Part 869s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1799 Alexander Stiell – Last Will and Testament

06 January 2014

Good Day,

Okay this time I am taking a guess.

My guess is that this 1799 Last Will and Testament of one Alexander Stiell of Carriacou may be, by a slight chance, of some note to our Smith family line. In NO way am I saying that I have a definite knowledge that this Alexander Stiell was connected. I am just presenting a LWT that could and may be in some remote way be associated to my great-great-grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele’s husband George Steele.

Of course there is the issue of the spelling of the surname; Stiell versus Steele, but those surnames are pretty close. This Alexander Stiell did exist and I believe that he may have been one of the parties to some of the various documents that I have previously researched and transcribed as relating to William Smith.

The following are the images of the Pages 44 through and including 47 of the Grenada Registers of Records.  I downloaded them from the microfilm FHL [1563328] Item 2.

My transcription -


Entd 26th June 1799

In the name of God Amen I Alexander Stiell of the of the
Town of Hilsborough in the Island of Carriacou one of the
Grenadines I do dictate this my last Will and Testament as
follows to wit Being at this Present time sickly of Body But


Sound of mind _____ of Judgement and knowing that all men
Sooner or later must quit this Transitory World and be turned
into Dust. First I recommend my Soul to Go who gave it my
Body to have Christian Burying in the Grave. Secondly I will
that all my Just and Legal debts may be faithfully and honora
bly Paid as well as that which is owing to me to be faithfully
Collected. Thirdly If my Estate can afford it I will _____ _____
and Angelique may not be forgot. In the fourth Place I will
that Twenty Pounds Sterling which I requested of William
Arbuthnot Esqr to Pay to my Father shall be faithfully and
honourably Paid. Fifthly That the little Mulatto Boy
Alexander a Slave to Mrs. Bartlet of Sinclair shall have One
hundred Pounds Currency. Sixthly And if anything remains
of my Estate That it may be faithfully Paid unto the Hands of my
Brother John Stiell if he be alive, who belongs to his Majestys
Fifty Seventh Regiment of Foot _____ in Trinidad My last
request is that my Friends Thomas Davidson Esquire Mr
Alexander Murray Walter McInnes Esqr and Mr William
Read for the Friendship I bear for him see this my last will
and Testament put in force And if any thing Remains of
my abovesaid Estate it may be equally divided amongst them
And may the Lord have mercy on my Soul Amen
Related by myself and written by Wm. Johhn Rutherford
of Carriacou this 17 day of June 1799.
Alexr Stiell (LS)
In the Presence of
Wm. Jn Rutherford & W, Scott Kirkland & John McInnes
Before His Excellency Charles Green


Esquire Captain General and Governor in chief in and over the
Island of Grenada and such of the
Islands of Grenada Commonly called
the Grenadines to the Southward of the
Island of Carriacou including that
Island and lying between the same
and Grenada in America Chancellor
Ordinary & Vice Admiral of the same
Personally appeared John McInnes of the Island of Carriacou
Gentleman one of the Subscribing witneſses to the Annexed Paper
Writing Purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Alexander
Stiell Late of the said Island of Carriacou deceased who being sworn
on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God maketh Oath and ſaith
that he was Present together with William John Rutherford
and William Scott Kirkland the other Subscribing witneſses to
the said Will and did ſee Alexander Stiell the Testator sign seal
Execute Publish and declare the said Paper waiting as and for
his last will and Testament and that at the Time the said
Testator so Executed his said Will he was to the best of this
Deponents Judgment and belief of sound and disposing Mind
Menory and Understanding And the Deponent further Saith
the name Alexr Stiell set and ſubscribed opposite the Seal on
the Second Page of the said annexed Paper writing is of the Proper
hand writing and Subscription of the said Alexander Stiell and
that on Testimony of the due Execution thereof the said Wm Jn
Rutherford Wm Scott Kirkland and this Deponent Severally and
respectively Subscribed their names and Witneſses thereto


John McInnes
Sworn to before me ….}
this 25th day of June 1799 ….}
Chas. Green.

My search and research continues for any information of the origins of my ggg-grandfather James Smith.


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