a number of different ways and spellings. To date, and dependent upon the source and sources, we have found the following iterations: Brunhammer, Bruhammer, Brunhamer, Bruhamer, and even Preenharness.

Please note that as always, this family history search and research project is always under construction. Data and input can and may change based on the availability and source of documentation and information. If you have any questions please comment here in the Blog or feel free to contact me by email.

Stay tune for more.


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Part 94b - Brunhammer Eight Ancestral Lines

26 October 2009


Got dizzy this morning watching Tinker chase Bella chase Tinker through the house and around the deck at full speed. Taylor was trying to join in but spent more time barking at them. And Tobi just stood there in stunned silence as every round-a-bout circuit included Tinker and Bella scooting between his legs. He was their solitary tunnel of the path.

I quickly drafted Andy's Eight Ancestral Lines chart. As you can see the lines include Brunhammer, Walsh, McAteer, Pierce, Doherty, Sheridan, Holmes, and Gallagher. At this level of ancestry Andy's heritage is 12.5% French, 12.5% British, and 75% American.

I'm working on the next Sixteen Ancestral Lines which should be posted shortly.


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Part 93b – Spotlights and Brunhammer Descendant Chart I

25 October 2009

Last night when I was walking, actually I was hobbling, the dogs, Bella started barking at the night sky. She sometimes barks at birds and planes, as they fly overhead. I’m not really sure what’s in her mind at times, but I think she thinks that she can actually catch something. Well it was dark, and she kept barking. That’s when I saw them. Not birds. Not a plane… but four white circles, skipping around in the evening sky. It was the tracing of some spotlights. Spotlights from the high school a couple of miles away… and a prom or dance I think; it was about midnight. Crazy dog… Ferocious 11-pound canine, chasing spotlights.

Well I began working on a Brunhammer Descendant Chart in GenoPro. It’s one of the genealogy softwares that I use, and it is software that allows me a bit more freedom of a visual perspective and less of a mechanical constriction. I use a number of other genealogical programs dependent upon the types of attributes and features that I want to highlight and work with. When you pick or are looking for a program, think about what it is that you would like to accomplish. There are many ones now available, and if you need any assistance please feel free to get in touch with me.

In this case, and as there are many generations of Brunhammers, and I really do not want to compel you to go blind, I am creating two Brunhammer Descendant Charts. Brunhammer Descendant Chart – I begins with great-great-great grandfather Joseph Brunhammer and flows down to Andy. Please note that I will NOT be providing any information on these charts, or in this Blog, about any living person. Andy’s name, by his permission, will be the only name that may appear simply as a point and person of reference.

The yellow and blue symbols represent Andy's direct blood line. All information on this Descendant Chart is based on current and available information. It may change as new and more correct data is discovered. New and updated data may be entered in red.

Key - The added letters and numbers to the right of a name in the Descendant Chart, for example, I-P92b, can be used to locate an image of the document as it appears in the Blog -; B = Birth; C = Baptism/Christening; M = Marriage; D = Death or Burial; W = Will; I = Item of Interest; 85b = Part 85b. The small letter “b” represents a surname; in this example b = Brunhammer.

Please know that these descendant charts are always a work in progress. Additions, changes, corrections, upgrades, etc., may be made from time to time. If you have any question or comment please feel free to email me.

The next descendant chart, Brunhammer Descendant Chart II will continue back in time, by generations from ggg-grandfather Joseph Brunhammer. It is currently under construction. Stay tuned.


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Part 92b – Brunhammer Genealogy – A New Start

Good After Midnight,

As a number of you know, an initial part of my forage into genealogy; research and data collection were my first efforts with the Brunhammer Family. My reasoning at the time… the Brunhammers presented a stable, location-centric family. I being an immigrant and citizen, I thought that it would be "easier" to learn of an American family and their genealogy as I was living in the United States. It meant to me that I would have American resources at my finger tips, so-to-speak. I also thought that it may be easier to search after a unique surname, Brunhammer, versus my most common one, Smith.

Well that idea lasted back until 1875 and 1876, when the first Brunhammers, the Brunhammer line that I had decided to research, landed at Philadelphia. And that's the beginning of the story… the short version.

Mrs. Marie Bruhammer, (great-great-grandmother Mary Brunhammer), arrived in the United States and disembarked at the Port of Philadelphia on the 17th of May 1876. Great-great-grandfather Jacques, (also known as Jacob) had to have been there to meet his family when they got off the steamship Amérique, (inserted above), after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. All things-being equal they, Mama Marie and her six children boarded the Amérique at Le Havre after having traveled approximately 733 kilometers or about 460 miles across France from near Mulhouse.

Traveling in steerage with great-great-grandmother Marie were Charles – 12, Eugène - 7, Jules - 6, Jacques - 5, Marie – 2, and Camille - 1. As the years pass in the United States their names would be Americanized to Mary, Charles, Eugene, Geies then Julius, Jacob, Mary, and Thomas. Great-great-grandfather Jacques also becomes known, at times, as Jacob. The voyage began in Le Havre and proceeded across the English Channel to Plymouth, England and then across the Atlantic possibly to New York and then on to Philadelphia.

In our search we have not been able to find any migration information as yet for great-great-grandfather Jacques, but subsequent documentation confirms that he was most definitely in the United States, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. As his family arrived in Philadelphia in May of 1876, we searched all passenger manifests hoping to find his arrival at a prior date. But the search has been to no avail, especially in light of the fact that we have not been able to find the records and manifests for the last four months of 1875. A trip to the National Archives in Philadelphia confirmed to us that the records for those four months are missing. And so a dead end… but he did come to the United States, and we have documented proof that he did live here.

