Part 856ab – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Fanny Abraham and William Barak – 1857 Marriage Registration

30 April 2013

Good Day,

I’m back to my search and research of my ancestry and genealogy.

Following up from Part 852ab, Bernard very nicely provided me with a copy of the Entry of Marriage  from the General Register Office.  Here is a copy of the image.

My transcription –

Marriage solemnized at 5 Lisle St. Leicester Sq in the district of Strand in the County of Middlesex

No. – 152
When Married. – February 18th, 1857
Names and Surname. – William Barak, Fanny Abraham
Age. – full, full
Condition. – Widower, Spinster
Rank or Profession. – CardBox Master, -
Residence at the time of Marriage. – 43 Queen Sq, Bristol, 5 Lisle St., Leicester Sq.
Father’s Name and Surname. – Meier Barak, Victor Abraham
Rank or Profession of Father. – Gentm, Deceased

Married in the House, 5 Lisle St., Liecester Sq according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Jewish Religion by me, Nadler Dr, Chief Rab.

This Marriage was solemnized between us, William Barak, Fanny Abraham in the Presence of us, Philip Abraham, Adolph Blumenthal

IA Levy _____

GG-Grandaunt Fanny Abraham, according to the Marriage Registration, married William Barak at her family home at 5 Lisle Street in Leicester Square in the West End of London.  Also note the two witnesses: gg-granduncle Philip Abraham, gg-grandaunt Fanny's elder brother; and gg-granduncle Adolph Blumenthal, gg-grandaunt Fanny's brother-in-law and husband of her younger sister gg-grandaunt Matilda (née Abraham) Blumenthal.

Of course I have a question, what occupation is a CardBox Master?

And then there is the mystery in four years...

Thank you Bernard and Anne for your research and information.


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My Tangent - Just A Short Break

20 April 2013

Good Day,

I have been taking a short break from my search and research in the work of my genealogy. I am currently refocusing my thoughts as to a redo of my site A Genealogy Hunt. This of course is taking some considerable thought process on my part. I will continue with my journal of A Genealogy Hunt, but as it is now beyond 1,000 Postings I think that a new and different approach for accessibility might be in order.

Will be back shortly.

In the meantime check out my two other sites - Quilts SB and Jim's Trek.


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Part 855a – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1890 Death – Great-Great-Granduncle Philip Abraham – London England

07 April 2013

Good Day,

The discoveries through my search and research continue as I focus on my Abraham Family Line. From The Times I just found the 23 December 1890 Death Announcement of great-great-granduncle Philip Abraham.

From The Times Digital Archive via the Godfrey Memorial Library here are the images.

My transcription –

No. 33,202.


On the 18th inst., PHILIP, eldest son of the late VICTOR
ABRAHAM, of Lisle-street, Leicester-square, aged 83.

And from my files I found the Death Index page for the quarter October, November, and December 1890. I found the image via the FreeBMD, Free Births, Marriages, and Deaths.

My transcription –

1 DEATHS registered in October, November, and December 1890 [AAN-ADA


ABRAHAM, Philip. 89………………Pancras 1 b. 94

Also on file I did find the General Register Office 1890 Death registration for gg-granduncle Philip Abraham.

My transcription –


Application Number COL349496


1890 DEATH in the Sub-district of Camden Two in the County of London

No. 459
1. When and where died – Seventeenth December 1890, 101 Bayham Street
2. Name and surname – Philip Abraham
3. Sex – Male
4. Age – 89 Years
5. Occupation – Teacher of Languages
6. Cause of death – Decay of nature. Epithelioma of the Tongue. Certified by . T. W. Coffeie F.R.C.S.
7. Signature, description and residence of informant - J. Duncan Young, Son-in-Law. Present at the Death. 74 Kings Road Pancras
8. When registered – Nineteenth December 1890
9. Signature of registrar - _____, District Registrar

There is a discrepancy as to the actual date of death, based on the entries on the Death Register and The Times Deaths announcement, the “Seventeenth December” and the “18th inst.”, respectively. All-things-being-equal I would lean toward the 17 December 1890 from the copy from the Death Register versus the reporting of the 18 December 1890 in The Times.

If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas, and comments, please feel free to contact me.


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Part 854ap – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1859 Marriage – Great-Great Granduncle Solomon Abraham – London, England

06 April 2013

Good Day,

I have been searching The Times newspaper for any grain of information of my Abraham Family Line ancestry and genealogy. It is a wonder what technology and OCR, optical character recognition, can do nowadays. And of course, I have found another new find. (New to me that is.)

