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16 October 2009

Afternoon, from the dark void of the almost cold front in Tampa... It's currently 79°F or about 26°C... Humidity 94%. That means its wet outside and the crops are enjoying the rain, and I'm reminded of my teaching days in Oromocto.

And I thank myself for wishing me "Happy Boss's Day!"

Deborah and Lynn, I'm now looking for manglewurtzel or mangold wurtzle seeds. Has anybody got any? Does anyone know how I could get any? I checked online, via Google and Bing, and on DuckDuckGo, but to no avail. And Sandy this is all due to your 1861 Agri Census.

But I did find out that the last Thursday in October, the 29th this year, is Punky Nite... And as you all know of my dire distaste for Hallowe'en, as it has developed in this continent, I think I will only celebrate Punky Nite from now on. So I'm looking for a large manglewurtzel to carve into a will 'o wisp... and I'm off to Somerset. And the 29th is a day of other celebrations.

You do realize that I am going... have gone, stir crazy, bonkers, without my PC! I suppose I cannot see myself in a post-apocalyptic world, sans keyboard. (And I do not count my notebook as my PC.) It does not proffer me my necessities and varied gizmos, all at my finger tips, so-to-speak.

Exactly how soon would I expect word on the new hard-drives? That's right, both my hard drives have been affected by the Teco zap! The one tera-byte and the 500 giga-byte! And when I discussed the backing up of the hard-drives with the young person who is working on them, I remembered to tell him to make sure to "clone" not just back up the hard-drives. I recollect not mentioning cloning a number of years ago. I then got back my data but not my organization, that is, the software and the ways that I had set up my original configuration and associations. I just want to be sure that it doesn't happen again.

Just a note. In my genealogy work I make sure I don't only stick exclusively to one specifc search engine. There are many out there on the Internet and the World Wide Web that can provide you with sometimes that key iota of information that you are looking for.

Last night as I was showing someone to use search engines and I keyed in my uncle James Duncan Alexander Robertson's name. I discovered two websites that have his nationality incorrectly entered as Canadian. From my current knowledge, my Uncle Jim was born in 1923, Jamaica, a British citizen and he passed away in 1945 in the East Indian Ocean, a British citizen. He did serve, in World War II, in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Here's a fact from Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Canada's first citizenship act came into effect on Jan. 1, 1947. Residents were considered British subjects until then. The Oxford English Dictionary defines:

1. Nationality - The status of belonging to a particular nation.
2. Citizenship - A legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth.

My discussion last night was about how one must check and cross-check the time and history when providing genealogical information, to ensure viability.

And I need my fixed PCs.




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