The following are the introduction page and page listing the Bruhammers from the 1876 Steamship Amérique passenger manifest.

Sources: Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1800-1882. 
Micropublication M425. RG036. Roll # 425_94. 
National Archives, Washington, D.C., and, Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 
1800-1945 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA.

My transcription of the 1st image –

Name of Vessel, Steamship "Amérique".
Nation of Vessel, France..
Name of Master, A. Pouzolz..
Port Sailed from, Havre & Plymouth..
Number of Aliens, 176..
Number of Citizens, 88..
Consignees, Louis de Bébian..
Owners, General Transatlantic Company of Paris.

And my transcription of the 2nd image –
No. – 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249, 250
NAME OF PASSENGER. – Mrs. Bruhammer Marie, -d.- Charles, -d- Eugéne, -d- Jules, -d- Jacques, -d- Marie, -d- Camille
AGE. – 33, 12, 7, 6, 5, 2, 1
COUNTRY OF BIRTH. – Alsace, d, d, d, d, d, d
LAST LEGAL RESIDENCE. – Alsace, d, d, d, d, d, d
COUNTRY CLAIMING ALLEGIANCE – Alsace, d, d, d, d, d, d
- no, no, no, n

The "d" or similar mark represents "ditto". Notice also how "Alsace" is designated as a "Country". And of course, this means some more research...

And this begins my research and search of the Brunhammer Genealogy. Feel free to comment or email me. Also feel free to subscribe to my Blog and receive current notifications of postings.


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My Genealogy - New Directions

24 October 2009

Good Afternoon,

And I thought that I needed more to do!

With the advancement of PC technology and software, genealogy and ancestry websites, Y- and mtDNA, to name a few topics, over the past seven years, along with the number of times that my PCs have been zapped by some of the powers that be, I have decided to venture into a new upgrade. This is a new upgrade, (for the lack of a better term), or a remake of my earlier work of the Brunhammer genealogy and family line research. I’m thinking about how to make it more user-friendly for you to check out my work, the work that you are interested in on my Blog.

I have had a number of positive comments regarding the link list: “10 Most Recent Postings”. One major issue is that there may be a number of new postings in one day, and unless you check my Blog every single day, which of course you are most welcome to, you may miss out on that work that is specifically of interest to you.

My topics include, but are not limited to: Smith and Robertson Genealogy; Brunhammer and Doherty Genealogy; Quilts; My Tangents. I would like to make an effort to have a central Link Index so-to-speak to assist you to get to that which interests you. And of course I certainly do not mind you wading through my other work. (I definitely need to get the work started on the website!)

In the left-hand green column you can see and scroll to the following “5 Most Recent…” link lists:
  • 5 Most Recent Smith Robertson Postings
  • 5 Most Recent Brunhammer Doherty Postings
  • 5 Most Recent Quilt Postings
  • 5 Most Recent My Tangent Postings
Hope this works for you. Please feel free to make a comment or email directly.




Et j'ai pensé que j'avais besoin de plus à faire!

Avec les progrès de la technologie PC et des logiciels, sites Web de généalogie et l'ascendance, Y et l'ADNmt, pour n'en nommer que quelques sujets, au cours des sept dernières années, ainsi que le nombre de fois que mon PC ont été zappé par certains des pouvoirs qui être, j'ai décidé de s'aventurer dans une nouvelle mise à jour. Cette nouvelle mise à jour est, (pour le manque d'un meilleur terme), ou un remake de mon premier ouvrage, à la généalogie de la généalogie Brunhammer et la recherche de la lignée familiale. Je pense à comment le rendre plus convivial pour vous de vérifier mon travail, le travail que vous êtes intéressé sur mon Blog.

J'ai eu un certain nombre de commentaires positifs concernant la liste des liens: "10 offre la plus récente». Un problème majeur, c'est qu'il n'y mai restera un certain nombre de nouveaux affichages en un jour, et sauf si vous vérifier mon blog chaque jour, ce qui bien sûr, vous êtes les bienvenus, vous manquez à mai, sur cette œuvre qui est spécifiquement d'intérêt pour vous.

Ils comprennent, sans s'y limiter: la généalogie de les familles Smith et Robertson, la généalogie de les familles Brunhammer et Doherty; couettes; mon tangentes. Je tiens à faire un effort pour avoir un indice de référence centrale, de manière à prendre la parole pour vous aider à arriver à ce qui vous intéresse. Et bien sûr, je ne verront aucun inconvénient vous pataugeant dans mes autres travaux, tant qu'il n'est pas demandé comme privé. (Je dois absolument faire le travail commencé sur le site!)

Dans la colonne de gauche verte, vous pouvez voir et faire défiler à la suivante "5 plus récents ..." listes de liaison:
  • 5 Most Recent Smith Robertson Postings
  • 5 Most Recent Brunhammer Doherty Postings
  • 5 Most Recent Quilt Postings
  • 5 Most Recent My Tangent Postings
Espérons que cela fonctionne pour vous. S'il vous plaît n'hésitez pas à faire un commentaire, ou par courriel à moi directement.

Bon chance,


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Part 91s – Smith Genealogy – Updated Descendant Chart


I would like to welcome all of you new readers to my Blog. If you do not find what you are looking for please feel free to ask. Add your comment or question to a posting or send me an email.

I've updated the James Smith Descendant Chart, which can be usually found in the blue section of the left-hand column. The Key to understanding the format of each Descendant Chart is the added letters and numbers to the right of a name. For example, C-P49s, can be used to locate an image of the document as it appears in a posting on the Blog. The abbreviations are as follows: B = Birth; C = Baptism/Christening; M = Marriage; D = Death or Burial; W = Will; P49s = Part 49s.