Today I chanced upon the Marriage announcement of my great-great-granduncle Solomon Abraham to Sarah Bloom Phillips. The date of The Times publication is 19 December 1959. The date of the announcement marriage was 14 December 1859. The printed text is “On the 14th inst.,” which does mean “On the 14th of this month”, and as the published date of The Time is 19 December it would be apparent that the date of the marriage was 14 December 1859.

Here are my images as downloaded from The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007 via Godfrey Memorial Library.

My transcription –

The Times
No. 23,493


On the 14th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Adler, assisted by the Rev. M.
B. Levy, S. Abraham, Esq., of Tavistock-place, Tavistock-square, son
of the late Victor Abraham, of 5, Lisle-street, to Sara Bloom, second
daughter of Lawrence Phillips, Esq., of Russell-place, Fitzroy-square.

I am always amazed at the amount of information that can be gleaned from such a small amount of words in such an announcement. Using Google maps I have been able to map out the approximate locations of residence as presented by the announcement. GG-Granduncle Solomon Abraham was “of Tavistock-place, Tavistock-square”. I have labeled that location with the “A” marker. GGG-Grandfather Victor Abraham, gg-granduncle Solomon’s and gg-grandfather Benjamin Victor’s father was “the late” of 5 Lisle Street. Marker “B” highlights that approximate location. GG-Granduncle Solomon’s wife, Sarah Bloom Phillips was “of Russell-place, Fitzroy-square”. This location is the “C” marker.

One name in the announcement immediately leads me to another question. “Rev. Dr. Adler” was “assisted by the Rev. M. B. Levy”. Could this “Rev. M. B. Levy” by related to ggg-grandmother Rebecca (née Levy) Abraham, gg-granduncle Solomon’s mother?

And then there is the happenstance of a non-typical name. That name is gg-grandaunt Sara’s middle name “Bloom”. Years gone by, I worked as a stock boy in a pharmacy in Montreal named The Apothecary. The owners of The Apothecary were the Bloom Family. Who knows?

Any comment, question, thought, and idea, please contact me. Stay tuned, as usual there is more to come.


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Part 853p – Smith Groh Genealogy – Parisé Descendant Chart – 11th Update

05 April 2013

Good Day,

My search and research of the Parisé Family Line is getting more and more complicated. As I delve into the ancestry and the genealogy of the Parisé and related Family I am amazed at the information that I am finding. The main issue is that there appears to be quite of a bit of information provided on the Internet, but the main problem is the lack of qualifying sources and citations. Each time I come across some iota of information regarding the family I feel that it is necessary to try and find some corroborating evidence.

And I have created my GenoPro descendant charts which work as white boards for me. I can place information, that which could be pertinent to the genealogy of the family, and then I can add my notes and cross-references. My Descendant Charts are always works-in-progress. This is now the 11th Parisé Descendant Chart.

I have made a substantial number of recent discoveries and it appears that the Parisé Families were resident both in Bonaventure County in Gaspé in Quebec as well as in Gloucester County in New Brunswick. From the information that I have been able to find there seems to be leads that the Families may have traveled across, and back-and-forth, the Chaleur Bay between Port Daniel (A), Bonaventure, Paspébiac, and Caraquet (B), and to locations close by. This also makes sense as it appears to be that the main source of occupation and employment was fishing.

Stay tuned for more details as I continue my search and research.


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Part 852ab – Smith Robgertson Genealogy – 1857 Marriage – Great-Great-Grandaunt Fanny Abraham – London, England

02 April 2013

Good Day,

At times you never know which Family Line I may be searching and researching in my work of my genealogy and ancestry. And as more and more documents and sources become available, in this generation of technology, more and more is discovered and revealed.

Today I was able to find an image of The Times of England dated 21 February 1857. It is the Marriage announcement dated 18th February of great-great-grandaunt Fanny Abraham to William Barak of Queen-Square, Bristol. Here is the image I have been able to download from the Godfrey Memorial Library.

My transcription –

The Times
No. 22,610


On the 18th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Adler, Fanny, third daughter of
the late Victor Abraham, to Mr. William Barak, of Queen-square,

Reference is made to the “late”, my ggg-grandfather Victor Abraham. He had passed away about nine years before in 1848. From the information that I have, gg-grandaunt Fanny, who was born about 1809, would have been about 48 years old at her marriage to William Barak. Is there a possibility of an earlier marriage?

According to Wikipedia - Queen Square is a 2.4 hectares (5.9 acres) garden square in the centre of Bristol, England. It was originally a fashionable residential address, but now most of the buildings are in office use. Queen Square, in Bristol, is about a 10-hour carriage ride from the approximate London address of the Abraham Family.

Stay tuned to A Genealogy Hunt for my continued search and research.


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