I get a bit befuddled sometimes, (and what else is new), by the Blogger search engine but you can key in a code, name, word, phrase, etc., and after you click on the Search button you may be provided with a list of possible hits relating to your search entry. Remember it is a machine that is trying to match your thoughts to whatever is in the Blog data storage.

When I typed in "Part 49s" in the search box in the top of the left-hand green column I was greeted with "No Results". But when I typed "Part 49" without the "s" the engine produced five results of which the third one was the choice I was searching for. And as I was taught, many moons ago, if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. Remember it is your thought process being matched by a machine trying to match to my thought processes. And please my insurance doesn't cover remote PC crashes.

And here is the newest and 6th update of the James Smith Descendant Chart.

@ 2009, Jim Smith


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Part 90s – Smith Records – 1820 GG-Granduncle Thomas Smith

23 October 2009


I continue to keep digging into the Smith family data that I have amassed over the past while… and in turn; I am attempting to provide you with the genealogical information that may you be interested in keeping in your files, electronic or paper. And I'm just thoroughly enjoying sitting here at my working PC as the ripped muscle heals in my left leg.

Of ggg-great-grandparents James Smith and Mary Ann Doret, the next child, number seven, and fourth son is gg-granduncle Thomas Smith. Per the St. George Parish Register entry, he was born 5 November 1820 and baptised on the 1st January 1822.

Again this entry is on record as a transcription of the original Parish Register. I found it on the microfilm FHL[1523656] in Item 4.

Sources: Parish of St. George, Anglican Church, Grenada  and Family History Library

My transcription –

A.D. 1822.


Thomas, son of James Smith and of Mary Anne Dorette born on the 5th day of November 1820 and baptised on the 1st day of January 1822

Sponsors:- Mary Ferguson
Thomas Cunningham, Alexander Munroe, Elizbth Aerstein.

Sgd. Francis McMahon

Check the Early Smith Baptisms Chart in the left-hand blue column.

That's it for this one.


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Part 89s - Smith Records - 1818 GG-Granduncle Henry Smith

Morning Again,

I'm trying something new. Again. This time WordPress through Dreamweaver, and I haven't got a clue of what I'm doing. The problem is that I have been procrastinating learning both. And now I've decided to bite the proverbial bullet and see if the grey matter between my ears may have a couple of good synapses and neurotransmitters left.

And I thought I would play it a wee bit simple.

I am introducing a transcription of the 1819 Baptism Entry to the St. George Parish Register for great-great-granduncle Henry Smith. He was born on the 3rd of March 1818 and baptised the 1st of January 1819. This entry was discovered on the microfilm FHL[1523656] in Item 4. (Please note - Items in the FHL microfilms are the equivalent of chapters.

From my understanding this portion of the Register was damaged and it was transcribed in the early 1900s. So I'll follow with my transcription of the transcription of the orginal entry number 418.

Sources: Parish of St. George, Anglican Church, Grenada 


A.D. 1819


Henry, son of James Smith and Mary Ann Dorette born the 3rd of March 1818 and baptised 1st January 1819.

Sponsors:- Ambrose Hayling

Catherine Alderidge, Rose Herbert, John Chapman

sgd. Francis McMahon

Based on the information I have been able to gather at this point, gg-granduncle Henry was ggg-grandparents James Smith and Mary Ann Doret's sixth child and third son. Please note the way as discussed in Part 88s ggg-grandmother Mary Ann's surname is now spelled a third way - Dorette. I have found Doret, Doral, and now Dorette.

And I just realized that there is one hell of a lot to learn in both WordPress and Dreamweaver... but I'll continue.

Please feel to email me or comment to any of my postings.


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Part 88s – Smith Records – 1815 GG-Grandfather James Smith

22 October 2009

Morning again,

And following on the heels of his older sister, gg-grandaunt Eley Smith, I was to locate in the same Parish Register of St. George the baptism entry for great-great-grandfather James Smith. From the microfilm FHL[1523656], Anglican Church Parish Records, 1784-1971.

You know this genealogy thing at times can be really strange. I know my name is Jim, James Smith, and before I started this lifetime project I never knew that I had two grandfathers also named James; ggg- and gg-grandfathers James. But my name James is not of a family tradition, that is, of naming the eldest son of the eldest son. I was named for my uncle James Robertson, my mother's Brother Jimmy. (See my posting on May 25, 2009.) The discovery of my two grandfathers, with the same name, albeit the most common name in the English language, ties me to both lines of my ancestry; Smith and Robertson.

Sources: Parish of St. George, Anglican Church, Grenada 

Examining the baptismal entry for gg-grandfather James and with today's PC software tools available, I have been able to clean the page up somewhat.

As you can see from the age of the original document, from 1815, 194 years ago, the page which was microfilmed is in good condition. From the newer softwares, and using a gamma function, allows me to reduce the amount of visible bleeding from the back page which was a part of the actual filmed copy. A contrast function then helps me to highlight the part of the document that I want to read and transcribe.

My transcription of the last entry on the page is as follows –

A.D 1815


James son of James Smith and of Mary Anne Doral born 20th of March 1815 and Baptised 23d of April 1815


Louis Grenade
Elizabeth Grenade
Martha _____

Francis McMahon

If you compare this baptism entry to the one made in 1814 for gg-grandaunt Eley Smith, you'll notice that gg-grandmother Mary Ann's name is entered somewhat differently. ( See Part 87s.) In 1814, it is Mary Ann Doret, and in the above one of 1815 it is what appears to be Mary Anne Doral. In both cases the person who made the entries appears to be the same, Francis McMahon.

A new question comes to mind regarding the two of the names of the sponsors: Louis Grenade and Elizabeth Grenade. Based on the discovery of the name of "my Sister Betsey La Grenade" as written in ggg-grandfather James' Last Will and Testament, entered 21 February 1843, (see Part 61s), and the possibility that "Betsey" could be a diminutive form of Elizabeth, could this Elizabeth Grenade be gg-grandfather James' aunt and his father's sister? And then the next question… Is the sponsor Louis Grenade her husband? Something to think about…


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Part 87s – Smith Records – 1812 GG-Grandaunt Eley Smith

Early Morning,

I discovered a Baptism entry in my search through the Anglican Parish Register of St George, Grenada. The entry was found on the microfilm FHL[1523656] depicting the Anglican Church Parish Records, 1784-1971.

Based on the details provided in the first entry on the page, this would have been great-great-grandaunt Eley Smith. She was born on the 17th of March 1812 to ggg-grandparents James Smith and Mary Ann Doret. The entry was entered by Francis McMahon and she was baptised on the 10th of June 1814 when she was two years old.

Sources: Parish of St. George, Anglican Church, Grenada
Family History Library

My transcription...

looking through the bleeding of the ink on the page and from the back page, I read –
A.D. 1814


Eley Daughter of James Smith and of Mary Ann Doret born the 17th day of March 1812 was baptised the 10th day of June 1814.

James Gordon

Francis McMahon
From the records found to date, gg-grandaunt Eley Smith was the eldest of the seven children of gg-grandparents James Smith and Mary Ann Doret. (Please check the James Smith Descendant Chart found in the left-hand green column.)

One question that may arise is: Did gg-grandaunt Eley Smith’s name appear on ggg-grandfather James Smith’s last will and Testament? I cannot match anyone of the names included on the 1843 copy of the will to her name. See Part 61s.

The search continues.


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This Is My Tangent - PC Is Back - Beauty in An Artist

21 October 2009

My PC is back and up and running. Hallelujah! And it cost me two weeks and $35.00… That’s it! Do I worry about the Zap Cap insurance process for the $35.00? Hell no, but if I was charging for my time based on my billing rate seven years ago, you know I would. Enough said. It’s up and running and only took me four trips to the PC Shoppe. And Carbonite is backing up as required.

I was just mesmerized in the beauty of  Kseniya Simonva's art.  She won the 2009 Ukraine's Got Talent competition.  It is amazing.

Check out the articles at the Guardian, the San Francisco Examiner, the Daily Telegraph.

Art is in all of us. Our words, our brushes. Our cameras, our music... even in the tips of our hands. And all I can offer you are the links.


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This Is My Tangent - No PC and Taco Pie

20 October 2009


Frustration is now beginning to really set it in. I have not received any word on my PC, which is holding me back from doing quite a bit on my research. Carbonite even contacted me and wondered that they had not had connection to be able to back up. Well there's nothing to back up right now... and I know I'm going to have to make a Zap Cap insurance claim... to recoup parts, work, and services paid for "no service" connections.

I worked a bit on the Anderson Blog, which you can always check it out at Genealogy, The Anderson Garcia Saga. This is not a part of my own family lines but it allows me to focus and gain skills in areas of genealogy that I more than likely would never encounter. Its sort of a "hone my skills" project.

At times I may be researching and working in a specific area when a light bulb will flash, sort of "Hey! This is a technique I could be using with my Smith Family work. And do you realize that the new light-bulbs may mean that as we progress our ideas my be eco-friendly but a little bit more complicated.

And I really do not want to start a new project in my organization or the development of a website as I really do not know what I can do, if that makes any sense.

I spent some time learning more HTML coding which I'm sure will help on my intended website, but I don't want to crowd my efforts into this Blog.

Last night's supper was a Taco pie... flour tortillas, ground pork, onion, green peppers, jalapeños, Mexican and cheddar cheese, and tortilla chips... Sounded like a nacho, but no where the same amount of grease... I even made homemade Taco seasoning... No MSG!

And I could spend some more time whining, but it certainly won't get me much further.

Enjoy my PC-less day,

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This Is My Tangent - Benefits and Cockles of My Toes

17 October 2009

No PC yet and so I'm rambling, sort of.

It's that time of year I just dread. Nothing to do with the weather. Nothing to do with people. Nothing to do with food. It all has to do with the time of year when I find out what health and welfare benefits have been cut-back from my existing plans. And sure enough they've done it again.

The plans have increased the deductibles. This time by 500%!!! Not 5%... Not 50%... but 500%. And there are no other choices. And nowhere to offset the increased cost of living. And the response I got to my inquiry is that it will only cost me $2.00 more a month. Total BS! I have to pay more for the privilege, to the powers that be, to increase the amount I have to put out. Mathematically that does not compute. I really thought if I paid more I would realize a reduction when I have to pay for services. Nope! The only offsetting positive is that I do not have to wait too long for a service or in a waiting room. Translation, if I want to live longer I have to pay more... That's the take home message. Okay so much for my soapbox... but think about it.

And guess what came in the mail this afternoon... The new benefits package. They could have saved the money and not cut down the trees!

It's now 67°F or 19.4°C. That's another 12 degree drop from yesterday and a 25 degrees from the day before. We're headed for our southern winter. My feet are cold. So it's Jamaican patties for supper, to warm up the cockles of my toes, if toes have cockles.

That's it for today,

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This Is My Tangent - Manglewurtzel - Punkie Nite - DuckDuckGo

16 October 2009

Afternoon, from the dark void of the almost cold front in Tampa... It's currently 79°F or about 26°C... Humidity 94%. That means its wet outside and the crops are enjoying the rain, and I'm reminded of my teaching days in Oromocto.

And I thank myself for wishing me "Happy Boss's Day!"

Deborah and Lynn, I'm now looking for manglewurtzel or mangold wurtzle seeds. Has anybody got any? Does anyone know how I could get any? I checked online, via Google and Bing, and on DuckDuckGo, but to no avail. And Sandy this is all due to your 1861 Agri Census.

But I did find out that the last Thursday in October, the 29th this year, is Punky Nite... And as you all know of my dire distaste for Hallowe'en, as it has developed in this continent, I think I will only celebrate Punky Nite from now on. So I'm looking for a large manglewurtzel to carve into a will 'o wisp... and I'm off to Somerset. And the 29th is a day of other celebrations.

You do realize that I am going... have gone, stir crazy, bonkers, without my PC! I suppose I cannot see myself in a post-apocalyptic world, sans keyboard. (And I do not count my notebook as my PC.) It does not proffer me my necessities and varied gizmos, all at my finger tips, so-to-speak.

Exactly how soon would I expect word on the new hard-drives? That's right, both my hard drives have been affected by the Teco zap! The one tera-byte and the 500 giga-byte! And when I discussed the backing up of the hard-drives with the young person who is working on them, I remembered to tell him to make sure to "clone" not just back up the hard-drives. I recollect not mentioning cloning a number of years ago. I then got back my data but not my organization, that is, the software and the ways that I had set up my original configuration and associations. I just want to be sure that it doesn't happen again.

Just a note. In my genealogy work I make sure I don't only stick exclusively to one specifc search engine. There are many out there on the Internet and the World Wide Web that can provide you with sometimes that key iota of information that you are looking for.

Last night as I was showing someone to use search engines and I keyed in my uncle James Duncan Alexander Robertson's name. I discovered two websites that have his nationality incorrectly entered as Canadian. From my current knowledge, my Uncle Jim was born in 1923, Jamaica, a British citizen and he passed away in 1945 in the East Indian Ocean, a British citizen. He did serve, in World War II, in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Here's a fact from Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Canada's first citizenship act came into effect on Jan. 1, 1947. Residents were considered British subjects until then. The Oxford English Dictionary defines:

1. Nationality - The status of belonging to a particular nation.
2. Citizenship - A legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth.

My discussion last night was about how one must check and cross-check the time and history when providing genealogical information, to ensure viability.

And I need my fixed PCs.


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Hard Drive Under Warranty, Turkish Mosaics, Free Masons - Smiths & Abrahams

13 October 2009


JK said to me, "You always are having trouble with your PC. In the five years I've had mine I've never had an issue." And now proven to me this morning, it isn't me. It isn't my PC. It's the bloody electric company. The three quick surges that happened late last week appears to have fried my hard drive. And I have all the protection. Praise be that the warranty is still in place, and everything is backed up at Carbonite. I swear the electric company does not like my work on genealogy. I think I will make a quick trip to Haiti and find a pin-stick-in-doll named Teco.

Just found out from the PC shoppe that the have to order a new replacement tera-byte hard drive. And it just dawned on me that I have hard drive capacity of one trillion bytes. I can't even grasp that amount. And the warranty is in effect. They have to clone the old hard drive, which will take some time. Hopefully will be back to snuff in a week.

The rainstorm two nights ago pounded the new zucchini plants, but they look like they made it. And the rest of the new farm plantings appear to be okay. Sunday night's supper was another attempt on Okonomiyaki. This time with tempura flour... Looks like it may become a quick staple in this house. Monday's supper, some concoction with eggplant and basil from the farm and spicy pork sausage. Just let me know if you're dropping in well in advance, and I'll tell you what to pick up at the store.

Work on the new quilts is picking up and soon, once the hard drive is up we'll have seven more posted. I am working on a new design series that somehow incorporates Turkish glass mosaics. Hopefully I can get the effect. Andy thinks that he will be able to sew the new quilt design. (I always have check on with him first, otherwise my work on a design is for naught.) Stay tuned.

I've been reading Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol. It's a good read and I've decided to do a bit of search and kick it into gear regarding my great-great and great-great-great-grandfathers James Smith and their possible Free Masonry memberships. I know that Bernard had traced down similar information regarding great-great-grandfather Benjamin Victor Abraham's membership, but all that info and data is on my absent hard drive. Hopefully there may be information on file that could lead me further into the past lives of my grandfathers.


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This Is My Tangent - Electric Companies, PCs and Basil

11 October 2009

Good Morning,

I'm beginning to rue the day that I was attuned to the necessity of electricity. Over the number of years that I have lived in this house, I believe that there is some sort of conspiracy, one that includes a series of concentric red circles with the number 4216 emblazoned at the middle. It is a devious plot by our electric company to sway power, sorry about the pun, over me. Concurrently over the last two days there has been power spikes, or surges, or interruptions, call them what you will, that have zapped my house, all my appliances and electronic equipment. Yes and including my PC.

Over the last number of years I have lost four PCs because of the strikes. And I have the latest, supposedly, and greatest, supposedly, of all protections. (I can't think of any polite expletive at this point that may convey my frustration... so please bear with me.) And now I have to take my PC in to the PC repair shoppe on Monday morning to determine the damage. Praise be that everything is backed up. And I do have my Notebook. The spikes just never seem to faze the Notebook... (I wonder if there is a message there someplace.) And I can't believe that I pay for the privilege of electric power... Some bloody privilege!

I know I have to pay for the product... otherwise I could move to a log cabin somewhere in some hinterland and then I would be chopping wood on a regular basis. But I do NOT appreciate having to listen to and be forwarded through by 12 automated answering idiot-bots to be told to please call back during working business hours. The sexless sounding automated voice then instructed me to, by my choice of either voice or keypad, to report my problem. And of course my problem was not one of the choices... I have always hated multiple choice tests. And so I said "Yes"... to what I do not know... but that I had had an outage. Half-an-hour later a real human called me and she told me that there had been a power outage in my neighborhood. No shit! She was astounded that I asked where, when, and why? I told her that I needed the info for the surge insurance company. She was a bit shocked. (Sorry, pun.) The astounding thing is that it was her company that sold me the serge protection insurance.

My issue with my Notebook is that the arrows, the Page Up and the Page Down and the Delete keys are too, too near the Enter key. The little finger on my right hand is always accidently hitting, touching one of the neighboring keys, which of course, throws my typing in all directions. I just need to complain.

I was out this morning checking the farm with Mr. Green Jeans. Zucchini and tomato plants seem to be doing okay. There are a number of eggplants from the last planting that need to be harvested. (Boy do I sound like a farmer.) Two of the new pepper plants and some of the cilantro have wilted in the unseasonable heat. The culantro, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower appear to have found a firm grounding, and I hope the papaya tree likes the location where I planted it. The new basil, I forget the type, is doing fine, and the other basils, planted before, are still flourishing. Maybe we won't be eating a $500.00 tomato this season.

I was invited to give a talk yesterday at a mini-conference in Lutz about working on foreign documents without having to speak the actual language. It seemed to have been received well by the attendees. Feedback was good.

Well that's all for this morning, and maybe today. Gonna spend some time playing the piano. My audience this morning - six soundly snoring quadrupeds.

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Part 86r – Robertson Records – Great-Grandaunt Agnes Miller Robertson at 70

08 October 2009


Sometimes I feel like I bite onto something and there's an idea in my teeth that just won't let go. Guess what, or should I say guess who I found this morning? Of course you know. I gave the answer right away in the title. I discovered great-grandaunt Agnes Miller Robertson in the 1911 England Census.

1911 England Census

My transcription –

NAME AND SURNAME – 2. Agnes Miller Robertson
RELATIONSHIP to Head of Family – Visitor
AGE (last Birthday) and SEX, Ages of Females – 70
PROFESSION or OCCUPATION of Persons ages ten years and upwards, Personal Occupation – do do (Private means)
BIRTHPLACE of every person – Northumberland N. Shields
Postal Address - 39 Upper Upper Rock Gardens, Brighton
Brighton in Sussex in England.

But now I need to find great-grandaunt Agnes Miller Robertson listed on the 1891 and 1901 Censuses.

To date I have discovered her on the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, and now the 1911 Censuses. I have also found her birth registration at Part 68r. Such a way to follow a life history…


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Part 85b – Brunhammer Haplogroup I2a & Origin

07 October 2009

Good day,

Following up from my genealogical research and the Brunhammer family in Part 83b, we've been waiting, and waiting, and biting our nails to the quick. (Just a quick note… The label Part 85b in the title is my way of keeping track of my genealogical research in the Blog. In this case the "b" stands for Brunhammer.)

Andy's, the Brunhammer's predicted Haplogroup results came in this morning. It is I2a. That is, the letter "I"… not L… nor the number 1. Remember I2a. It's the first set of results, and predictions returned from the 12-Marker test.

The Human Y chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroups are lettered A through T. They are further subdivided using numbers and lower case letters. (These are established by the Y Chromosome Consortium.) You can read about it in much more detail on Wikipedia.

Source: Haplogroup I (Y-DNA)

On the inserted chart, you can see the position where Haplogroup I is located. Whereas the ancestry of I is widespread in Europe, I2 is more localized to Central and Southeast Europe and Sardinia.

Andy's Brunhammer Y-Haplotree, from Family Tree DNA is pictured on the right.

Predicted Haplogroup Y-Haplotree
Source: Family Tree DNA

You can incorporate the two Trees together at point I.

In the research, the Y-chromosomal "Adam" is the name given by researchers to the male who is the most recent patrilineal (male-lineage) ancestor of all humans. (See the top of the first inserted chart.)

Andy's, the Brunhammer's, migration map shows the origin of "Adam", the Y-Chromosome Adam, from 60,000 years ago. From the information provided, it should be noted that while he was not the only male living at the time, no other lineages remain today.

Haplogroup I Migration Map
Source: Family Tree DNA

Following the migration path from "Adam" you can see the travel out of Africa and into the Middle East. Based on a continued migration, the parent, (Haplogroup F), of most non-African branches was born, somewhere about 45,000 years ago. Then some 25,000 years ago Haplogroup I originated either in the Middle East or in Southern Europe. This was sometime during the last ice age when people took refuge along the Mediterranean. At the end of the ice age, members of the I2a branch spread north into Eastern Europe and west along the Mediterranean.

And here's where it becomes a waiting game…


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Part 84r – Robertson Records - GGG-Grandmother Agnes (née Miller) - Grasshoppers

06 October 2009


And I'm in a quandary. I sat down at my PC to delve into my genealogy and my research, but I keep thinking about supper. I have a hankering for something nice for supper.

I can't make up my mind as to exactly what, so I immediately turned to my handy electronic cookbook, the Internet. And what catches my eye? "How to Cook Grasshoppers." Fair, I'll bite… Sorry about the very bad pun, but I know that I do not have any grasshoppers in the kitchen, and it's late, and it's been raining pretty hard, and I'm not sure if there are any stores close by with such a product. So I'm safe. I'll not be cooking grasshoppers for supper.

To satisfy my curiosity I start reading the instructions on How to Cook Grasshoppers at wikiHow. Apart from the fact that the initial coaching indicates that "they must be cooked to kill any parasites that they may be carrying", I read that "the flavor is comparable to shrimp, crab or lobster!" But it's the second step that would really turn me away… "Put your quarry in a container to keep them alive." I do not picture my food as quarry. Quarry is just not a word that I use in suburban living. Oh well…

But just a note to the squeamish out there, grasshoppers and shrimp are arthropods. They are both animals that are a part of the Phylum Arthopoda… known by their jointed limbs and cuticles. So if you eat a shrimp, you may be eating a grasshopper's distant cousin… and I'm back to genealogy… And I may be eating Chinese take-out for supper. Craig, Paula, have you ever eaten at Chapulines at Hugo's in Houston? I want to.

Back to my search and research of my ancestors named Agnes.

To date:
  1. Grandaunt Agnes Harriett Robertson; b. 1883; d. 1958,
  2. Great-Grandaunt Agnes maybe Miller Robertson; b. 1841; d. unknown, and
  3. 1st Cousin Twice Removed Margaret Agnes Jaques; b. 1861; d. 1861.
The next Agnes on my list is my great-great-great-grandmother Agnes (née Miller) Robertson. She was the wife of my three-times great grandfather Thomas Robertson and possibly grandmother to great-grandaunt Agnes maybe Miller Robertson. At Part 75r I was able to provide the 1805 Old Parochial Register for the Parish of Glasgow in the County of Lanark which depicts the birth registration of great-great-grandfather John Robertson.

Following that I was able to obtain a copy of the 1804 Old Parochial Register page which shows the entry for the 17 August 1804 marriage of ggg-grandparents Thomas and Agnes (née Miller) Robertson. The registration the Parish of Glasgow and the County of Lanark follows:

Transcribed –
269. Glasgow 29th July 1804

Robertson Thomas Robertson, Weaver in Glasw & Agnes Miller, Residenter there. Married 17th August by Mr. William Watson, Burgher Seceder Minister in Glasgow.

Great-great-great-grandmother Agnes' maiden name was Miller. Could not her son, great-great-grandfather John have named his 2nd daughter for his mother's full name, Agnes Miller? Scottish naming patterns or patronymics; a named derived from one's father's ancestor, may have the answer. From ScotlandsPeople:

Scots often named children by following a simple set of rules:

1st son named after father's father
2nd son named after mother's father
3rd son named after father
1st daughter named after mother's mother
2nd daughter named after father's mother
3rd daughter named after mother

This is a possible ruling. Great-grandaunt Agnes Miller Robertson may have been named for her father's mother, great-great-great-grandmother Agnes (née Miller) Robertson. Success! Maybe?

I cannot explain why great-granduncle William Donnison Robertson, son of great-great-grandfather John and his first wife Margaret (née Donnison) was named William… but, the naming pattern fits for great-granduncle Thomas Miller Robertson, the oldest son of great-great-grandfather John and his second wife, great-great-grandmother Margaret (née Megwire) Robertson. Both of their fathers, three-times great-grandfathers, were named Thomas; Thomas Robertson and Thomas Megwire.

And on that note I will stop writing, before I get myself thoroughly confused.


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Part 83b - Brunhammer YDNA - Is It Bosnia Herzegovina? Scandinavia? Sardinia?

05 October 2009

News Flash… Just in… 393=13… 390=24… 19=16… 391=11… 385a=13… 385b=15… 426=11… 388=12… 439=12… 389-1=13… 392=11… 389-2=31

Andy is waiting. The first results of his YDNA testing are back from Family Tree DNA. The first 12. Loci 1 through 12... and the scrolling DYS #s and the resulting Alleles. In other words, so far, the actual allele values for 12 locations, DYSs, on his Y chromosome.

Andy is waiting for his Haplogroup. Haplogroups are predicted based on 12-marker results. The Haplogroups are the major branches on the Y chromosome tree.

Fundamentally, a locus is a specific spot in the genome. The DYS is DNA Y-Chromosome Segment, the "name" of each marker.

The YDNA marker results are matched against other individuals who have had the testing done. There are 12-, 25-, 37- and 67-marker tests available. The more markers that match the great the probability that there is a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) shared with another person.

Andy is waiting for results... for a total of 67-markers.

Y chromosomes are passed from father to son, to son, to son, generation to generation. Andy's Y chromosomes were passed to him by his father Eugene John, which were passed to him by his father Harry Emmet Anthony, which were passed to him by his father Jacques aka Jacob, which were passed by his father Joseph... and so on, and so on, and so on, back to who we believe, Joannes Conradus Bruhamer of 1704.  (The big blue circle on the above inserted map is the location mentioned in the earliest document we have on file for Joannes Conradus.)

But what does this mean?

It means that all of the male descendants of Joannes Conradus Bruhamer should have the same Y-DNA results. It means that each of J, S, P, J, E, T, B, T, M, P, W, W, E, R, J, W, A, M, N, T, and plus, should have the same Y-DNA results as Andy. (Sorry ladies and sisters, just the males.)

Andy's immediate results also show five 12-Marker exact matches. These are matches to five other persons whose information and testing is with Family Tree DNA. But stay tuned... Keep checking at this Blog. We'll have updates as we hear.

Is it Bosnia Herzegovina? Scandinavia? Sardinia?


Jim and Andy.

S'il vous plaît excuser mon français.

Andy est en attente. Les premiers résultats de ses tests de YDNA sont de retour de Family Tree DNA. Les 12 premiers. Loci: 1 à 12 ... et les DYS# s au sommet, et les allèles qui en résulte. En d'autres termes, jusqu'à présent, les valeurs réelles des allèles pour 12 sites, DYSs, sur son chromosome Y.

Andy attend son haplogroupe. Haplogroupes sont prévus à partir du 12-marker résultats. Le Haplogroupes sont les principales branches de l'arbre chromosome Y.

Fondamentalement, un lieu est une place spécifique dans le génome. La DYS est le DNA du chromosome Y du segment, le «nom» de chaque marqueur.

Les résultats marqueur YDNA sont comparées avec d'autres individus qui ont eu le test terminé. Il ya 12 -, 25 -, 37 - and 67-marqueur de tests disponibles. Les marqueurs de plus qui correspondent à la probabilité que le grand qu'il existe un plus récent ancêtre commun (MRCA), commune à une autre personne.

Andy est en attente des résultats ... pour un total de 67 marqueurs.

Chromosomes Y sont transmis de père en fils, de fils, de fils, de génération en génération. Les chromosomes Y d'Andy, ont été transmis à lui par son père Eugène-Jean, qui ont été transmises à lui par son père Harry Emmet Anthony, qui ont été transmises à lui par son père, Jacques alias Jacob, qui ont été transmises par son père Joseph ... et ainsi de suite, et ainsi de suite, et ainsi de suite, de retour à ce que nous croyons Joannes Conradus Bruhamer de 1704. (Le cercle grande bleue, sur la carte ci-dessus inséré, est l'endroit indiqué, dans le premier document, nous avons le fichier, par Joannes Conradus.)

Mais qu'est-ce que cela signifie?

Cela signifie que tous les descendants mâles de Joannes Conradus Bruhamer devraient avoir le Y-résultats de DNA. Cela signifie que chacun des J, S, P, J, E, T, B, T, M, P, W, W, E, R, J, W, A, M, N, T, et en plus, devrait avoir Y mêmes résultats DNA comme Andy. (Désolé, les filles et soeurs, juste les hommes.)

Les résultats immédiats de Andy, montrent aussi cinq de 12 correspondances exactes Marker. Voici les résultats de cinq autres personnes, dont les informations et d'analyses avec Family Tree DNA. Mais restez à l'écoute ... Soyez à l'affût de ce blog. Nous aurons des mises à jour que nous entendons.

Est-il Bosnie-Herzégovine? Scandinavie? Sardaigne?

Bon chance,

Jim et Andy.

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Enthusiastic Genealogy


This is something new. I'm using MS Word to publish directly to my Blog. This is an attempt for me to be a more efficient as I follow and publish the many tracks in my family genealogy.

And I've also decided to curb my enthusiasm. Not stop my enthusiasm of genealogy or quilting, or blogging or posting, just curb my zeal and gusto of announcing to the world that I've posted again… and again... and again. I'm going to set up a schedule of announcements. Just once a week on Friday… My fingers want to type email announcements multiple times a week, and I can hear your collective sighs. The whole world of Blogging is still somewhat foreign to me and I'm trying to make sure that my genealogy research and finds are also available to you.

This by no means implies that I am going to slow down my research, writing, blogging, and/or posting. Some days, as you know, I may have up to four posts or more. Without me loading up your email inboxes there are a number of ways that you can get notification that a new posting has been added.

  1. Set up a link in your homepage to A Genealogy Hunt or
  2. Subscribe to A Genealogy Hunt… Posts. This function is located in the tab line under the Header.
  3. Contact me at either of my email addresses: Jim at Tampabay or Gmail to be added to my announcement list.
  4. Check my announcements on Facebook, Twitter, or Technorati
  5. Call me.
Look forward to my Smith, Scott, Abraham, July, Robertson, Merrifield, Goodey, Crossley... and Quilts.


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Part 82j - Jaques Research - Culantro - Organization

04 October 2009


This morning I worked on updating my genealogical Descendant Charts as they correspond to the most recent postings. Both the Smith and the Robertson Charts are updated.

Also, I’ve been making sure that all quilts are pictured in the Quilts By esSBee section. I had three to add. And of course, there was a bug… actually my slip of hand, or should I say finger(s). It’s fixed now. Please feel free to contact me if you do hit some sort of error or faux-pas.

I worked on planting in the farm, yesterday. Florida is supposed to have three growing seasons, I hope. I planted papaya, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, zucchini, four types tomatoes, culantro, and basil, and six types of peppers, hot and mild. Hopefully Mr. Green Jeans will pull in the harvest this season. Just have to watch for the full-moon frosts beginning next month… not saying that the temperature is cold or cool right now. (Today is supposed to be 90°F or 32.2°C).

Just an fyi, I discovered that culantro may also be called long coriander. It’s not cilantro, but it is similar and somewhat stronger. Just like cilantro, culantro has a pungent odor that can be reminiscent of crushed bedbugs. Some people are fine with such a smell, but some people can barely stand it. In addition to the smell, both culantro and cilantro have a bitter, soapy taste, although this flavor is stronger in culantro. Not that I can say that I have any hankering for crushed bedbugs, but at one time potatoes were considered unhealthy and poisonous.

I continued a search on Henry Hersey Jaques, after the 1861 passing of great-grandaunt Margaret Ann and their daughter Margaret Agnes. But I’ve come to some sort of a standstill. Henry Hersey Jaques’ father was one, Thomas Jaques, who was born circa 1816 in Switzerland. I discovered three other Jaques, in the 1841 and 1851 Censuses in Middlesex, who were also Watch Makers and all born in Switzerland: John, bc 1795; Frederick Humbert, bc 1806; and Augustus, bc 1808. Sequentially they could be brothers; all from Switzerland and all with the same occupation, Watch Maker, but I do not have any further proof at this point in time. And as there is no blood relationship to me I have decided to shelf the research.

And I finally cleaned out one folder of files that I had been sitting in storage. Twelve files done… only plus-a-thousand more. I’ve got enough genealogical work to keep me going for the next 100 years.


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